28 December 2007


Okay, so I try not to focus too much on gifts for Christmas but rather take time to appreciate the One true gift for which we celebrate. However, with that said, I love giving gifts. It's so much fun.

I was very spoiled this year, as I usually am. Ryan got me a practical gift but I'm perfectly happy with my new item... when it arrives. He also got me new headphones for my ipod which was another perfect gift. Mom made me a beautiful Christmas tree skirt which took plenty of her time, talent and money. She and Ralph also got me a few other little things - candy and a new shirt. Dad came to visit which is a wonderful gift as he'd not yet met Bethany. And be brought me freshly picked oranges. Yum, yum! My inlaws gave me a little wall hanging that she made. its really cute. So, not tons of crap that I'll never use but enough for me to appreciate. I'm thankful.

And now, I'm really curious. What did you get for Christmas?

26 December 2007

Merry Christmas

More thoughts from my "break"

Not as exciting but just now as I was taking my "break", I looked down to notice that my very cute brown pants with the stylish brown button is attached with khaki colored string. OldNavy, you dissapointed me today. And how come I've worn these pants a million times and never noticed it before?

Opening Doors

Last week I was in the bathroom pumping during my work day. As usual, I locked the door, closed it and started in with my "break". As usual, someone comes down the hall towards the bathroom and as usual, I get nervous and look over to double check that I did lock the door. Once again I was safe. Only, this time, when the person grabbed the door handle, the door began to open. Within seconds, they walked away. Yes, God abstained from humiliating me at that very moment. Whoever it was almost got a view of my milkers and my gut! How sickening! I still don't know why the door never opened all the way, maybe they heard my pump making its wierd noise. You bet I stepped right over to the door and pushed it all the way shut, making sure it clicked shut.

As I type this, it takes me back to my senior year of high school. One of my brothers buddies was a class mate of mine. He practically lived at our house. Well, you can imagine how the rest of the story goes but I'll tell it anyway. I had just gotten out of the shower, went in my room and shut the door. Put on under garments and then sat on my bed to read my mail. Outside in the hallway, my brother and his buddy were screwing around, as usual. My brother shoved Albert right into my doorway. Yes, I'd made sure my door was closed and locked. Only, it appeared to be closed but hadn't clicked shut. Here comes Albert tripping over himself, in more way than one, as he looks up to see me sitting in my bra and panties on my bed.

Ah, the joys of being humbled!

Playing the #'s game

If you were to stare at your gut for half an hour each day, do you think it would motivate you to lose weight, eat healthier, excercise, etc? When I pump twice a day at work, the only location that works is right in front of the bathroom mirror. Not so exciting, but it is motivating. Last week, I had a random thought (which is very normal for me). I thought that I'd like to get back down to my pre-scott weight. Ideally, I'd like to be pre-marriage weight but I wanted to be realistic with myself. Check out these numbers:

Pre-marriage: 118-122
Pre-Scott: 125
9 mos pregnant: 167
pre-Bethany: 130, I think
9 mos pregnant: 153
just the other day: 125

Yee, flippin' haw! I was so excited. I've not been on the scale in a while and never expected to weigh that. However, I have noticed that my gut is smaller than pre-bethany and I can fit into slacks that were pre-scott again. Woo hoo! Maybe pre-marriage isn't unrealistic after all!

* the numbers above may be a little off here and there but they're my best guess according to what I started at and what I gained with each kid.

14 December 2007

Scott, I am your mommy!

I think my son has basically lived at my mom's this week. Sunday night he stayed with her. Monday night we got home at 7pm and played a little together while putting up the Christmas tree. Tuesday night I met Ryan, the kids and his parents for supper and then they came home with us to decorate the tree. Scott played with his grandpa for the most part. Wednesday I came home late and he stayed at his grammy's. Saw him for a few minutes before work and a few minutes after work. I went to bible study and he stayed at his Grammy's. Tonight he will go home with his dad but I have a Christmas party to attend so I won't see him then. I'm really looking forward to being home Saturday with him. Sunday is a full day and after church my inlaws will watch the kids so I won't see him then either. I promise though. I am Scott's mommy and do love to have time with my son!


The car got "fixed" and $204 later, I took it home. Only now it makes a funny buzzing noise when the fan is on.

