28 September 2007

Excerpt from Email

I just emailed my buddy, Cori, a few minutes ago. ANd because I don't have the time to blog, I'm posting an excerpt of the email I sent to her:

Bethany turned 3 months old yesterday. I was too busy to take any pictures of her but hopefully this weekend we can do that. She's making lots of noise and smiling lots. Its a blast. Now last night when she wanted to scream during bible study, that wasn't so much fun. Ryan took her for a few minutes and then gave her back saying she was "broke". I had her quiet until it was over and the snacks were on the counter. Then I pawned her off on Ben who snuggled her up to him and went right to sleep. He was so cute with her.

Had a random dream last night. You and Ben were both in it. Kinda odd. Woke up at 7am, an hour late. The sleep was necessary but I'm feeling like I really need a shower right about now. I only had time to pump, change clothes and get the kids out the door. I didn't even feed Bethany or change her. She went from her crib to her carseat and never really woke up. Poor baby!

Fall is well on its way here. The tree colors are starting to change into the brilliant colors. The air is crisp in the morning and I even wore a sweater. I love it like this. It's hot chocolate and cider weather.

We have new neighbors. Yes, they bought the 40 acres against the highway as you come down our lane. That's all fine and dandy. They brought over their 2 horses yesterday. I'm excited to see horses again as I walk out my front door. And even more excited that I won't have to chore for them. The lady plans on building a small ranch house on the property, real close to us. Not sure why you'd buy in the country to have neighbors so close. I'm praying that she'll be a blessing to us and we'll be a blessing to her.

25 September 2007


It was wonderful.
Left the kiddos with their grandparents Saturday morning and headed to Cedar Rapids. We flew, without problem (even though we went through O'Harre), to Kansas City where we were picked up in a town car (some call it a Limo) and taken to the downtown Westin. Our room was average but the bed was beautiful! One problem, no fridge/freezer.

Wait, that reminds me, we did have two minor problems at the airport.
1. They took my toothpaste - it was 1 oz. too big for their allowance.
2. Breastmilk can be allowed in larger quantities IF you have the child with you. Now, let's think about this for just a minute... the reason I'll have so much breastmilk is that I don't have my child with me to drink it. Duh. The kind TSA woman explained their rules to me and although I could understand their rules, my reasoning was far more comprehendable.
3. BTW, I think I made such a big deal about the other little things that they didn't notice my 10 oz bottle of Bathnbody lotion that is brand new! Whew!

Anyway, back to my story, we had an hour before meeting in the lobby for supper. So, while I pumped, I had Ryan call the front desk and deal with needing to freeze breast milk. And because I was so hungry I was shaking, Ryan also ordered me room service. Yes, we were meeting in an hour for supper and it would take 30 minutes to get our room service but I was HUNGRY! Fortunately, it took a little longer for the food because I needed that time to press shirts and slacks for dinner. Yes, I was afraid the place would have a dress code so I packed my husband some slacks that he didn't plan on wearing and an undershirt since he grabbed one of my tshirts and not an undershirt. Sure is a good thing that I'm anal and double checked what he packed. I scarfed a few nachos before heading down for supper. Us and one other veterinarian plus her guest were the only one invited for the weekend. We felt truly greatful.

Benton's was located on the 20th floor of our hotel. It was fantastic, but not perfect. The music was a little loud and I was so cold that I'm sure I looked grumpy as I had my arms crossed in front of me. I had filet minon with salmon with a side of fresh asparagus for supper. Before I was freezing, I ordered a virgin daquiri to drink. After the meal, I topped it off with a Twix Turtle cheesecake that was wonderful. I tried to figure out the price of my meal and we guessed it to be $53. Yup, I've never spent that much money on one meal. Well, I didn't on this one either; thanks Bayer!

Sunday morning we had room service. It was your average foods but had a fancy appearance. Our room service bill was $65 for breakfast. I about died. The fees and taxes they add on for room service is crazy! But, it was a good omelet, decent fresh berries and a great muffin that I ate.

