24 January 2008

I miss California

For several reasons lately I miss California:
1. My 10 year class reunion is around the corner
2. I haven't seen Cori for a long time
3. Yesterday I got an email from the associate dean who was responsible for me as a scholar. He had a very thoughtful email and was wanting updates from the scholars.

Why I miss California:
1. sun-kissed cheeks vs. frost bitten red ones
2. fresh citrus fruit vs. the crap in the store
3. fog that lifts vs. snow that just keeps building up
4. driving to the now for a day vs. hybernation
5. fresh clam chowder vs. deer meat
6. Tanned skin, sun-bleached hair vs. looking like a ghost


Amy said...

Hmmm...let's see,

Smog vs. Fresh Clean Air
Concrete vs. Nature
Freeways vs. Quiet country roads
Cancer vs. Porcelain Skin

Need I go on?

The grass is always greener, from a distance, until you get up close and see all the weeds.

Have a blessed day in the cold my friend!

me said...

Never been to CA but all your reasons make me want to go!

Tina Kay said...

Earthquakes vs. stable ground
earthquakes vs. corn
(I have a fear of earthquakes apparently)
Rockstars on crack vs. stable Ryan DVM
Rockstars in rehab coming off of crack vs. Ryan with no crack...unless you count the one behind him.

Kristin said...

You are too funny my friend! I hear deer meat was good! (Maybe not quite as good as clam chowder though....)

CORI said...

Haha. I think too many people only hear the stereo types about Cali. I can guarantee that there was little smog, lots of nature, and MANY country roads where Tam and I come from in Cali.

And the only rockstars on crack I ever encountered were when I lived with a rockband for a year in San Francisco.

I am missing me some clam chowder bowls from the coast BIG TIME. I would give a million dollars to go back in time and be back in the Saturn on a random Friday afternoon as we had a good chat about boys and which ones liked us while driving to Morro Bay.

jerelyn said...

Yummy yummy fresh fruits...you can't beat that, especially when you live in the RAISIN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!! hehe. Gotta love it in Selma.

Ashley said...

They say the grass is always greener on the other side...but this time it is more then just a saying! Sounds to me like you need to come home ASAP and get "warm"!