30 January 2008


These puppies are so stinkin' cute. Steve, my coworker, raises Goldendoodles. They are cute little things. Ryan's uncle has one that's full grown and its a cool looking dog as well. Steve and I were chatting about them and I was amazed at how inexpensive they are. I guess his prices are cheap because we live in rural Iowa because they would cost TONS more if you were in the city buying them. One of the great things about goldendoodles is that they don't shed. So, people like me who hate animal hair don't have to worry about it. Poeple who have allergies don't have to worry either.

Anyone want a goldendoodle? I know where you can get one real cheap.

29 January 2008

Funny Kid

A couple of funny things about Scott:
  1. He loves soup. He'll spoon out all the juice first before he'll eat the rest. Doesn't matter what kind of soup it is. Sometimes, he even drinks the broth like you would the milk out of your cereal bowl. Only difference is that he's not eaten the food yet.
  2. He loves to bake cookies. This was my sneaky attempt to get him on the potty. We baked chocolate chip cookies and then he couldn't have one until he pottied. Yup, it didn't work. I ate his share of the cookies instead. Last night I baked a few more. Gave one to Ryan, ate one and even let him have a bite. He really wanted a cookie. But when it came to going potty, he didn't want a cookie anymore.
  3. He likes to tell you he wants to go potty. Get him in the bathroom and he changes his mind.
  4. This kid is funny. When he poops, he doesn't want you in the room with him. I guess he likes to poop in private. However, since he's still in diapers, this means that he doesn't want us in the kitchen, living room or wherever he's standing. I have recently asked him to go in the bathroom when he poops. And he does it. But won't sit on the toilet!
  5. He has to having "dippin' sauce". I don't think he cares what it is as long as he can dip into it. Scott doesn't want to eat something, ah, just squirt some ranch dressing or ketchup on his plate and he'll eat it.

He's not all fun and games. Last night he was up twice. Yes, twice. The second time he came in and told me he had poop. So, at 4am, I woke Ryan to change him. Thankfully, he didn't have poop. I think it was just his attempt at not getting scolded for being out of bed. He has been so tired lately but fights bed time so hard. Give up kid.

25 January 2008


This picture is just a small glimpse of what I see every night on my way home. Nope, its not cattle grazing, those are white tail deer. Each night there are about 60 of them in the field right along the road. In order to get them to show up in the picture, I had to zoom way in and then you don't get to see the masses of them. I had several run out in front of me on the road yesterday. Please, please, feel free to come hunt up here. I know the farmers and

I remember the days when it was a huge deal if snow fell on the valley floor where I grew up. It might happen every 5 years and when it did there was hardly a covering of snow on the ground. That cracks me up now as we get snow on a regular basis.

As of right now, we are getting yet another snow storm. Expecting 2-3 inches throughout today and then some more over night. Will it ever end? Supposedly it's going to warm up over the weekend and maybe even hit 40. We'll be thinking we're having a heat wave for sure after having sub zero temps for a while.

Yes Mommy

She is so adorable. She is very attentive to those voices she knows and likes best: mommy, Scott and her Papa.


Yes, I must admit that these two children are adorable. Not only that, they are well mannered children. Thank you God for that!

This morning, like every morning, Ryan helps me get out the door and headed to mom's. This morning was different though. Our kiddos stayed the night at my mom's. No, not what you were thinking; we had bible study last night and didn't want to take the kids out in the cold. After getting home around 1115 (way past my bedtime), I had to put away milk from the day, wash up the bottles, pump, wash again, take out my contacts, brush my teeth and head to bed. This allowed for a few minutes of conversation with Ryan. Apparently that wasn't enough though and we were awake for about an hour chatting while I tried to get warm. Anyway, this morning, as I headed out the door, my car was still in the garage. I figured Ryan just didn't back it out since I didn't have the kids to load up. Let me remind you that the temperatures are frigid and its nice to have a jump start on getting some heat in the car. Anyway, I get out to the car and it wasn't even running. I think my teeth were chattering as I drove to town! Figures... I must be chopped liver as it seems he only starts the car for the kids and not his wife! I'm just thankful that he does it most days and one day of cold helps me appreciate it even more.