After breakfast we met for the game. And, I was a little weary of going. We received a nice travel back pack filled with goodies the night before. One of the items inside was a football jersery. And to our complete surprise, it was a Vikings jersey. Because our sales rep lives in MN, and we live close to the border, it was assumed that we're Vikings fans, hence the jersey. I didn't wear mine to the game. I could really care less about either team but am more likely to wear red than purple (thanks to vanity in my life). The game was a blast. We sat in the end zone, inside an air conditioned suite filled with food and drinks. It was cold inside so I enjoyed a majority of the game in the shade, outside.

After the game, we had another short time before we met up for supper. We did some quick shopping and bought Scott a new pop-up dinosaur book which he absolutely adores. Went to the milk parlor and dealt with that before taking a nice nap. For supper we went to a local BBQ place. The ribs were the favorite. I was the only one who didn't order ribs and thank goodness I didn't because my shrimp was great and Ryan said the ribs were less than desirable. After supper, we made a quick stop at the gift shop for a drink and an ice-cream and put it on our room bill again.

Monday morning we rushed around to get out of the hotel on time, have the home-brewed milk frozen, wrapped and bagged properly so we could get a quick bite to eat. Our quick turned into real quick and we stopped at the dinky little coffee shop that brags about serving St*rbucks coffee. They served me a horrible hot chocolate and I think the bran muffin was banana nut and not bran like I asked for. But we had no time to spare and headed back to the airport.

We arrived in Cedar Rapids, excited to be home and eager to see our kids. I ran outside to get the car while Ryan waited inside for the luggage. I got to the car only to find a completely flat tire. Why does this happen every other time I go to the airport? So, I got out a little air compressor from my trunk (don't know how it got there) and started airing up the tire. Fortunately it held air. I called Ryan and let him know what was taking me so long. My car is getting new tires today (~$200).

We stopped at a few places in town only to be dissapointed. Old N*vy had a horrible supply of children's clothes. I much prefer the one I usually go to. Targ*t only had thin little jackets for boys (and the sign was labeled as a girls coat in the girls section but they were obviously boy coats). It's tradition for us to get a caramel frapp with extra caramel when we leave Targ*t. I had thee worst caramel frapp ever yesterday. It was full of chunky ice that, the rest was watery and it royally sucked. I was so dissapointed.

Anyway, we headed home. I made the quick detour to get my mom a cat (see post from earlier today) and eventually made it to mom's to pick up the kids. Scott didn't care too much that I was there and rather read his farm book. A few minutes later when his dad walked in the door, he crawled off the couch and ran like a crazy thing over to his dad. It was priceless.

A financial recap of our weekend and why we're thankful to Bayer Animal Health:
2 airline tickets $610
VIP ride to the Westin $40
Supper at Benton's $106
2 nights at the Westin $???
Room Service for breakfast $65
2 tickets to the Chiefs game $192
Gate's BBQ supper & Taxi $34
Misc charges to the room $32
Parking at the airport $12.50
2 crappy caramel frapp's $10
2 new Tires on the car $200
Being back home with our kids: PRICELESS

Flat Kaleb

My nephew recently read a cool book in school about a guy who was flattened and could slip under doors, etc. So, the teacher had them color their own flat person and then sent it on in sort of a chain letter fashion. Mom got flat Kaleb in the mail and she's supposed to take a picture on his travels or get a postcard and send him on. Ryan and I took flat Kaleb with us to Kansas City and it was fun to take pictures with him. I won't post all the pictures but we took them of Flat Kaleb going to sleep in an awesome bed, eating room service, going to the football game, eating BBQ, etc. I put together one-pager about Flat Kaleb's adventure to Kansas City. It was fun.

