31 March 2009

Email to Meg

I just shared the following in an email update to a friend but thought it was blog worthy since I've not taken the time to update lately:

that's hilarious... I love the bribery. I think you pretty well know what's going on in our lives but here's a quick update: We're working out 5 days a week collectively although I wish I could force/encourage myself to get on the treadmill the 3 days that Ryan works out. We're going to bed earlier because we're getting up earlier. We're trying to cram a days worth of fun, training, and snuggle time into a few short hours at night and loving each moment with our kids. We even tried splitting up the bunk beds in Scott's room last night and putting Bethany in a big girl bed. For some crazy reason, I thought this was a fun idea at 740pm, the time that my kids needed to be in bed because they were lacking naps yesterday. To no surprise, it didn't go smoothly and after laying with Bethany for 45 minutes and her keeping me awake, I crawled into my own bed. Half an hour later, Bethany was crying and Scott was in our room informing us that "she's too noisy and can sleep in her own crib." It was delightful actually to have him request that as he had previously been upset when we tried to take her to her crib. All this at 10pm when I want to be asleep was funny but not really funny!

otherwise, for me personally its really been a rewarding but tough few weeks. I've been trying to daily have quiet time. I'd been doing well with prayer time and not just asking God for and to do things. But, I wasn't learning about Him, His character, His love for His people. So, I've been trying to do a daily quiet time. The last few days I've sucked at it but overall its been going better. Its amazing to think that 7, 8, even 10 years ago I was so much more focused on loving and knowing God... of course that was before a career, marriage and two little kids. I'm trying to find the middle ground on that... on being successful in putting God first, not just wanting to do that.

On more of the family front, we're continuing to pursue adoption and while we're saving money, I start asking myself all these questions. I'm determined to be aware and knowledgeable but to not let the devil discourage as it seems can happen here and there. We know that ultimately we want to obey God's calling on our hearts to love and care for one of His own who doesn't otherwise have a family to do that. I'm excited to see how God will work that out but not excited to endure the struggles that may come. I know growth comes out of that but sometimes I just want it so easy, ya know.

30 March 2009

New Job???

Last night Ryan talked to his buddy Mike who happens to be referred to as Captain Hansen even though in the civilian work environment he would be called Dr. Hansen. Mike is a veterinarian with the US Army and during their phone conversation Mike offerred Ryan a job. The pay would be 1.5 times his current pay, the schedule would be 40 hours per week with no on-call times. It would be a contracted position through the military (I think) and would have full federal government benefits (which are pretty nice I must say). That would potentially allow me to stay home and homeschool our kids. Sounds pretty nice doesn't it?

I asked Ryan if he was at all interested and he said no. The position is located in North Dakota. I don't like the 6 month long winters here, I doubt it would be warmer in ND. We also like living near family and like the community to live in.

I told my coworker about it and she suggested we hi-tail it outta here and send her a postcard. Poor thing, she's having a rough Monday. Although I'd love for Ryan to be better appreciated for the work he does, I doubt he'll move to ND to get that appreciation.

27 March 2009

Simply the Best

Last night I came home and hubby was preparing a nice supper which was especially for me. I could tell because it included veggies which he would never make for himself. The added touch was when supper was over and I was crampy, bloated, and sore from working out, I headed up stairs to put the kids to bed and Ryan did the dishes! Woo hoo. I love that man!

on a random note, I was a bit dissapointed with my laundry detergent. It isn't a liquid detergent like I thought. Hello, I would have known that if I would have paid closer attention.

on another random note, I found a deer antler shed while out in the field today. First one ever. The best part about it was that my coworker that loves deer hunting was bummed that I found it and she didn't. Everyone in the office thought it was great. It's a dear antler people... what do you do with such things? Maybe it'll make a little coat rack here at the office if I can get it mounted on a piece of wood. Hmm, another project on the list of things to do.

Happy Friday friends.

25 March 2009


Bethany got her first haircut last night. Although it wasn't really a hair cut, just a little trim to even it up and hopefully stimulate it to grow some more.

I got my hair cut too. Had more than enough to donate it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. They have partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide wigs to assist cancer patients suffering hair loss... try to explain that to a curious 3 year old who doesn't like his mommy's short hair! Here's a picture of the cut (I forgot to take a "before" picture).

24 March 2009

This is the Day

This is the day...
  • that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.
  • that I get my haircut for the first time since Bethany was born. If its not long enough to be donated, I'll get it trimmed and then chopped in a few months.
  • that Bethany gets her hair cut/trimmed for the first time. Ooh, I should make sure I have my camera for that.
  • that we start our new bible study, that is if people who said they'll come do indeed make it. [*this is also and item for prayer]
  • that I finally started working out again. My attempts to run on the treadmill when Ryan goes to work out were minimal at best. This morning I started working out again with Michelle... I don't think we've done that since Bethany was born.
  • that I'm wide awake after getting a full night of sleep where I only rolled over one time!
  • that my honey packed me a lunch and had it in my van when he brought the kids to town.
  • that I appreciate my hubby even more because he did the dishes last night and helped me clean.
  • that the Lord has made, and I'm so glad to rejoice in it!