24 January 2008

I miss California

For several reasons lately I miss California:
1. My 10 year class reunion is around the corner
2. I haven't seen Cori for a long time
3. Yesterday I got an email from the associate dean who was responsible for me as a scholar. He had a very thoughtful email and was wanting updates from the scholars.

Why I miss California:
1. sun-kissed cheeks vs. frost bitten red ones
2. fresh citrus fruit vs. the crap in the store
3. fog that lifts vs. snow that just keeps building up
4. driving to the now for a day vs. hybernation
5. fresh clam chowder vs. deer meat
6. Tanned skin, sun-bleached hair vs. looking like a ghost

I did NOT sign up for this

The weather forcaster predicted a low of -15 last night. This morning when I looked at the temp, it said 6 degrees. Yes, that is cold but I'm kinda getting used to the frozen appendages after making three trips from the car to the house when I get home at night. As I dropped of the kids this morning, I left my gloves off. It was cold and I felt bad that Scott didn't have gloves on. He insists on not wearing them as they prevent him from getting a good grip on his hot chocolate and t-rex or whatever else he manages to carry outside. As I walked onto the porch, I looked at mom's thermometer. It was -20. Are you kidding me? I figured it was wrong. But how could it be wrong? Mine said 6. Yeah, it was cold but really what's the difference between zero (the temp when I got home last night) and -20? I so didn't sign up for this weather. I moved to Iowa, not northern Minnesota.

Every Hour

I so desperately want to be the creative, thoughtful and appreciative wife. And yesterday I had the perfect way of doing so. Ryan has an important appointment today and I want to make a point to pray for him every hour throughout the day and then the entire time of his appointment. But, what I thought would be fun was to make him little note cards, one for each hour to let him know what I would specifically be praying about. Yeah, I was going to stay up late and get that done. That didn't happen. Got home last night as youth kids were arriving. When that was over, I started laundry to wash Ryan's new shirt. Fed Bethany. Put away milk. Did dishes... it was 9pm, I stopped to eat supper. Pressed Ryan's shirt. Went to bed. I so wasn't motivated to do anything last night. Sorry honey, I still plan to pray for you though!

Will I Ever Be On Time Again

Some mornings I try really hard to be on time for work and something always gets in the way. I'm so lazy when its dark outside and cold in the house. I woke at 530, fed Bethany and should have started my day so I could, for once, wear make up, have some quiet time and eat breakfast before I leave. Nope, not this morning, I snuggled under a warm blanket for another hour before the rat race began. If it wasn't for my amazing husband, I would be so totally late. This morning moved right along. I even managed to press some slacks first. Headed out the door and was only 5 minutes behind. This is good. Got to the end of the driveway and realized I'd forgotten my contact solution and case that I'll need as today will be a LONG day. Turned around, went back home. Dangit, I was late again... but still earlier than my normal late. Thank you for flexible work schedules!

22 January 2008


If only I could read her mind. A picture is worth a thousand words. I could only imagine what she was thinking as her big brother held onto her by her ears.
She's growing like a weed. She throws a fit every time we eat. She thinks she has to eat too. The other night, every time I'd lift up my mug of hot chocolate to take a drink, she'd catch a glimpse and start fussing. She WANTED that mug. She's not tasted hot chocolate but she seemed to think that she needed it since I was putting it to my mouth.
In other news, she's absolutely adorable. Even when its way past her (and my) bedtime. She was laughing at everything we said and did last night. She was so giggly. It was fun. That is, until she realized she was in bed by herself, no more music, no more lights. Then she cried. And this morning, a bright and beautiful little baby who pooped some nastiness!

Got Milk?

Dangit, I forgot to turn the photo. Too bad now, I'm in a hurry. This is actually yogurt. Scott thinks that you're supposed to have yogurt with every meal. He'd even settle with it being a dessert. He's such a cutie.

Wow, look at that bed head. I gave him his 2nd haircut in two weeks last night. He's such a cute little boy!