Kitty = Crying Girl

A while back my mom came home from a quilt store in a nearby town. The store is located on the farm and there were farm kitties running around. Mom really wants a kitty and asked about them. The lady said her college aged daugther had brought home seven of them (there were 18 to choose from). Mom asked the lady if she'd give one away. They said no. So, yesterday as I'm driving home from the airport, I make my husband stop. It was just a mile off the main road and I ventured on into the store. I explained who my mom was, that she wanted a kitty, etc. The owner had her ~8 year old daughter go look for the kitty I described, now named "gandolf". The daughter came back and the mom asked if she wanted to give it away. The girl said no and began to cry. I felt horrible, although I did selfishly want her to hand over the kitty. I told the young girl that it was okay, that I was just going to give it a good home if she was wanting to get rid of it. Poor kid. She has 13 kitties, why not give away just one?
So, we get home and I tell my mom the story. Good thing she didn't hand over the kitty, it would have been the wrong one. Mom wanted the one that looked like a cross between a gray tiger-stripe and a calico. I only remembered her talking about the gray tiger-strip and would've brought home "gandolf" which would have been the wrong one. Whew!

21 September 2007


I posted this past week about adoption and missions and wanting to combine the two things together. I had not shared this information with Ryan at all. We were chatting when he came home from Kansas City about his week. While he was gone, he got to meet up with several people he knows from Christian Veterinary Mission. Ryan has spent time in Mongolia on two seperate occasions with CVM. Curious if talking to those folks peaked his interests, I asked him if he was ready to go on another trip. I would love to go (although while breastfeeding could be fun) and expected him to agree. Instead, Ryan replied with a "not really". He said that it did make him think that we really need to pursue adoption. If that's what we feel God is leading us to do, than we need to be obedient, step and out do it. I was so surprised at his response and so excited that God has us on the same page at the same time. How wonderful that God has been seperately putting adoption on both of our hearts!

Extreme Week

This week has been a bit extreme for me. It started Sunday after church. And each morning I've been up early to spend time focusing on simplicity and fasting; although I've not fasted from food because I'm breastfeeding. I've learned a few things this week:
- A lot of things get in the way of me spending time reading my bible at home, none of which really seem like extra things to me.
- I do spend a decent amount of time reading other blogs but that is done during my break or lunch so I could cut that out.
- I don't do a great job of taking God and making Him a part of the little things throughout my day (does that make sense?).
- I do love to serve others

It's been a good week of learning for me and I wish I would have spent more time focusing on the activities for it.


Thanks to Ryan for taking both kids to get their shots on Wednesday. It was nice to stay at work and get a few things done while he took care of his kids. Bethany is growing like a weed. Ryan couldn't remember the exact details (I'll have to call the nurse and get them for her baby book) but she was something like 25" and 14.5 lbs. Scott was just under 36" and 31 pounds. Shots went well. Scott screamed and even before the shots wouldn't let the doctor near him. Not sure what that was all about. He did like the nurse, which can be expected, she's my favorite too.

18 September 2007

Yay, hubby is on his way home

Ryan has been in Kansas City for 5 days getting continuing ed for his veterinarian license. I've been so busy with kids, football games and food that I've hardly had a chance to miss him. Regardless, I'm thrilled that he's on his way home. I miss my honey!

Unfortunately he's not coming home to a clean house. I was up till 11pm last night piddling in Bethany's room (from the dresser painting project that still isn't quite done). I still need to take the trash out, do a few dishes and put laundry away but I just wasn't motivated enough to get up when my alarm went off at 5am! Hopefully I can at least get home and have time to shower and freshen up, maybe even get the red out of my bloodshot eyes, before he walks in the door.



