05 September 2007

My Kind of Day

I went to bed 2.5 hours earlier than usual last night. It was wonderful knowing the clock read 938pm. How fantastic. I was finally going to catch up on some much needed sleep. Well, it wasn't so fantastic after all. Bethany, who was sleeping in our room (long story) fussed until 11pm when I finally agreed to feed her again. And to set the record straight, she'd just finished eating when I put her down. Still not too bad, I was going to be asleep before the routine midnight. And I was, I think. Only Scott was awake 3 times during the night. He'd wake up crying and I'd go into his room and get him calmed down. Bethany also decided to wake for her normal 4am feeding, only I put her pacifier in and told her to go back to sleep since it'd only been 5 hours. Needless to say, I wasn't refreshed when the alarm clock buzzed this morning. I didn't eagerly spring out of bed either which meant that I didn't get my dishes done this morning that I was too tired to do last night and didn't have time to put make up on either. Whew!

Yesterday I received an email from the area boss letting me know that I'd served my term on the state civil rights committee and was done. Woo hoo! And in reply, I let him know that I'd also fulfilled my term on a quality steering team as of October 1st. But this morning, he called to let me know that he thought I had one more year of civil rights (4 year term, not 3) and that he'd like me to stay on the QST since I've been running it the past 2 years anyway. I like both but a break would have been okay too.

Got an email from hubby today. Our credit card is already sky high this month. He asked me to be extremely thrifty - no eating out, no shopping sprees (good thing I got a new pair of Keen's last Sunday) and no other unnecessary spending. Bummer dude! He'd also called the breeder that Mocha came from to ask what we owe her since she won't be getting the pick of the litter like we agreed to. We haven't heard back from her but we're hoping we can do a payment plan!

The kiddos are growing. I really need to add some pictures and also take some to the office to put on my computer. The next 7 days may be a bit crazy as my gma and aunt are here visiting.


Kristine said...

Back to the crazy busy life... Hoping you get a good night's sleep soon. It feels so good. Enjoy having your gma and aunt visit!!

Fantastagirl said...

Here I was missing the baby stage, thank you for reminding me why I am happy with where I am in life.

I hope you get some much needed rest. Sending good thoughts your way!

Ashley said...

how are you feeling sleep-wise now?