15 January 2008

Update on the Pepperoni

I got on the hormel website and wrote a letter of complaint. They replied within 8 hours. That's amazing. I wish I would have saved the letter I sent them but I didn't think about doing so. Regardless I got a very appropriate reply from the company:

Ms Buitenwerf,
Thank you for reporting your experience with HORMEL(r) PILLOW PACK(r) Pepperoni. We can understand your disappointment with your package turning moldy so soon after opening. We do take numerous precautions to eliminate this type of situation from occurring. Unfortunately on occasion, between production, shipping and handling of the product a small imperfection can arise in the package allowing air to enter, thus allowing mold to form. Mold is certainly unappetizing but it is unlikely to cause a foodborne illness. In any event, we certainly apologize that you received a package in this condition. For future purchases know that pepperoni will keep in your refrigerator for 3 weeks after opening, the use by date on the package is obsolete once opened. Your method of freezing an opened package is recommend. Your report is extremely unusual and we appreciate having the opportunity to review the manufacturing process to prevent recurrence. We share your concern for quality and thank you for taking the time to contact us. We hope you will continue to purchase our products with confidence. We are mailing you compensation for your use.

Consumer Response Specialist

Now, how's that for customer service?


Kristine said...

Good job! It's so worth it to take time to email companies the bad and good of their products... they'll almost always send you coupons for free items. I don't do it often enough.

Ashley said...