14 September 2007


It's been a really rough week in many ways. I'm sure most of it is just raw emotion for me mixed with a lack of sleep. But, I've had multiple times this week when I just wanted to cry. Here's just one story:
Kids had shots yesterday. The appt was originally schedule for Monday but had to be changed because my doc wanted one more day of vacation. So yesterday, I get off work at noon [note: I have zero time off yet since I just started back last week and the pay period ends today meaning I've not acrued any leave till after today], take a half day off to take the kiddos to the doctor. Because they're not in their normal routine, it takes a while to be ready to leave. I rush to D-town, speeding all the way (which I usually don't do) and almost rolled my car into the ditch on a gravel road. Anyway, we arrive safely at the clinic with no time to spare. And the girl at the desk isn't my normal girl which was a bummer in itself. She can't find the appointment and as she searches, the following discussion ensues:
G: Umm, I can't find an appointment for your son, can you spell your name
Me: [spell the name for her], our appointment was originally scheduled for Monday and I had to have it moved to today...
G: Oh, yes, got it. Scott had an appointment at 10:15am, not 2pm.
Me: what?
G: yeah, it shows for 10:15am.
Me: Did I write it down wrong?
G: Well, Dr. R is gone for the day and the other doctor just left to deliver a baby
Me: But, I... I got the time wrong? I just drove 45 minutes to get here, have no time off work...
G: Sorry. I bet if Dr. R was here she'd fit you in...
[note: now the wheels are really turning and my brain is starting to connect the dots]
Me: well I guess I need to reschedule.
G: One of our doctors is gone on maternity leave so everyone is swamped. It will be into October before we can get you back in for both appointments the same day.
Me: [really frustrated and ready to cry now] Okay, fine give me whatever works.

So, it was a rough day. Scott didn't want to leave. He wanted to see Dr. R and cried when he couldn't see her. We got right back in the car which sucked. So, I stopped at the local vet clinic (Ryan is buddies with the owner) to at least show off my kiddos and make the trip worthwhile. Dr. Merill was gone for the day! Go figure. So, I showed Dr. Merrill's new puppy to my son, walked back out the door, got in the car and drove back home. For nothing. Of course on the way home, we got stuck waiting for a super slow train. That wasn't too bad though, I rolled the windows down and my son was taken in by the train and its noises. Unfortunately for the next five minutes after that he whined because he wanted to see the train again. Ugg.


Everybody has a passion for something right? As a teen, I caused a lot of gray hairs for my family, got in a lot of trouble for minor things, was very independent and had my mom scared that I would turn into a drug addict. Fortunately, mom was wrong and I've turned out fairly decent. And I'm not about to write an autobiography, although I'd love to someday, but I do want to mention a passion or two that I have.

In high school, I went on my first missions trip. It was amazing. Now I had just turned 16 and so my reasoning for going was different than why I'd go today but I still went. And it was amazing to see a 3rd world country right before my eyes. I was so impressed and had such a heart for the people there that I went back - in fact I think I went 7 times. I have tons and tons of memories from those trips but several stick out in my mind. One little boy became my buddy. Jesus (think spanish: hay-zues) was from a large family and his little sister was very quiet and shy and that same year attached herself to my brother. Each year that I went back, I revisited that original church plant location and found my little buddy. He was 13 the last time I saw him and working at the corner store. Many times, I went prior to the rest of the Team to help entertain children while several men worked construction for several days prior to the start of the psuedo vacation bible school that we provided.

In those years, I developed a love of sharing with others in need. That doesn't necessarily mean people in 3rd world countries as we have lots of folks in need within a few miles of where most of us lay our head at night. My heart aches for those in need, those who don't know where their next meal will come from, those who seemingly have no hope. My first year out of college and living in Iowa, I felt this need to do another trip. And at that time, I didn't want to wait for the annual Easter week trip to Mexicali plus I was no longer living in CA. So, I looked around, prayed a lot and eventually found the perfect opportunity. I spent almost 2 weeks (if I remember right) in Nicaragua learning how to teach people to compost and garden. It went very well with my degree in Ag Education and plant science, my career in conservation and my heart for helping others. And since the day I returned from Nicaragua, I've been ready to go again.