20 March 2009


A couple of changes occuring around our home:
  1. My laundry detergent is about to run dry. This weekend I will be making my home-made detergent that I mentioned back in February. We'll see how this goes.
  2. I stopped in to make an appointment for a haircut (and trim for Miss Bethany). I haven't cut my hair since right after Bethany was born and its finally starting to get dry on the ends. After next Tuesday I will either have long hair with a little trim if its really dry at the ends, or have a donation sent to make a wig and have short hair. I'm kinda liking my long hair, especially when I let it go curly. But someone could really use a wig and I could really use shorter washing/rinsing/drying time spent.
  3. Speaking of hair, I know a few people following the trend of not using chemicals (aka shampoo, gel, etc) on their hair. I'm wondering how that might work for my hair. They say your hair gets used to it and looks normal after a while. I would love to hear from you if you've ever tried this.

Ryan's Happy Birthday

Ryan picked up the kids at noon. Mom and Ralph handed him $20 and sent him to The Barrell for lunch with the kids. Instead of making him supper like I should have, I found a sitter last minute [muchas gracias Dean & Alyce] and we joined our old bible study group for supper at Gunder. My poor kids who didn't nap and desperately needed to be in bed early, made it to bed for 10pm... I'm such a good mom like that. While Ryan chatted on the phone with his brother I got the kids settled in bed and opened up my bible that has a side-by-side NASB and Message version. Romans chapter 5 was a perfect way to end my night last night.

19 March 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan

To my sweet love, you are my sunshine every morning.

You are so much to me: best friend, partner, encourager. I love your big hugs, thoughtful kisses, hard work, devotion, commitment. I appreciate your desire to know God and make him known to others. You are a wonderful husband, father and teacher. You are mine!

Happy Birthday honey, I love you!

16 March 2009

Out of the House

Woohoo, it's finally getting warm here! I've so desperately wanted time out of the house. I imagined a stroll through a local park walking hand in hand with Ryan while chasing our little bambinos around. The weekend wasn't quite like that but we still had fun.

Friday I made plans with our friends, the Zurbriggen's, which was a surprise to Ryan. But there was so much else going on, that I finally told him of the weekend plans.

Friday night we drove up to Ryan's folks. We ate at a fun little place in Decorah, had decent table service, and then headed to Ryan's parents where we stayed the night. Eunice spoiled us with Buttermilk waffles after sleeping in till 8am. The kids colored birthday cards for Ryan and Ryan opened his gift from his parents. Then we went outside to play with the old '31 Chrysler. After taking it off the trailer, Ryan and I went for a little spin. After a quick trip to Walmart, we headed back to Ryan's folks' for lunch where they served Shrimp scampi to the birthday boy [his birthday really isn't until this Thursday].

A little after 2pm, we left Decorah and headed to Parkersburg to hang out with our friends. We got there around 5pm and had supper with them before we sent the boys off to the Blackhawks hockey game. My gift to Ryan for his birthday was to buy us tickets to the game and then give my ticket to his friend, Ryan, for a guys night out. We were kid free but I stayed with our friends and their kiddos which was fun. It was funny that Ryan asked how our night went and although I loved my time with Renessa, we spent the first 3 hours of our time cleaning up after supper, bathing kids, etc. She and I really only had about 30 minutes before the guys came home.

Sunday morning we went to church where our friend Ryan is the Pastor. Only he wasn't preaching on Sunday. It was a blessing to hear two families talk about their move to the mission field and then share a message about being where God wants you to be. This was the same set of families that were at our church just a few weeks ago. After church we headed to Waterloo for lunch, St*rbucks [don't get the caramel frapp and substitute the coffee for cream like I did], and a tiny bit of shopping before we headed home.

Ryan's folks took the kids to mom's house after church/lunch where we then picked them up. We were home for just a few minutes when I realized how much work I had to do in the house but how much I wanted to be outside. We spent the next few hours outside with the kids before we headed in the house for bath time and supper.

It wasn't exactly a walk in the park but it was fun to hang out with friends, get a break from the kids, and spend time outside.

Now, tonight I have to get the house clean... but first I have a meeting to run to!

12 March 2009

Bath time

Bethany must have been determined to have a bath last night... she's such a girl. During lunch, she took the meat out of her sandwich and rubbed the mayo covered meat all through her hair. Not sure what her deal is but if she's eating then her hands always get in her hair. When I saw her last night her hair looked a tad bit oily and I felt bad since she hadn't had a bath for several days. Mom informed me that she might well need a bath because of her lunch time fun. That girl!

Here's a few pictures to show you how precious she is... even if she takes after her dad in fashion: The first is of her in true form - with a guitar, wearing a hat of some sort and wearing Scott's old snow boots. This child loves those 3 things. The second is of her in her "pretty princess" outfit where she also had to wear the snow boots. That's my girl - knows how to clean up but isn't afraid to be tough!

