24 January 2008

I did NOT sign up for this

The weather forcaster predicted a low of -15 last night. This morning when I looked at the temp, it said 6 degrees. Yes, that is cold but I'm kinda getting used to the frozen appendages after making three trips from the car to the house when I get home at night. As I dropped of the kids this morning, I left my gloves off. It was cold and I felt bad that Scott didn't have gloves on. He insists on not wearing them as they prevent him from getting a good grip on his hot chocolate and t-rex or whatever else he manages to carry outside. As I walked onto the porch, I looked at mom's thermometer. It was -20. Are you kidding me? I figured it was wrong. But how could it be wrong? Mine said 6. Yeah, it was cold but really what's the difference between zero (the temp when I got home last night) and -20? I so didn't sign up for this weather. I moved to Iowa, not northern Minnesota.

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