I didn't sign up for this, or did I?

And this was considered warm in comparison to now! Cori, it was -5 this morning when I left for work. Today's high was 10. Yes, 10 degrees but we at least got above the single digits. My furnace ran ALOT in the last few days! I was outside yesterday scooping my walk and my fingers were COLD after just a few minutes. It is definitely winter weather. However, with that said, the snow fall was amazing yesterday. The landscape is beautiful. So crisp looking. Very cool (no pun intended). I remember trying to explain to Cori, my San Diego pal, how the fog sticks to everything when it gets below freezing. This was a picture that I took during that time. You can't really tell. I wish I had pictures of things covered in ice, it looks really cool that way too.

I'm loving the cold weather. So many native mid westerners are complaining about the cold. Yeah, its definitely cold but at least its pretty to look at. Could be worse, I guess. In the recent days, we ran out of wood for the main floor wood burner. That is, wood that is stacked on the porch. If we really wanted wood, we could bring some up from the basement. Anyway, this would be a good time to burn wood on the main floor but instead, while we were home all day yesterday, the furnace provided our heat! I know winters like this exist but this is the first one since I've lived here. My friends to the South, even 200 miles south, don't experience this type of weather typically. So, Cori, we're experiencing the Minnesota winter - it has apparently decided to cross over into our beautiful state. Its about time we get some real winter.

19 January 2008

I can be bribed

Jody has her Valentine's bribing going on right now. Go over, check her out, but don't sign up because I want to win ;)


Yeah, Cori, I miss you right now. I miss your weather too. Having read your blog update, I really wanted to look for an airline ticket. I was laughing out loud and my mother in law commented that she hadn't heard me ever laugh like that before. I was certainly entertained.

You have 66 degree weather. That, my friend, is amazing. Our high was -4. Yes, I typed that correctly, NEGATIVE FOUR. Let me tell you what, that is cold! Fortunately when I was outside each time today, there was no wind. At anything negative for temperature, you certainly don't stand outside to chat or do anything else. This is one reason that when it becomes 30 degrees, I walk around without a coat.

I remember returning to Fresno after my house hunting trip to NE Iowa. It was 40 at home and I had my car windows open and didn't wear a jacket. Those were the days! I'm okay with cold as long as it doesn't last too long. We've had snow/ice on the ground since the first weekend in December. We're due for a few warm days to melt it all off.

In the mean time, I will stay all warm and cozy inside somewhere.

Do I Dare?

Do you ever dare write about your inlaws while one of them is sitting next to you? I guess you can when you have good things to say. With all of yesterday's events, craziness and cold weather, we stayed the night at the inlaws. Thursday night we packed up the kids and ourselves for an over night stay. Fortunately the only thing I forgot was a toothbrush, which is easy to come by when your father in law is a dentist. Following my dentist appointment, Mark was able to fit Ryan in a clean his teeth. A short time later I headed to my optometrist appointment. I was very nervous about not getting my contacts in and having to schedule yet another appointment. I even spent time begging God to help the process go smoothly. Things went amazingly well and I walked out with my new contacts. Praise God, he answers big and little prayers. That night, my new dentist and his wife treated us to pizza at the local joint. We went back to the house and eventually crawled in the guest bed.

That was interesting in and of itself. Scott was in the twin bed, Bethany was in her carseat and Ryan and i were in the guest bed. Let's just say that I didn't get a lot of sleep between the fussing, falling out of bed and sheet sharing.

With all that said, it wasn't the point of my post. My point was my inlaws, right? It has been lovely. Not only did I have a free trip to the dentist, but they mean so much more. They are wonderful and I'm so glad to have them near. No, they aren't my parents; they have their own qualities and quirks but they've been quite the blessing. Its fun to be comfortable staying at their house for a night (or two). Watching them with my children is a true joy. Eating the food my mother in law prepares adds a few calories to my diet but its yum, yum.

