20 July 2005

Yay, I made it... and it one piece... with only one major surgery. Not sure what mom posted before. She brought me the comments to the hospital. We were there 6 days and I was SO ready to go home. The first night was rough, not fun at all. A crying baby and I had no clue what to do with him. Finally called the nurse at 3am for some help - that Bethany is awesome! Still haven't had much for sleep after 37 hours of labor, several nights in a lovely hospital bed (I was so eager to sleep with Ryan again) and a baby who is ALREADY spoiled. The nurses loved him and I'm not sure if he spent much time at all in the nursery.

Feeding time is quite the chore. Scott thinks I'm his pacifier rather than his source of food. He loves to go to sleep on his mama. Kinda frustrating that it takes 2 hours to feed him between his playing and falling asleep in between suckles. Today I'm finally tired and super frustrated that he's not eating like I want (even though the nurses assure me that things are fine). He is a doll. Today was his first outing. We came to moms for Ralph's birthday. He's looking so cute in all his matching gear that Katie bought him. The shoes are adorable. Still no pictures posted. Sorry guys, I can't post directly to my blog anymore and I just haven't found the time to do things the long way. I'll try to get something out soon - he's a cutie for sure.


Carrie said...

Tammy the mommie. He sounds precious. Take time to rest and enjoy him in all his young stages. Much love

Kristin said...

I'm so glad you are doing well Tammy. Unfortunately, I don't have feeding advice for you, but I'm positive that you and he will get a handle on it soon!

Tammy asked me to post the baby pictures on my blog - click on the right --->

Kristine said...

Hi sweetheart!
Glad to hear you're doing well. Sorry it ended up as major surgery, but all that matters is a healthy baby and mom. Take care of yourself - better yet, let everyone else take care of you - and just feed your baby and sleep when he does. Don't worry, the feeding thing gets easier, I promise! We're thinking of you and praying for you!!!

Anna and Hal said...

YEA! We're so happy that Scott is finally here! We're glad you are all doing well... you are in our prayers.

Mandy said...

So glad to hear that you & baby Scott are well. I know that feeding is a little hard at first. Don't watch the clock. Enjoy this time. T thought I was a pacifier too. Kristine is right, sleep when he sleeps. Grab a small book and read while feeding. Remember that God designed you and your body to be a mommy. Take your time and don't think about it. Just do it. It will seem like he is not eating, but he is. Soon enough you'll have the hang of it. I promise that you'll miss it when you go back to work.
Take it easy, let your body heal. Congrats again. We are all so happy for you & praying for you!!

Mandy said...

Just looked at the pics! He is so beautiful!! He is just perfect! How great it must be to hold him in your arms. Makes me want to do it all over again. (maybe in 2 years or so)

jerelyn said...

Tammy, congrats! I saw the pics of your son on Kristin's website...baby Scott is so adorable! You two did good. :-)

I don't have any feeding advice for you either, but Mandy's suggestions sounded perfect--enjoy this time!

Still praying for you. :-)

Jennifer said...

I was hoping to "hear" from you today! Congrats Mom! I am so happy for you! Motherhood is not easy the first few weeks, but it gets better ever day. Feedings are hard! I had a awful time with it, but don't give up! Soon he will get better and you will be much more comfortable with it.

God bless!

p.s. I couldn't get to K's website to see the picture.

Jen said...

What a beautiful boy!
Congratulations Tammy and Ryan!
Sounds like everyone's advice is great. I'm sure it will all start becoming natural too.
Thank you for having Kristin post your pictures! They are great and I can't wait to see more.

Renee said...

What a precious little baby.
Take care!

dodger said...

AWwwww :)



Anonymous said...

take your time with feeding and please DON'T GIVE UP, it is worth it in the long run, it just requires lots of patience and love and attention, pretty soon you'll both be able to do it in your sleep (literally)!!! We are SOO happy for you! Love ya lots,
Kristine Belcher

Anonymous said...

Tammy & Ryan,

Your boy is adorable. So good to hear that you are both doing well! What an amazing gift. I'll be praying for you guys & Scott.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy and Baby Scott!!!
What a beautiful baby boy you have.
Wonderful pictures of you and Scott and dad. What a blessing that you have been given.
Congrats to Connie, Ralph and Danny
(another grandbaby) :-)

Love The Whitakers

Julie said...


I honestly don't think that little boy of yours could be any cuter! I can see why he didn't spend much time in the nursery at the hospital, I mean, who wouldn't want to hold that cutie?!

Good luck with learning the "ropes" of motherhood, I'm sure you will do fine, remember, God wouldn't of blessed you with this amazing gift, if he didn't think you were ready!

Congrats again, and I'm keeping you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery, you'll need it, because next thing you know, he will be crawling!

Much love, daffodil