I did finally go shopping. Tuesday all day to Rochester with one of my partners in crime. The weather was nasty but we headed north and had clean roads, spent lots of money, had a good time, bought ourselves gifts too, enjoyed the "butt warmers" (aka heated seats) and got a little Christmas shopping done too.

Wednesday I was working near the city and got done a little early. So, I headed over to the city to finish my shopping. It didn't quite get done but that's okay. I hate not being done, I'm usually done in October. Anyway, after a few hours and another fun purchase for myself, I met up with my girls. We shopped for our own version of Operation Christmas Child. We went to 7 stores. When Target was closing at 11pm, I decided to head home. I'd been walking around for 7 hours and my feet and hips hurt. So, I headed home. The girls finished shopping there and headed to another store. I got home at 1230 and was in bed by 1am. The rest of my girls however got home at 330am. They're crazy! Although, I don't know that I was much different on sleep time. I'd had a caramel frapp and don't usually drink coffee so I was pretty wired and didn't sleep.

The good thing is that we're almost done shopping. The bad thing is I got charged for the wrong ornament and paid $5 more than the price. The other bad thing was that Sam's no longer had the item I wanted to get for my brother in law for his gift! Oh well.

09 December 2007

So much for shopping

Who in the world would want to drive 85 miles on half decent roads to shop in a super busy mayhem? ME. And who in the world would decide to go at noon when kids had yet to be fed, would need to be dropped off, etc? Me again. And what kind of sucker husband would agree to go? Yes, mine. Of course, he was just supporting his wife and is not at all really a sucker husband.

A quick changed of clothes and brief stop at moms to drop off the kids and we were on off to the city we go. Its now 1pm and we've not eaten. So we get to the nearest town with a BK and stop for a quick bite to eat at 2pm. Wait a second, let me back up a step... this was the same town that gave me hope for BK being open on Thanksgiving only to find out they were closed. Anyway, so we pull into BK drivethrough and I flip off the defrost/heater. As we leave, Ryan flips it back on. This is a necessary part of our trip since the hour drive down was freezing rain. With just our luck (I really don't believe in luck but couldn't think of another word), the fan wouldn't turn back on. Ryan continues driving towards the highway and I'm thinking this could be a problem. So, we pull over at the big blue store next the highway. After lots of phone calls to my dad, messing with fuses and relay switches and freezing our butts off, it still didn't work. We even went into the store to buy new fuses (and warm up a little) but that didn't help either. We spent an hour in all trying to figure out the problem before giving up and driving back home.

We never made it to the city to do the shopping. Instead we drove an hour in a toasty warm car to go through the BK drive through, buy new fuses at wally world, then drive the hour back home with no heat except what came off the running engine in 12 degree weather. Fortunately, we didn't hit freezing rain at all on the way home.

Eventually I'll do my Christmas shopping :) Until then, I might be using Christmas budget money to pay for my car to get fixed - for the 2nd time this week.

05 December 2007


For the past 25 days many of us having been praying for little Andrew. He was born with some heart complications. After two successful major heart surgeries, we continued to pray for healing. It was this morning at 955 that the little guy passed. He was 25 days old. My heart aches for Andrew's family. I couldn't imagine walking out of the hospital without my child. Multiple times this morning, I've found myself crying while grieving their loss. And now as I prepare to eat my lunch, there is a newborn in the lobby crying and I'm crying again.

I'm so glad we can home in an everlasting life with our risen Lord and Savior. What a gift, and a free gift at that!

03 December 2007

My Life This Week

- I moved back in with my parents. Okay, not quite like that. But I did stay the last two nights there as I'm not able to traverse my own driveway. Ryan has 4wd and was able to go home, heat up the house and get me some clothes.
- Having one 4wd vehicle that fits 3 people sucks! We are a 4 person family and with our driveway, we need another 4wd. Although my husband would disagree, if I can't get down my driveway, something is wrong with that picture.
- Scott doesn't like the "pokey" Christmas tree and would only help his grammy decorate it after I put his gloves on him. What a goober!
- This was my weekend to clean and get ready for bible study at my house on Thursday. Yeah, I didn't get squat done since I left the house Saturday morning and haven't been back.
- Busy week ahead (as if we ever have a slow week). I have to work lots but also have to pick my kids up on time this week and will have a crappy drive to work this morning and will get started late. Not sure how I'm gonna make anyone, let alone everyone happy this week.
- My inlaws didn't make it here yet