20 March 2009

Ryan's Happy Birthday

Ryan picked up the kids at noon. Mom and Ralph handed him $20 and sent him to The Barrell for lunch with the kids. Instead of making him supper like I should have, I found a sitter last minute [muchas gracias Dean & Alyce] and we joined our old bible study group for supper at Gunder. My poor kids who didn't nap and desperately needed to be in bed early, made it to bed for 10pm... I'm such a good mom like that. While Ryan chatted on the phone with his brother I got the kids settled in bed and opened up my bible that has a side-by-side NASB and Message version. Romans chapter 5 was a perfect way to end my night last night.


Kristine said...

We've got that Bible. It's awesome. and happy birthday to Ryan!!

Ashley said...

Happy belated birthday Ryan!