Now, I also have a heart for adoption. And I'm not sure where it comes from but I can think of one specific story that might have played a role in the way I think today. One year in Mexicali my little buddy was a sweet little girl. You could tell that her mother worked diligently every morning to bathe and nurture her child before she sent her out for the day. I assume she also wore her best clothes which were quite possibly her only pair of pants. It was warm, in the 80's, and this precious little girl wore bright pink snow bibs every day that week. Anyway as we were preparing for an evening event, this little girl's mom came up to me (I was maybe 21 that year) and asked me to take her daughter home with me and give her a better life. She was sincere and serious as it gets and it broke my heart that a mother would give up her daughter to give her a better life. And that thought brings me to adoption. What a beautiful opportunity to love someone, to give them a future and something to hope for. Its a perfect, real example of how God loves us. I've had a passion for loving others who need some extra love for a long time and I can think of nothing better than to adopt children.

The most amazing thing is that I can put those two passions into one. I could spend time in an orphanage in Africa, Thailand, Korea, Mongolia or wherever else loving those little kids and then ultimately bring one of them into my own family. I think about this all the time. And this week as I've been listening to some podcasts from Cornerstone Church, it has lit a fire under me. Just yesterday I heard a message from a guy who just returned from Zambia. And what amazing things he learned there. I so want to go. So why haven't I? International adoptions cost anywhere from $30k to $50k these days. I don't have that kind of money. Rather than stepping out in faith and taking on that kind of debt load when we have an unknown debt load on the clinic (been waiting 2 years for those numbers), I've opted to let insurance pay for the birth of two children. Grr, I really want to adopt. Why do I write all this? I really don't know. just wanted to share....

12 September 2007

Mocha #2

Last night Ryan told me that Sue, the breeder, is bringing in new puppies for him to vaccinate and remove dew claws. I asked if I was getting another puppy. His response "if you can make another deal with her". Obviously he hasn't learned. I asked him to take pictures of the puppies so I can pick out the one I want. Maybe I'll stop by her place after the kids' doctor appointments tomorrow. I might try to make a deal to pay outright for a new puppy if she still thinks that we don't need to pay for her Mocha. Hmm, I get all giddy thinking about a new puppy. I know, I know I'm a glutton for punishment but I really want one!

Chocolate Gravy

People around here think its odd, but I love chocolate gravy. Most people haven't heard of it and the best explanation that I came up with is that its similar to a warm chocolate pudding but not as thick. You actually make it like gravy but instead of mixing in plain milk, you mix in a extra chocolatey chocolate milk. Some eat it with a spoon but we've always eaten it with buttered toast. Then when the toast is gone, we finish it off with a spoon. Its a wonderful treat. I've been taught how to make it but I don't do it. Instead, I leave it to Grandma to make as a special meal. And this morning as I arrived late to my mom's to drop of the kids, my grandma was in the kitchen making me chocolate gravy. Umm, umm, good

11 September 2007


And did I mention, my aunt gave the kids gifts when she came. Scott finally got his quilt that has been in the making for two years. Its pretty special and even has a picture of him and me on it from when he was born. And Bethany, she got a hand made doll that is precious. Very cool gifts from Aunt Ugly, as I call her.


I'm feeling homesick today. I know, I know, this is home now but home is also where I grew up, made friends, got in trouble, went to school, etc. And today, I'm missing that place. I can think of several things that might justify that homesick feeling:
1. My Grandma and Aunt are here and we've reminisced on events and people.
2. I miss my family
3. I missed my aunts funeral last week
4. I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing and the events that followed in my own life after 9/11. Selfishly, they affected me too.
5. I just read Amy's blog about church music and it made me miss the church that raised me when I was needy and needed a second and possibly third set of parents.

I would love to head back to CA for a week and see friends and family; eat a bowl of Chowder in Pismo, smell the fresh fruit on the trees, stare at the monstrous trees in the forest and sip a coffee with Nicole and Paul. Oh, how I'd love to do those things again. But, I'm married to a wondeful man and we share two amazing children. And instead of waiting in line at an airport to sit on a crowded flight and wait for lost luggage, I'll be driving to Dtown with my family to join up with my parents, gma and aunt for a lovely mexican meal. I am so truly blessed!