Today was a blast. I left for a few hours and met some of the girls in town for a chick flick, or girl porn, as we call it. Upon returning, my father in law polished up my necklace and wedding ring after showing me how to start the '78 toyota land cruiser of his. My mother in law hemmed up my two pairs of $5 slacks. My kiddos have been taken care of, our bellies fed. I'm glad to not only be blessed with a wonderful husband, but also his wonderful parents.

Not By Choice

Wednesday evening a beautiful snow fall began. Thursday morning was the typical morning - all except that I was up earlier than usual. According to the local radio station, we were to receive 4 more inches, with a total storm of 6 inches. Do the math and that means we got 2 inches over night. We had more at our house but assumed it was a localized issue so I headed to work. Driving on the state highway was decent and town was not so great - all to be expected. However, after dropping off the kids, I headed a different way to work as this way was half the distance to a highway. I could hardly get around the corner an up over the bridge. As I continued down the county road, it didn't improve. A beautiful snow was falling and as I drove, I continually hesitated to make the 25 mile trip to the office. Finally, I turned around and called the office. I figured the roads were only going to get worse and I would then have to drive back home.

Yes, I chose to turn around but based on the safety issue, it really wasn't a choice. I spent most of the day at my mom's house working on Bethany's baby quilt that I've ignored for the last 3 months. The road home that night was fine. I so could have gone to work but I'm glad that I have a job that allows for flexibility for such situations.

Thursday night while entertaining 10 guests, the phone rang. It was Ryan's dad. Ryan's mom was heading down Friday morning to keep the kids for the day. But because of some emergency at home, she would be driving down, picking up the kids and driving back to her house with them. Its a 50 minute trip one way. The next morning, I was again up early. Only this time I was thinking of my schedule for the day. I had an appointment with Ryan's dad to get my teeth cleaned (yes Merrit, you missed part of the story. My father in law is a dentist and just moved to the area) followed by an appointment with the optometrist. I would have to leave work by 1145 to get home, pick up my hubby and get to my appointment on time. Considering all the options (100 mile drive for my mother in law, 50 mile drive for me for less than 4 hours of work), I chose to stay home again. I guess I had a choicec on that one.

So, today, is day #3 of my weekend and I have 2 to go. Not by choice.

16 January 2008

Class Reunion

For a while now I've been dreaming of my class reunion. In fact, for almost 4 years... since hubby had his. Well, more recently I've started talking to others about it. Since I have lotsa miles to travel to get there. I emailed the guy I thought was our president. Only to find out that he wasn't. But fortunately, I just saw a link to her brand new blog off of ashley's blog so I emailed her. I really hope that someone takes the initiative to plan something. I want to see some old friends. I plan to go home anyway and see those friends I talk to and see family but I'd like to see other classmates that I don't know how to get a hold of.

Dentist Drama

My father in law is my new dentist, again. Yipee. I waited to make an appointment until I knew for sure that he would be able to clean my teeth. Well, today I called for the appointment and the receptionist sweetly told me that mark would check my teeth and then the hygenist would do the cleaning. I gulped.

At lunch time, I called mark on his cell phone and explained the situation. he promptly went to the front desk and fixed it. He will be cleaning my teeth at 1pm on Friday. I hope the receptionist doesn't think I'm a brat. Well, I am, but not in this situation.

15 January 2008

A Four-Eyed Failure

I haven't heard the term four-eyes in a long time so I thought I'd use it. Maybe, just maybe, glasses have become a cool thing, or a sophisticated thing.

i despise going to the optometrist

In my life, I have been a success at everything that I've put lots of effort into (except a job application one time). Going to the optometrist frustrates and stresses me out. I know what those little charts are for but I can't stand having to read them for two reasons: 1) after reading through the line one time, I basically have it memorized (cause I'm a nerd like that) which does me no good because I can cheat my way through the remainder of the exam without even trying and 2) because I feel like a total failure when I can't quite read the line. If in context of a word, I can make it out but when its random letters, I can't really tell if its a "C" or "O", etc. Albeit humbling, which is a necessary thing in my life, I don't like it one bit. And add to it that they ask me to read crap after they've been jacking with my eyes for 20 minutes. Who in the world can read after that?

