07 September 2007

Bethany Slept

Thursday morning Ryan was thinking of getting Bethany to sleep through the night. Let me just say that she’s not bad about sleeping, she just doesn’t sleep as well as Scott did at this age. Anyway, Ryan suggested putting a little cereal in her bottle to sustain her a little longer. Although it sounds like a good idea, I’m not ready to try that. Sure she seems to be going through a growth spurt and wants to eat constantly but as a mom who wants to raise/grow children the best way, I’m not ready to give her cereal. Doctors discourage that and will even say to not feed them cereal until they’re 6 months.

My sleep deprivation had caught up with me yesterday. My eyes were bloodshot for the second day and by time we got to bible study I felt like a zombie. We socialized a bit after bible study (and I ate incredibly unhealthy but delicious snacks) and then headed to moms. It was late and Scott was already asleep in his bed. My grandma and aunt were there but grandma had long been asleep. So, we visited for a while with my folks and my aunt who was snuggling Bethany. By time we left, it was almost 11pm and I was in desperate need of heading to the “milking parlor”.

On our way home Bethany fell back asleep in her car seat. Arriving home Ryan asked if I wanted her put to bed. But because I still had to pump and get ready for bed, I asked him to leave her in her car seat and let her sleep. By time I got upstairs, I figured we might as well leave Bethany in her car seat and let her sleep while she’d sleep knowing full well that she’d wake up multiple times during the night. That was at 11pm. And at 6am, Bethany stirred and I woke up. We both had 7 straight hours of sleep and it was glorious. She went right back to sleep and stayed snuggled under the blanket until the very last possible minute.

After my kid slept all night, it was a major rush to get ready this morning and I was so thankful to have some more sleep.


aka_Meritt said...

I'm glad you finally got some sleep! :)

I just shake my head and smile and try to bite my tongue on the whole "no cereal until 6 month thing" - I'm trying not to say anything. Really I am.

CORI said...

You really put things into perspective for me. I complained about getting 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep the other night (good sleep but not long enough) and here you are barely surviving on a few hours.

Hoo Rah for the hot mama.

Fantastagirl said...

I am so glad you got some "good sleep" - 7 hours is awesome - and I am sure much needed.

maybe she needs to be wrapped tighter? I'm guessing the carseat is a little snug maybe she likes that feeling?

Ashley said...

sleep IS a wonderful thing!