21 February 2007


After not being able to access blogger for a week, here I am!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you have already heard the news, but for the rest of you....we have the results of our ultrasound. It was a great Valentine's present at 7:30am!!!

What are we having?
A thumb-sucker
A yawner
One with cute feet
A bashful baby

Yup, that's it. That's all the news we got too. Because the baby is in breech position, the tech couldn't determine the sex. He tried, he really did. But, no news on the sex of the baby.

I was kinda heart-broken at first. I even told the tech "dude, this is Valentine's Day, you're killing me!" The baby must not realize how much I'd like to plan and prepare for his/her special arrival. Seriously, I wanna buy clothes and other fun baby stuff but can't (as the baby is kicking and seemingly throwing a fit this very moment). Now, a week later, I'm getting used to not knowing. I had my monthly check up today and Dr. Ryan said that we'll just have to wait and be surprised. So, in the mean time, I have to start thinking about baby names - one for a boy and one for a girl. Any ideas?

In other news, my small fry is quite the hyper child. He's wired ALL the time. I had Monday off and was able to do a little shopping with my mom. And since I couldn't buy for my baby, I bought lots of clothes for my nephew who will arrive in the next few weeks. Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I opted to have supper at my folks and celebrate with my mom (her birthday is tomorrow). Mom made an awesome meal at my request. I got a new pair of Keen shoes from hubby as well as a very cute card. Mom made me a very cute wall hanging which she'll frame for me and made me cookies. I had several fun messages on my answering machine when I got home: my Nanny who sang "happy birthday" on my answering machine, Mike (long lost friend #2) and my father-in-law who left a lovely message. It was a great day!

My belly is growing rapidly. I have yet to take pictures and hope to do that soon!

13 February 2007

24 More Hours

Within 24 hours, we should know if we're having a boy or a girl!!!! Let's hope this baby cooperates and lets the tech take a peak :)

I was in Wallyworld on Sunday doing some shopping and it was killing me to not be able to buy baby stuff. I so wanted to buy girl clothes even though I have no clue if I'm having a girl or not. I think I just wanted to BUY and know that I don't need any boy stuff at this point!

08 February 2007

Diapers, Cold Temps and Late for Work

This has been an interesting week. February 6th marked 11 years since my dear friend, Scott, died after a woodshop injury when we were sophomores in high school. The first part of February is usually busy but my heart is typically quieted around this time.
This year I was home with my sick kid who has croup. I was so busy caring for and chasing after him that I never even realized the date until it had past. It was the second day I stayed home with the kiddo and although I greatly needed my own rest, I knew that I also needed to get things done since I was actually home. Thanks to mom who came over again to help out. She was great and helped deep clean the kitchen counters, stove, etc. It was fantastic!

I was up at 1am with small fry last night. He was coughing constantly so I got up to put some Vix on his chest and snuggle him back under the covers. Only, the wise mom that I am, I also decided to change his diaper since he was awake. Little did I know that as soon as I pulled the diaper away, he started to pee. I tried to cover him back up but he managed to get a few drops on his onesie. I was tempted to be a bad mom (who isn't at 1am) and finish the diaper change and put him back in bed since it was just a few drops. Instead, I removed his pj's and changed his onesie. The whole time he's whining "night-night, mommy, night-night". Poor kid.

Fresh morning
After only being awake once during the night and not having any coughing episodes myself, I was quite refreshed this morning. The kiddo was awake at 620am (eventually he'll realize that sleeping in is a good thing, right?). I showered quick and headed outside to feed the animals in the frigid morning air. Poor William Edward Goat was shaking and cold. I felt bad for him and through an extra flake of hay in his Goat-house.

Late for Work
As usual, I was going to be about 15 minutes late to work (they might as well change my work schedule). But this morning I was glad to be late. At 8am my cell phone rang. I assumed it was mom and was quite surprised to hear Nick's voice. Nick is a long lost but precious friend of mine from "back home". I graduated college and moved to Iowa at the same time he was assigned to his first duty location as a police officer for the US Navy. We remained friends after going our seperate ways but it had been 2 years (so we estimate) since we've talked. We had a short conversation which allowed us to catch up on each others lives which was great. He's been back from Iraq (thank you for volunteering so a guy with a family could stay home) for 4 months and still stationed in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor (must be rough). It was a great chat and was definitely worth being late for work!