24 January 2008

Will I Ever Be On Time Again

Some mornings I try really hard to be on time for work and something always gets in the way. I'm so lazy when its dark outside and cold in the house. I woke at 530, fed Bethany and should have started my day so I could, for once, wear make up, have some quiet time and eat breakfast before I leave. Nope, not this morning, I snuggled under a warm blanket for another hour before the rat race began. If it wasn't for my amazing husband, I would be so totally late. This morning moved right along. I even managed to press some slacks first. Headed out the door and was only 5 minutes behind. This is good. Got to the end of the driveway and realized I'd forgotten my contact solution and case that I'll need as today will be a LONG day. Turned around, went back home. Dangit, I was late again... but still earlier than my normal late. Thank you for flexible work schedules!

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Ashley said...

My work is felxible too and it has been wonderful and has actually kept me more sane and safe as I drive to Fresno every morning.