All that to say that I couldn't get the contacts in. I was able to get the left contact in but not the right. It was frustrating to me. They require that you take them in and out 3 times before you can take them home. I had to reschedule another time to irritate the snot out of my eyes. Dangit. The tech said that my contacts are larger and round because of the stigmatism (as compared to someone who is near or far sighted) so that makes them more difficult to put in. And I have wonderful reflexes which make it even more difficult. I have to practice this week holding my eye open and touching it. However, I can do that, its getting the contact to stay on my eye before I close my upper lid. Friday could be interesting. I'll have one hour before closing to get it accomplished, which is probably a good thing as my eyes are super irritated now.

Update on the Pepperoni

I got on the hormel website and wrote a letter of complaint. They replied within 8 hours. That's amazing. I wish I would have saved the letter I sent them but I didn't think about doing so. Regardless I got a very appropriate reply from the company:

Ms Buitenwerf,
Thank you for reporting your experience with HORMEL(r) PILLOW PACK(r) Pepperoni. We can understand your disappointment with your package turning moldy so soon after opening. We do take numerous precautions to eliminate this type of situation from occurring. Unfortunately on occasion, between production, shipping and handling of the product a small imperfection can arise in the package allowing air to enter, thus allowing mold to form. Mold is certainly unappetizing but it is unlikely to cause a foodborne illness. In any event, we certainly apologize that you received a package in this condition. For future purchases know that pepperoni will keep in your refrigerator for 3 weeks after opening, the use by date on the package is obsolete once opened. Your method of freezing an opened package is recommend. Your report is extremely unusual and we appreciate having the opportunity to review the manufacturing process to prevent recurrence. We share your concern for quality and thank you for taking the time to contact us. We hope you will continue to purchase our products with confidence. We are mailing you compensation for your use.

Consumer Response Specialist

Now, how's that for customer service?

What a Stud

I know that I have a lot of room for improvement in my marriage. Not that things are bad, but they could be amazing. I'm trying to learn the fine line between being honest with my feelings and respecting Ryan. Its a hard line to find, let alone be aware of it. Recently, Family Life Today had a broadcast titled Baby Steps to a better Marriage. And it had some good info in it. That along with some other things recently (a new book from my brother in law, a prayer card on my desk that reminds me to pray for my husband) have me thinking about how I speak to him verbally and non verbally.

.... (I'm trying to make this brief)

All that to say, Ryan rocks! He's been a wonderful help around the house lately. Saturday he did lots of cooking. Last night supper was ready when I got home. We had taco soup. And after supper when I should have been cleaning, I was cold and snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep. Meanwhile, Ryan was watching a movie with Scott and folding laundry. Yup, he rocks. I'm so thankful for his willingness to help out more around the house. It takes some of the stress of my shoulders (which is a lot right now) and makes me that much more attracted to him. Did I mention that he also did the dishes? Yes, you may agree, what a man!

What do pepperoni and the web have in common?

I bought hormel pepperoni a while back to make personal pizzas with english muffins for lunch at work. Within two weeks the pepperoni was molding. I was ticked as I'd bought it to help reduce the price of my lunches and now I was throwing away a product that I couldn't use. I even checked the seal and it had been closed. So, why did it go bad when the date on it was mid march?

Today when I was in the grocery store, I approached the lady at the meat counter about. After a brief conversation, she suggested that I contact them via their website or 800 number. Having nothing to lose, I did just that. Yup, I went on the website and found the contact page and sent them an email about it. I buy several of their products and never have a problem before this. Do you think they will reply? Do companies really have good customer service any more?

I will give you rest

God, I'm counting on your promise to give me rest. Its been a wild and hectic last few days!

Saturday I made a quick trip over the river and through the woods and even past fantastagirl's house to the city. I had to return a few items and buy Scott some new jeans as his were getting snug around the center (if the kid would only potty train it wouldn't be an issue). The trip was a quick one compared to normal but still a long one as I took both kids down there. I ended up buying several baby gifts and lots of clothes at OldN*vy since they had a good sale going on. Anyway, got home and helped Ryan finish up the 2 weeks worth of meals that he was cooking. He finished up after 10 and then I made 3 chicken lasagnas and finished up at 1130pm. I was TIRED by time I climbed in bed.

