19 January 2008


Yeah, Cori, I miss you right now. I miss your weather too. Having read your blog update, I really wanted to look for an airline ticket. I was laughing out loud and my mother in law commented that she hadn't heard me ever laugh like that before. I was certainly entertained.

You have 66 degree weather. That, my friend, is amazing. Our high was -4. Yes, I typed that correctly, NEGATIVE FOUR. Let me tell you what, that is cold! Fortunately when I was outside each time today, there was no wind. At anything negative for temperature, you certainly don't stand outside to chat or do anything else. This is one reason that when it becomes 30 degrees, I walk around without a coat.

I remember returning to Fresno after my house hunting trip to NE Iowa. It was 40 at home and I had my car windows open and didn't wear a jacket. Those were the days! I'm okay with cold as long as it doesn't last too long. We've had snow/ice on the ground since the first weekend in December. We're due for a few warm days to melt it all off.

In the mean time, I will stay all warm and cozy inside somewhere.


Fantastagirl said...

A few days above zero would be great right now!

CORI said...

Eeek!!! I had NO idea that it was that cold in your part of Iowa!

I need to come save you. Your blood must be frozen like a popsicle. Mexicans (or half Mexicans) weren't meant to live in the tundra!!!

Ashley said...

Hope you have some uggs to keep your feet toasty!