10 September 2007

Milk Snake

A while back my cousin, his wife and son came to visit. It was Duston's first trip to Iowa from the west coast. Right away Duston asked if we had snakes around. I told him I saw a snake 4 years ago and never again but that they were probably around. Within 5 minutes this conversation occurred:

D: Dad, Dad, come look!
Me: What in the world is he calling you for
D's Dad: He probably has a snake
Me: No he doesn't
D's Dad: yes, he probably does

We get up and walk to the front door to see this:

Yes, the kid was holding a snake and not just a little snake. Nor was it a common garter snake. I content inside the house at first. My son, however, was dying to go outside and hold the "worm". He proceeded to inform Duston that you catch fish with those worms. Anyway, I made Duston take it back down in the pasture where he found it. Of course, he returns a little later, and I wish I would have got a picture of it, with my son sitting on one shoulder and a snake in the opposite hand. This time, a little smaller snake and a common garter snake. He let that loose up by the driveway and later showed me where he found them. Snake boy!
I had no clue what kind of snake it was. It looked similar in pattern to the bermese python my uncle had when I was young. When I met Jody at the Science Center, we saw snakes in the "outdoors" section. I, of course, grabbed out my camera, told her the story and tried to find a matching snake. None matched. I was still thinking of the possibility that someone lost a python and it bred with another lost python in my pasture. The next week, Ryan was weed trimming outside and hit a snake. Okay, at this point I decided no more playing outside bare foot!
It wasn't until I came back to work that I found out what it really was. At the desk next to me is a DNR wildlife person and she got out her Iowa snake book and then we googled what we thought it was. That 3 foot long snake in my pasture is a milk snake. It eats rodents and such so I guess he's not so bad.

Picture Update

Some things I may have already mentioned but because my life is chaotic busy, I can't remember and don't want to take the time to look back. So, here's a quick update in pictures (and video if I can figure that out)

Ryan and I took the kids on a quick trip to Des Moines. Ryan was in class for continuing ed and we ventured out a bit. The first afternoon I took the kids over to see their great grandparents:

That night, the company that hosted the meeting had a suite at the I Cubs game.

The next morning, I was able to met fellow blogger, Jody, at the Science Center. It was fun to meet Jody although we didn't visit much and Bethany was super fussy with a bottle. The science center was a neat place though and I caught a few pictures.

One night recently I kept my friends' kiddos so they could have a date night. Her two boys are sweet kids but high energy. We spent a fair amount of time playing outside. The neighbor boy came over with his dad. The dad offerred to take one of the boys on the little bike for a ride, it was cute. They played outside so well that we didn't make it inside in enough time to make cookies. B is still waiting to come over and make cookies with me.

Mocha aka Girl pup

Ryan took this picture of Mocha when she was at the clinic last getting her shots updated. She was a cutie. My son now says "mocha died. got hit by a car." Ah, I want another one. Keller, my gorgeous mini-aussie, might be going to another home. We saved him from being put down two years ago. And now, someone is interested in having him. Yes, I've been ready to give him away but now that Mocha is gone, I'm a bit bummed to get rid of both dogs. Hey, at this rate, maybe we'll get rid of the goat too :)

Curtains for Puppet Stage

I finally started the curtains on Saturday. Only I didn't have enough fabric. A bit frustrated with the lady at Walmart since I got a yard extra from what she told me I'd need. Anyway, I made a quick trip back to walmart (its a 45 minute drive) to try to find the same discounted fabric. No such luck. I bought all new fabric, bought plenty of it headed home. Yesterday I got quite a bit accomplished although it was much more work than I'd planned when I volunteered. I spent time yesterday priming PVC and glueing velcro to it all the while mosquitos were trying to feast on me. The bottom half is done and looks great. The top half has the velcro sewed on and needs the sides and bottom hemmed. Between breastfeeding breaks, my own snack breaks and other issues, I think I did well. I plan to get it finished tonight.

