22 January 2008

I didn't sign up for this, or did I?

And this was considered warm in comparison to now! Cori, it was -5 this morning when I left for work. Today's high was 10. Yes, 10 degrees but we at least got above the single digits. My furnace ran ALOT in the last few days! I was outside yesterday scooping my walk and my fingers were COLD after just a few minutes. It is definitely winter weather. However, with that said, the snow fall was amazing yesterday. The landscape is beautiful. So crisp looking. Very cool (no pun intended). I remember trying to explain to Cori, my San Diego pal, how the fog sticks to everything when it gets below freezing. This was a picture that I took during that time. You can't really tell. I wish I had pictures of things covered in ice, it looks really cool that way too.

I'm loving the cold weather. So many native mid westerners are complaining about the cold. Yeah, its definitely cold but at least its pretty to look at. Could be worse, I guess. In the recent days, we ran out of wood for the main floor wood burner. That is, wood that is stacked on the porch. If we really wanted wood, we could bring some up from the basement. Anyway, this would be a good time to burn wood on the main floor but instead, while we were home all day yesterday, the furnace provided our heat! I know winters like this exist but this is the first one since I've lived here. My friends to the South, even 200 miles south, don't experience this type of weather typically. So, Cori, we're experiencing the Minnesota winter - it has apparently decided to cross over into our beautiful state. Its about time we get some real winter.


Fantastagirl said...

For as much as I whine about the cold - I love the winter mornings, where the steam is rising from the dam by the mill, and the water is freezing as it flows over. There is so much beauty in Iowa winters, we "natives" just forget to appreciate it, after our toes and fingers are frozen! Thanks for the reminder that there is beauty in this frozen tundra.

Ashley said...

You are right - it IS beautiful to look at!