25 January 2008


Yes, I must admit that these two children are adorable. Not only that, they are well mannered children. Thank you God for that!

This morning, like every morning, Ryan helps me get out the door and headed to mom's. This morning was different though. Our kiddos stayed the night at my mom's. No, not what you were thinking; we had bible study last night and didn't want to take the kids out in the cold. After getting home around 1115 (way past my bedtime), I had to put away milk from the day, wash up the bottles, pump, wash again, take out my contacts, brush my teeth and head to bed. This allowed for a few minutes of conversation with Ryan. Apparently that wasn't enough though and we were awake for about an hour chatting while I tried to get warm. Anyway, this morning, as I headed out the door, my car was still in the garage. I figured Ryan just didn't back it out since I didn't have the kids to load up. Let me remind you that the temperatures are frigid and its nice to have a jump start on getting some heat in the car. Anyway, I get out to the car and it wasn't even running. I think my teeth were chattering as I drove to town! Figures... I must be chopped liver as it seems he only starts the car for the kids and not his wife! I'm just thankful that he does it most days and one day of cold helps me appreciate it even more.


Kristin said...

looks like Bethany is REALLY concentrating on that!

Ashley said...

How long is your trip to work? I would hate to freeze that whole time!