24 July 2005

Okay everyone, there's finally pictures available. I can't post them easily on my blog so I asked Kristin to post them to hers. There are 3 pictures from the first few days, check them out here.
More to come I'm sure. Its been a wild week - me trying to do this parent thing and loving it. Very time consuming! We had Ryan's grandparents visit yesterday. Scott is their only great grand child and so it was pretty special. Plus, Grandpa made Scott's crib which is absolutely gorgeous. My sister was out visiting all week. We didn't get to spend much time together though. She came down with a light case of pneumonia and her daughter, Ryann, got bronchitis. Not fun but I'm thankful I got to see her a little bit and she did get to hold Scott once before she got sick. Last night Scott and I went to Living Stone (church). It was pretty loud and he slept through the whole thing. Afterwards we did the social thing and Scott got passed around from one college student to the next for a few hours. He's such a good baby (most of the time).

Another full week on the way. Dad is flying in tomorrow evening. We're ready for him to be here but the spare bedroom has yet to be clean. And the way my days have gone, I won't have a chance to work on it much tomorrow either.

20 July 2005

Yay, I made it... and it one piece... with only one major surgery. Not sure what mom posted before. She brought me the comments to the hospital. We were there 6 days and I was SO ready to go home. The first night was rough, not fun at all. A crying baby and I had no clue what to do with him. Finally called the nurse at 3am for some help - that Bethany is awesome! Still haven't had much for sleep after 37 hours of labor, several nights in a lovely hospital bed (I was so eager to sleep with Ryan again) and a baby who is ALREADY spoiled. The nurses loved him and I'm not sure if he spent much time at all in the nursery.

Feeding time is quite the chore. Scott thinks I'm his pacifier rather than his source of food. He loves to go to sleep on his mama. Kinda frustrating that it takes 2 hours to feed him between his playing and falling asleep in between suckles. Today I'm finally tired and super frustrated that he's not eating like I want (even though the nurses assure me that things are fine). He is a doll. Today was his first outing. We came to moms for Ralph's birthday. He's looking so cute in all his matching gear that Katie bought him. The shoes are adorable. Still no pictures posted. Sorry guys, I can't post directly to my blog anymore and I just haven't found the time to do things the long way. I'll try to get something out soon - he's a cutie for sure.

15 July 2005

Baby Boy Buitenwerf new name is Scott Ryan ( a few less B's) and he is 21 inches long,
Tammy and Scott are doing well. She is so sweet with him and He loves to snuggle up to her ago to sleep. Motherhood seems to agree with her quite well, Ryan is quite the proud new father. What a wonderful journey hte Lord has instore for them..

14 July 2005

Baby "B" finally blessed us with his presence @ 6:12 A.m. thursday morning, and what a blessing he is at 9 lbs and 1 oz Tam had to have a C-section (You can understand why)
But what a woman,,, Mom and Dad were both awsome Ryan wanted to wait until Tammy was more alert to make the final choice on the name, So they are hanging onto Baby "B'' for now. the lenght had not been taken as of yet, but he is long...
Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers........ Thank you Lord for you are so good

12 July 2005

Tammy had a ultra sound on Monday, it showed the baby weghed around 9lbs and 12 oz and has a big head Ooooooouch. She was admitted to the hospital tonight at 5:oo pm and if she is not in labor in the morning ten they will induce her. I left her around 9:30 this evening and Ryan and her seemed to be handling everything just fine....
Well update when the baby is here
Tammys mom aka Grammy

Hey its Tammys Mom, Just wanted to let you know what is going on...

She had a saunagram on Monday and they said the baby weighed 9lbs 12 oz and has a big head.. Ooooouch. She went into the hospital tonight at 5 pm and if she doesn't have the baby on her own that they will induce her in the morning. We were there until about 9:30 and all was well. update as things progress. Keep them in your prayer please

08 July 2005

Still no baby...

Have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday and then I see Dr. Miller again that afternoon. We'll see what he says and go from there. I expect a quiet weekend - stubborn kid!

06 July 2005

Its been a few days I know but we've been busy. Nope, no baby. Thanks Cori for finally posting that comment. We wish there was a baby too but he seems to be in no hurry. I am having braxton hix - those fake contractions. Their nasty but I'm alive still. I have another checkup on Thursday and see how things have hopefully progressed.

Okay, mom is making me pancakes for breakfast (she's awesome like that) and they're ready. More from me later.

01 July 2005

dear diary

yesterday i made a "quick" trip to waterloo (the big city) with my folks. i was on the hunt for shoes for katie's wedding. target did have the shoes but not in my size - what a bummer to drive 90 miles to figure that out. so, of course i had to make a little purchase while i was there. target for me always means buttered popcorn jelly bellies. got those! i also purchased diary of a mad black woman. i'd wanted to see it but it came out in theatre after i was no longer able to sit through an entire movie comfortably. wednesday i got to watch Oprah and she was talking to the cast about the movie. it was fun to hear the inside scoop and made me want to see the movie even more. so, i splurged yesterday and bought it. what a cute movie with plenty of humor for those boys who get suckered into seeing it. i thought it was kinda like the black version of Hope Floats. what fun to watch, i might even watch it again tonight with some friends and i don't usually like to watch movies more than once.

still no baby. i guess he really isn't in a hurry. still hoping for 4th of july which is quickly approaching. we do have the carseat in the car for the day we need it. but of course, for those of you who know me well, i don't like packing in advance. so, we're still not packed for the hospital. i did plug in the video camera though to make sure its charged. and we do know what will go in the bag, its just not done yet :) still a little fearful of the process but the light at the end of the tunnel, the thing i'll focus on for an end result, will be seeing ryan hold that baby all snuggled up. i can't wait!!! last night ryan was sitting in the chair and he held the puppy like a little baby which just made me that much more eager to see him with a baby. I love my husband, he's so wonderful.

the nursery is done and now ryan is making a shelf to go in there. he's also been spending plenty of time out in the blazing sun working on the north porch. i have such a studly husband! last night he was all upset that "it looks like crap". it doesn't and i tried to assure him of that. i think it looks fine. he's a veterinarian, not a carpenter. i just think its awesome that he's willing and able to do that kind of work. so, the porch is slowly making progress again. there's so much on his honey-do list and i appreciate him working on it.

TGIF, enjoy this Independence Day!