28 December 2010

Hole in our Gospel

I just got a few new books for Christmas.  The one I'm most looking forward to reading is called "A Hole in Our Gospel".  It doesn't speak of a hole in the gospel as it is written but rather the hole that we put there.  Thankfully, I got this book in cd.  I'm hoping to listen to it when I get my lazy, and out of shape self back on the treadmill in the evenings.  I'll let you know more about this book when I'm done with it (which might be a while).  In the mean time, if you want to win yourself a copy and read it before I do, head on over to Kat's Everlasting Momentum where she's giving two away.  While there, you can also check out her adorable twins that have been home from Ethiopia for 6 months! 

26 December 2010

He's here

They've been asking for this daily around our house:

which is why we were quite surprised when they didn't give a rip when we gave them the puppy. Regardless, we have a new puppy around our house. His name is Harley.

21 December 2010

gift giving

It was Sunday afternoon and the house was quiet.  Ryan was busy wrapping gifts when the children started to stir.  The kids came down stairs at the tail end of gift wrapping.  It was actually good timing since the stuff was out and Scott wrapped the gift he bought and already showed his daddy.
This is the first time Bethany has really noticed gift wrapping.  And we're making a regular effort for them to know it's about Christ's birth, about giving to those in need, and not about our selfish wish list (yes, I have one too).  On Thursday night our bible study group had gathered to wrap the gifts for the families we adopted.  Two of the girls are a year older than Bethany so she certainly had interest in their gifts.  She and the other kids were great "help" wrapping (and crumpling paper).  When Bethany cried because she didn't have a gift there we were able to explain to her that the gifts were for children whose mommies and daddies couldn't buy them gifts.  Who knows if she got it, right?
Back to Sunday.  After Scott was done wrappring his gift with help from his grandma, Bethany had to wrap a gift too.  She chose a piece from her "my little pet shop" set.  When asked who it was for, she simply told us it was for a girl whose mommy and daddy couldn't buy a gift for her.  She got it!!!  Hearing that melted my heart.  I was in the kitchen working when she decided to wrap another of her "pet shop" toys.  This time by herself.  Oh dear.  As she worked on her gift, I heard her talking to herself.  She said "do you think I'll miss my my littlest pet shop toy?  Oh yes, I'll miss you my littlest pet shop toy! Momma's heart melted again.  Meanwhile, realistic big brother came in and tried to burst her bubble by telling her that it wasn't for anyone.  Geesh brother!  Can't you let a kid imagine?  And who knows, maybe she truly does plan to give it away!

18 December 2010

Cookie Frosting

Last weekend we were stuck at home because of a snow storm. This amazing man thought it would be a great idea to frost cookies with the kids.

It was a great idea. And as the wife and mom, it was great to see the kids doing something fun and creative with their daddy. He's great in and out of the kitchen! Right away Judah got removed from frosting fun because he licked the spreading knife. Silly kid. Another child was a little better at sneaking frosting into her mouth:

while our oldest child was the smartest. He'd occasionally get some on his fingers and ask permission to eat it. I love when he uses his manners. He's a doll!

Speaking of that little boy you see above, he finally got his glasses today. I saw him for just a brief second with them on. He was practicing for the Christmas play and I snuck in to get a peak on my way to the office. Imagine how cool his frosted cookies would have looked if he would have had glasses last weekend!

13 December 2010

still on a break

I really, really want to be blogging lately.  Lots of fun stories from the kids and life in general.  Some great pictures lately of sledding.  But, I'm also still behind on my bible reading so I'm not spending time blogging. 
Real quick though, just to share few fun things:
  • Hubby is amazing.  He had a friend of ours update my laptop for me and when he got it back, he opened up a bunch of blogs I like to read before bringing it home to me. 
  • Hubby couldn't get his snowblower started this weekend after the blizzard so this morning his "workout" was shoveling the driveway so I could get out.  Yes, he's good like that.
  • Scott frosted and frosted cookies with his daddy yesterday.  Bethany and Judah both had limited frosting experience cause they couldn't keep their frosting knife out of their mouths!
  • I've been looking at australian shepherd pups for the kids' and Ryan Christmas present.  I'm eager to have a puppy but not eager to have an animal in the house again.
  • Heavy, wet snow at 32 degrees makes sledding fun.  I'm not sure who had more fun - the kids or us mom's.
Okay, more reading for me to do but first I need to get to the office.

08 December 2010

now I remember

Now i remember what i started to post.  I printed Christmas cards last night.  Double checked the first one before printing.  It looked good.  When the printing was finished, I had 54 cards printed that one side was printed upside down.  I seriously thought about just sending them that way with a note that said something along the lines of "and this is how life has gone lately".  But, I'm anal and so I shredded them all instead!

real quick

Lots going on and several blog posts in the works - one from my favorite guy in the world - but I just wanted to share real quick:
...oh shoot, now I forgot what I wanted to share...
That's about how it's gone lately!  More from me later.