It's been a frustrating and expensive but fun project... I so need to spend time at home folding laundry, mopping, and finish painting Bethany's dresser so she can sleep back in her crib. She's quickly growing out of her bassinet. The kid is 10.5 weeks old and is fitting perfectly into 3-6 month clothes. She's a big girl and although she's not fat, she's putting some meat on those solid bones! On Thursday she has her 2 month check up and shots. Scott has his 2 year well baby and chicken pox vaccination since he missed those at 18 months when I was pregnant and didn't show for immunity to chicken pox (even though I've had them).

to "ME"

Okay, "me", I have tried to read your blog several times while I was on maternity leave. But I'm not invited to read and can't check out how things are going with you, the hubby and your cute dogs. I'm glad you refreshed and commented. I'm posting now to let you know that I've missed reading your blog.

07 September 2007

Payment for Mocha

So my husband got a call back from the breeder. I was a bit nervous to hear the details of the call. I grit my teeth as I listened to Ryan share what he talked to the breeder about. As we assumed, the breeder was sad to hear of the death of our puppy. She was eager to get a puppy since Mocha’s mom (her breeding female) died two weeks ago. I’m sure there was still some raw emotion about Belle when she heard about Mocha. Ryan mentioned paying her for Mocha in his message and when it was brought up on the phone call, the breeder said we didn’t need to pay her anything. Praise God! How awesome is that?!?! But then my husband told her that we’d pay $400 or $500 (I can’t remember the price) for her because he only thought it was fair. WHAT??? Okay, wait a second here, the reason I made a deal with the breeder to give her a pup is because we don’t have the money to pay! And even if I paid cash, I’m pretty sure that she would’ve given me a sweet deal because the puppy needed to go and because she likes her vet. So, I said to Ryan, “honey, why did you offer to pay her cash we don’t have after she said you didn’t owe her anything? She said that because she likes you.” His reply was “And I want her to continue liking me”. Yes, my husband is amazing – he’s fair and square, but this was a moment when I wish he would have thanked her for her generosity, given condolences on Belle and hung up the phone. But no, we’ll be paying for Mocha. Whew! Fortunately she said we can make payments (like she cares how/when we pay her if she didn’t even want us to pay her) but still. I’d rather have my puppy back!

Bethany Slept

Thursday morning Ryan was thinking of getting Bethany to sleep through the night. Let me just say that she’s not bad about sleeping, she just doesn’t sleep as well as Scott did at this age. Anyway, Ryan suggested putting a little cereal in her bottle to sustain her a little longer. Although it sounds like a good idea, I’m not ready to try that. Sure she seems to be going through a growth spurt and wants to eat constantly but as a mom who wants to raise/grow children the best way, I’m not ready to give her cereal. Doctors discourage that and will even say to not feed them cereal until they’re 6 months.

My sleep deprivation had caught up with me yesterday. My eyes were bloodshot for the second day and by time we got to bible study I felt like a zombie. We socialized a bit after bible study (and I ate incredibly unhealthy but delicious snacks) and then headed to moms. It was late and Scott was already asleep in his bed. My grandma and aunt were there but grandma had long been asleep. So, we visited for a while with my folks and my aunt who was snuggling Bethany. By time we left, it was almost 11pm and I was in desperate need of heading to the “milking parlor”.

On our way home Bethany fell back asleep in her car seat. Arriving home Ryan asked if I wanted her put to bed. But because I still had to pump and get ready for bed, I asked him to leave her in her car seat and let her sleep. By time I got upstairs, I figured we might as well leave Bethany in her car seat and let her sleep while she’d sleep knowing full well that she’d wake up multiple times during the night. That was at 11pm. And at 6am, Bethany stirred and I woke up. We both had 7 straight hours of sleep and it was glorious. She went right back to sleep and stayed snuggled under the blanket until the very last possible minute.

After my kid slept all night, it was a major rush to get ready this morning and I was so thankful to have some more sleep.