Sunday was another whirlwind day. I was 10 minutes late to church to start with. And I'd even gotten up early however, I changed Bethany 4 different times AFTER Ryan had already gotten her ready for church. She must have had a yucky tummy. Following church was the potluck lunch, then the annual business meeting. My butt was so sore after sitting for 5 hours and have I mentioned that I have a problematic tailbone so sitting is very uncomfortable. I left there in time to run one of the lasagnas to a friend who just had eye surgery. I visited for an hour before having to leave for my next committment. I stopped by moms to feed Bethany and take the kids over to Sarah's where we talked about our Junior High youth group plans (lotsa change happening there... we have them reading Technical Virgin, How far is too far), making chinese food for supper, scarfing two plate fulls of that and hurrying off to my financial class. I dropped Scott off at mom's after the class, went home and wasted no time putting Bethany to bed and crawling under the covers myself.

All this plus the added stress of a wild few days at work. Some of it very frustrating but most of it just being plain swamped. I so need a vacation! God, I want that rest... maybe I need to go read about that and see specifically what your Word says about it.

ps: I get my contacts today. After actually wearing glasses all the time now, I don't like them getting dirty, fogged up, etc. I've had a cold for a few days and the dry itchy eyes but that seems better today. HOwever, I've been dizzy all morning so I hope this contact thing works today. I did NOT like them putting the contacts in last week. The nurse lady told me I had very good reflexes!

10 January 2008

OCD about the pants

Okay, I really don't have OCD nor do I care that much about the pants. But now, this has become a fun game for me. Last night as I was doing laundry, I grabbed the brown pants. And for several seconds, I held them in my hand debating on washing them or not. If they don't get washed, then I can't wear them again. I do the same thing with one of Ryan's shirts. I hate the shirt. He knows I hate the shirt and continues to wear it. So, it often times finds its way to the bottom of the pile and doesn't make its way into the wash until I need something to help fill the last load!

09 January 2008

Tina Suggests a Minivan

Tina, did you grow up riding in one of these:

I bet not. I did, only ours was red. If you were in the back, you never got the air or heat it seemed like. You couldn't open windows, it was like a jungle gym getting out, etc. I know they're different today but I still have that old opinion of them. Last night, every where I stopped, there was a new minivan next to me so I began pondering the idea. Now, let me clarify that I'm not getting soft to the idea of one, rather I was entertained thinking about how they've changed in the last 20 years. We had no folding seats, no hiding cargo space, no dvd players, no control of heat or radio, no fancy cup holders, etc. Times are a changin', I do realize. But, today, even with my paid off car and growing family, I am still 100% against them.

I would love to be a cool mom whose kids adore her and who drives an SUV or a truck! I found the perfect picture to summarize my thoughts:

Weather Hot Shot

In late November, I took a picture of the sunset view from my office. I posted it to my blog here and also sent it to KWWL, the news station that I like. Today, I got an email from the meteorologist saying:
Thanks for the weather photo. It will air on Today in Iowa tomorrow morning (1/10/08) around 6:25.
That's fun. I had long decided that they didn't use the picture. Now my husband isn't the only one with a picture that made the news!

08 January 2008

Letter to the Car

Car, I don't like you. I've not liked you from the beginning. You will never compare to the Saturn. Yes, it was dumb to think buying you was a good idea. I was young, newly married, and thought I had money. You've been a waste of money. Why did I ever get rid of the paid for Saturn and begin paying for a new car? You're getting old now and have joined the 100,000 mile club. I still don't like you. You get decent gas mileage but you're tiny. You can be serviced locally but you don't like snow and ice. You have been safe and protected me but you show wear.