The mind of a 3 year old

A few days ago Scott saw a picture similar to this on my mom's computer screen. He of course was quite curious about my massive belly and began to ask questions about it. Mom informed him that the picture was taken when I was pregnant with him, that he was in my belly. Scott pondered this information and followed with another question:

Grammy, how did I get in there? Did she eat me?

I love the simplicity of his ever growing little mind. He continued to ask my mom if he'd go back in my belly, if I'd eat him again even though mom told him that I didn't eat him. That night as mom shared the story with me, his little mind was thinking through it all over again. I couldn't help but tell him I was hungry and proceed by chasing him around as I made chewing noises. He giggled and ran and giggled some more. Oh how I love my son!

10 March 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's in the low 40's here and foggy. Looking out my office window, I almost feel like I'm back in a central CA winter. Do you think if I click my heels I'd be there?

07 March 2009


I drove 80 miles in the rain to have coffee with a friend.

It was worth it!

Because Ryan was at work, I took my kids. Two hours sitting in Starbucks sipping frappucinnos and chatting with Renessa, and the kids were great. Scott was excellent and Bethany only got a little ancy during the last half hour of our chat.

It was worth it!

The two trips to the bathroom with a little boy who was holding it in because he had to poop were frustrating. But the second time I promised him that we'd try to find him a LarryBoy toy if he pooped at Target. He did.

It was worth it!

Wandering down every single toy isle in Target with the kids afterwards was better than I expected. Scott only asked for one toy and when I reminded him that he was looking for LarryBoy, he was fine with not getting a toy at Target.

It was worth it!

Buying some clothes that weren't in the budget but were super cheap.

It was worth it!

Making a quick stop at the mall to see what else I didn't need gave the kids' and my legs a little exercise.

It was worth it!

Making one last stop at the Family Christian Store to find a cheap LarryBoy toy (also not in the budget) with two very tired kids.

It was worth it!

Stopping at DairyQueen to reward Scott with a baby cone for 59 cents.

It was worth it.

Three hours on the road. Two hours at a cofee shop with a dear friend. Expensive BK kids meals with cheap toys. New clothes for the kiddos. And a day out of the house when I should have been cleaning.

Totally worth it!

03 March 2009

Communion Sunday

The first Sunday of the month, our church partakes in communion together. The Lord's Supper from 1 Corinthians chapter 11 of the bible:

23For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you: The Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed, took bread, 24and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, "This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me." 25In the same way, after supper he took the cup, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me." 26For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes.

Here we sit with Scott who is seemingly distracted when the bread signifying God's broken body is passed. He doesn't notice and there's no issue. Then comes the grape juice signifying Jesus' shed blood and Scott immediately begins to cry. This is to be expected of him. By time communion comes he has sat through Sunday School and then most of the church service and he's hungry. Why does everyone else get to eat and drink? It breaks his heart which also breaks mine. I'm not mistreating my son but he feels left out. Chapter 11 continues...

27Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. 28A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup. 29For anyone who eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord eats and drinks judgment on himself.

Considering the seriousness of this subject, I have an inward battle. One friend suggested that I bring Scott some snack and a drink for him to have during this time. And that works great for a distraction for his little mind. But the battle is that I want Scott to understand the importance of taking communion as a believer, not as a hungry child.

This past Sunday I didn't not bring him a snack on purpose, it never even crossed my mind. As Scott began to cry, I tried to explain to him simply that it was for big people, not little ones. But that isn't exactly true, and he continued to prod me about the juice. I further explained that it was for people who have asked Jesus into my heart. At this point Scott said the words that I would so love to hear: "Mommy, I want Jesus in my heart." I so wish that his little mind understood and that it was the desire of his heart but I'm a smart mommy and know my son. I looked at him and said "Scott, mommy thinks that you just want juice." And with an innocent little grin on his face, he said "yes mommy, I just want juice".

Oh how I long for the day that he wants Jesus in his heart regardless of the juice!

02 March 2009

Sweetheart Supper

The Sweetheart Supper was blessed by many hands who served in amazing ways. Kara is a photographer and volunteered her time. These are just a few pictures she knew that I would specifically like:

Thanks for Sharing!

I love it when friends share pictures with me, especially when they're of my kiddos. Both of these pictures are precious in my mind. The first one to the right here is of Bethany and her buddy Steven drinking their juice at the Awana Grand Prix. Bethany adores Steven and gets so excited and yells his name when she sees him. Steven is so sweet with her too. The second picture is actually from Christmas time. It was taken at the Christmas Potluck for International students. Our dear friend Melody joined us for a picture. What I love about this picture is that Melody and Bethany are holding hands. She is such a sweet girl and she loves my kiddos too. According to Ryan, Mongolian women typically are very loving to children. Melody definitely falls into this stereotype. We love having her around our family.