21 November 2006

Already Done

I've been a bit of a slacker lately and haven't been online much to write. But today, today was the day. I finished up my Christmas letter and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Whew, what a task!

I know its almost Thanksgiving but when its 54 degrees outside, it sure doesn't seem like we're about to eat turkey! I'm enjoying the warmth while it lasts. In the mean time, I did start parking in the garage again. There have been mornings of frost and I don't like to scrape my windshield. Fortunately my hubby is a stud and cleaned out the garage for my car even though its the vet truck that has to be kept warm all winter long. I love my hubby!

Small fry is unstoppable now. He's thinks walking is so fun that he's walking in circles and wouldn't even stop last night to have a full meal. What a cutie!

More from me another day. I'm tired of being at the computer and ready to play with my kiddo and visit my hubby.

14 November 2006

Yes, I'm alive

Time flies when you’re swamped! I can’t believe it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything down. Honestly, life has been a whirlwind – no, more like a tornado for me. Here’s a quick recap:

- Annual girly exam was as good as can be expected. I chose a new person and she’s wonderful. I really liked her and won’t have any problems going back.

- Same day did the 2 year follow up eye exam. Haven’t worn my glasses for over a year so it was time to go back and get things straightened out. About $350 later and another trip to D town, I have cute new glasses that I hate! I despise having to look through them rather than peeking down underneath the lenses.

- A few minor health issues kept me at the doctor on a regular basis for a bit. Good thing for insurance!

- Kiddo is still getting his molars. I love Orajel!

- Swamped once again at work. Some people call it overwhelming, I’m trying to think of it as job security.

- Last week I was scheduled to be in DM for a day of meetings on Thursday. On Tuesday my grammy-daycare got a cold and small fry started with it too. I stayed home with small fry on Wednesday and Thursday and missed my civil rights meeting in the big city.

- Friday was a day to celebrate our Veteran’s. And thanks to their dedication, I enjoyed a day off – making it a 5 day weekend for me! A long break like that was great considering we started our swamped schedule on Monday! With that said, I have a better appreciation for Stay at home moms. Having my kid for 5 days straight was quite the experience.

- Sunday, one of my buddies gave birth to their first son. What an experience for her! Their little guy is so precious. I ran up to the hospital last night with one of the girls to check out the new baby. It was fun to hold him and watch him. My kid doesn’t let me do that anymore.

- Small fry decided to walk last week. The look of accomplishment on his face was priceless. He’s such a doll. He has reverted back to crawling the last two days so that’s okay with me.

- Small fry cried this morning when I left. Sunday night he was up every hour till 4am. Grr, no fun! So Monday morning, Grammy came out to the house to stay while he slept. When he woke, Grammy took him to her house for their usual day. Then last night I left him there while I visited the baby at the hospital. So this morning when I stopped in on my way to work, he played hard to get. The minute I walked out the door, he cried “mommy, mommy”. And 5 minutes down the road, mom called me so that I could hear him in the background still whining for his mommy. Too cute! My mom has also taught him to say “don’t work”. It’s fun at this point and I don’t feel bad leaving him at his Grammy & papa’s everyday.

- My in-laws own a home in the town to the North. I’m excited to have them closer. They’re not moving back to the Midwest as of right now. In the mean time, this will provide them with a place of their own. I hope this will allow them to come for a month or so at a time. I love having them but having guests in your home for long periods can get tiring. I’m sure they’ll like me better too when I’m not a grumpy, whiny daughter-in-law that I quickly become after a week of company. Hubby thinks that for now we also have a summer home or something like that. Only its not very far from our home and is a place in the country similar to ours so who knows what he’s thinking.

- Speaking of a stellar hubby. He’s lost over 40 pounds in the last few months. What a stud!!!

- I don't think I'll make the June wedding in CA for my buddy, Cori. However, I hope to be out to CA this spring to meet my new nephew who's do on St. Pats Day.

01 November 2006


Hubby sent a few great pictures of small fry in his MOO-COW outfit. Unfortunately, the size is to big too load. Here are a few others from my folks:

Here's a few of my thoughts about Halloween:
I don't like Beggars Night. I try not to support Beggars Night. Forget Halloween, I like to think we should be celebrating Harvest Time instead. But, being the good mom that I am, I found a costume for the kiddo. Only, I tweaked the idea a bit to fit my preferences. Kiddo dressed up as a cow, a very cute one I might add. Of course, we snapped some cute pictures before leaving. We purchased candy and walked around town with him stopping only at certain houses, most of which had no outside light on. Instead of asking for candy, we handed out candy. It was fun. We stopped at several of the old folks in our church, some of the younger folks (our friends) and the mom&pops grocery store where small fry shared candy with the ladies working. We handed out candy to the adults and coloring books to a few kiddos. It was fun. So, in a way, I got my way: I got pictures of my cute kid and showed him off to people as well as visited a few of the older folks. And at the same time, we weren't out begging for candy that my 15 month old child will never eat!!!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!