Dearest car, today is the first time I think I'm truly thankful for you. Today you are paid for. Now more draining my bank account for you. That payment will likely now go to repairs but at least I'm not making a payment and paying for repairs. As much as I like you today, I wouldn't expect a bond of friendship. You are not acceptable for weekend trips as you can't carry all the crap that I need to pack and the additional crap that I buy while gone. So my dear car, today, I will begin saving for a replacement. Keep up the good work in the mean time and you will remain on my good list.

Happy owner

07 January 2008

Update on Pants situation

Jerelyn, you had a wonderful idea and I've even considered that. However, I laugh at the idea for several reasons:
1. Its easier to gripe about it
2. Its more fun, and somewhat entertaining to discover it each time
3. Who in the world has time to remove the button and sew it back on...
4. Bethany requires lots of attention
5. Scott wants me to read him a million books each night - actually only 2-3 books but we repeat them lots of times each night.
6. My maid has been on vacation since I got married
7. I have a stack of things to be mended which I've not got to... the most recent is the pants I got from NY&Company that are too long.

I know sweet friend that your life is busy as well and that you have ~20 kids. However, your kids go home after your work day whereas my work day ends and then I start my second job - the parent/wife/maid one.


I just realized once again that I'm wearing those pants with the different colored string on the button and its still frustrating!

William Edward Goat

William Edward Goat has been a part of the family since 2003. In a rural attempt at a weed-eater, I begged Ryan to let me have a goat. His purpose was to eat the weeds in the fence line as we were newly married and didn't have the time or money for a weed wacker. William Edward Goat, and to those who knew him well Bill E. Goat, had a wonderful personality and in more ways than one became dear to our hearts. When Ryan strung the hot wire fence and Bill E. chewed on it and his mouth turned black, my heart ached for him. It wasn't long that we figured out he was too stupid to fear the electric fence and we had to tie him up. Before long, I felt sorry for our precious little goat and would take him for walks. The stubborn animal would try to pull me all over so we put on a gentle leader leash and I was back in control as we walked/jogged the lane. And then, someone had the bright idea to put Bill E. on zip line so he could rotationally grazed the pasture. Ryan has spent many hours untangling, fixing and tightening the line. The goat has proved to be an important part of the composting process in the pasture. Some winters the goat has spent up close the the house, others in the barn and some out in the pasture. With his daily ration of hay and water, this time of year he stays happy in his little goat house. Until recently. Thursday night, he was making noise when I got home. I said "hi" to him and went in the house. Friday morning when Ryan went out to feed him, he was gone. Well, not really gone, but dead. William lay frozen solid with his head sticking out of his house.

Not sure what happened to our little buddy. But he was not around to make noise anymore. I've been so thankful that Ryan took on the goat chores this winter so I could keep my butt in the warm house. However, as of Friday, I wish that I'd been on goat duty so maybe, just maybe he'd still be alive. Scott will miss him this spring and summer.

My dear william, I'm sorry that I didn't get you over to Gail's barn so you could play with the donkey and horses. I'm sorry that you for some unknown reason, didn't stay alive. You made it through the cold part of the winter and as it finally warmed up, you are gone. May you rest in peace as you were taken down the hill across the fence where the birds can feast on you!

*we've not had the best of luck with our animals this year. Mocha was hit by a car, we gave Keller away and now William is gone. DJ the dog has sores on his body and the vet has started him on antibiotics. Cats, beware.

01 January 2008

This is the Life

Right this minute I'm sitting on the couch at my inlaws. And its wonderful to be here for several reasons:
1. This is day 4.5 of my long weekend. I took off at noon on Friday and will go back to work tomorrow for a short week.
2. I'm playing on the internet while I sit my lazy hiney on the couch with a big screened brand new lap top in my lap.
3. Kris, a good friend of Ryan's family, just put Bethany down for a nap. She's a wonderful help.
4. Scott is currently being entertained by his grandma B. She's a blessing of a Grandma!
5. Did I mention that I'm lazily hanging out on the couch? The guys are happy watching another game of football and I'm happy not to be chasing my kids.
6. I had a simple ham and swiss cheese for lunch. It was perfect, I'm a simple girl - for the most part.