05 September 2007

My Kind of Day

I went to bed 2.5 hours earlier than usual last night. It was wonderful knowing the clock read 938pm. How fantastic. I was finally going to catch up on some much needed sleep. Well, it wasn't so fantastic after all. Bethany, who was sleeping in our room (long story) fussed until 11pm when I finally agreed to feed her again. And to set the record straight, she'd just finished eating when I put her down. Still not too bad, I was going to be asleep before the routine midnight. And I was, I think. Only Scott was awake 3 times during the night. He'd wake up crying and I'd go into his room and get him calmed down. Bethany also decided to wake for her normal 4am feeding, only I put her pacifier in and told her to go back to sleep since it'd only been 5 hours. Needless to say, I wasn't refreshed when the alarm clock buzzed this morning. I didn't eagerly spring out of bed either which meant that I didn't get my dishes done this morning that I was too tired to do last night and didn't have time to put make up on either. Whew!

Yesterday I received an email from the area boss letting me know that I'd served my term on the state civil rights committee and was done. Woo hoo! And in reply, I let him know that I'd also fulfilled my term on a quality steering team as of October 1st. But this morning, he called to let me know that he thought I had one more year of civil rights (4 year term, not 3) and that he'd like me to stay on the QST since I've been running it the past 2 years anyway. I like both but a break would have been okay too.

Got an email from hubby today. Our credit card is already sky high this month. He asked me to be extremely thrifty - no eating out, no shopping sprees (good thing I got a new pair of Keen's last Sunday) and no other unnecessary spending. Bummer dude! He'd also called the breeder that Mocha came from to ask what we owe her since she won't be getting the pick of the litter like we agreed to. We haven't heard back from her but we're hoping we can do a payment plan!

The kiddos are growing. I really need to add some pictures and also take some to the office to put on my computer. The next 7 days may be a bit crazy as my gma and aunt are here visiting.

04 September 2007

More quick updates

- We're trying the potty training thing. Scott doesn't care much for it. He pee'd all in my floor last week and I've yet to put him back in underwear.
- My husband was recently asked by an aquaintence to talk to her husband about internet porn. So, while I took her shopping and questioned her faith to see if she knew what she says she believes, Ryan had a friend come over to help facilitate the discussion. It was akward for both of our situations.
- Our small group bible study that started with 6 two years ago is up to 21 and we're splitting up.
- Ryan got me an ipod last month. I have been loving it. It's been my little buddy when I'm washing dishes and folding the laundry when the kiddos are in bed. I'm tempted to buy an armband thingy for it (and a new pair of tennies) and then make myself go running.
- My Grandma and Aunt are coming out on Thursday to visit. They had to blow the surprise to my mom because she was trying to get airline tickets for my other aunt's funeral. I'm super excited to see them.
- I'm bummed that I don't have many pictures of Mocha. You can never take too many pictures, especially with digital cameras.

I'm back!

I'm a bit tired and emotional today. No, not because of my kiddo keeping me awake either. Lots going on around here so I try a brief update:
- Found Mocha dead on the shared driveway last night at 930pm. Someone had hit her and either didn't know it (she's small) or didn't bother to say anything. We haven't "paid" for her yet so I'm a little nervous about calling the breeder to see what kind of cash we can expect to pay. These dogs run an easy $600 which we don't have.
- I cried when I walked up the walk towards my veterinarian husband with MY dead dog.
- My Aunt Mary past away last week. In a matter of 4 days she found out she had cancer, went on life support and was gone. My heart aches for her kids. I wish I could go to CA for the funeral but I don't any time off at this point.
- I just started back to work today.
- Bethany is on bottle #4 and hasn't liked any of them but will finally take one without screaming. I had to drive to a big city to buy them and paid $20 for 4 bottles.
- Scott has been fishing several times lately with Grammy and Papa. He's caught fish both times and has skunked the old folks!
- Junior high youth group starts on Wednesday. I'm excited to be involved with them. We'll be going through a cd series called preparing for adolescence.
- I'm hungry and need to pump.
- I was awake much of the night and up early this morning. I actually have make-up on which has rarely happened this summer.

Better get to work.