16 July 2007


Yes, she is keeping us busy. Not because she's bothersome, but because she's beautiful. No, seriously, she's a doll and we're enjoying her immensely. She sleeps amazingly well, isn't whiny, doesn't cry too often and eats fairly well. At her 10 day check up, she had gained 15 oz. from the time she left the hospital. Yes, she's a good eater and gets fed well. Although, she does prefer to sleep and we have to wake her to eat. Last Friday (day 17 for Bethany), I had my check up with the surgeon and out of curiosity, had her weighed. She had lost an ounce. Now, we all know there's a margin of error, etc, but the fact of the matter is that she should have gained weight and hadn't. So, the doc's office called this morning and she's scheduled to stop in for another visit tomorrow. Otherwise, we're doing great. All of us are loving our little girl!

Scott turned 2 on Saturday. It was a blast. Ryan's folks and his paternal grandparents came up on Friday. We all (my folks included) got to celebrate together. Scott loved the ice cream, didn't care much for the cake and hadn't to be talked into opening the remainder of his gifts after the first one caught his full attention. He loves his little sister and LOVES to give her lots of kisses. He also tries to snuggle her, tickle her and other stuff which doesn't always work out so well. He's a good big brother - so far!

Life in General
Life is good. Bethany sleeps about 5 hours at a time during the night. So, we're getting decent sleep at night. Mocha, the toy Aussie, frustrates us a bit at times during the night. She thinks she needs out of her kennel at 430am. And since I'm up with the baby for an hour during "feeding" time, I opt to let Ryan deal with my puppy. He's not appreciating her at all! Good thing she's cute!

My in-laws are here for a few weeks. Kind of weird though, they have their own home and so they don't stay with us. But, its an hours drive from here so no one just runs over for a quick visit. I'm glad to have them here, as usual and have appreciated finding a short cut to their house.

Okay, so I've totally been out of the blogging world for several weeks now. I look forward to catching up with a few of you ladies again in the near future. But for now, I must get back to my kiddo - who I left at mom's while I ran "real quick" to the vet clinic. For those of you interested in seeing videos of little Bethany, check out youtube.com and search my last name.

04 July 2007

It was supposed to rotate and didn't. So, cock your head to the side to get a good view...