19 January 2008

Not By Choice

Wednesday evening a beautiful snow fall began. Thursday morning was the typical morning - all except that I was up earlier than usual. According to the local radio station, we were to receive 4 more inches, with a total storm of 6 inches. Do the math and that means we got 2 inches over night. We had more at our house but assumed it was a localized issue so I headed to work. Driving on the state highway was decent and town was not so great - all to be expected. However, after dropping off the kids, I headed a different way to work as this way was half the distance to a highway. I could hardly get around the corner an up over the bridge. As I continued down the county road, it didn't improve. A beautiful snow was falling and as I drove, I continually hesitated to make the 25 mile trip to the office. Finally, I turned around and called the office. I figured the roads were only going to get worse and I would then have to drive back home.

Yes, I chose to turn around but based on the safety issue, it really wasn't a choice. I spent most of the day at my mom's house working on Bethany's baby quilt that I've ignored for the last 3 months. The road home that night was fine. I so could have gone to work but I'm glad that I have a job that allows for flexibility for such situations.

Thursday night while entertaining 10 guests, the phone rang. It was Ryan's dad. Ryan's mom was heading down Friday morning to keep the kids for the day. But because of some emergency at home, she would be driving down, picking up the kids and driving back to her house with them. Its a 50 minute trip one way. The next morning, I was again up early. Only this time I was thinking of my schedule for the day. I had an appointment with Ryan's dad to get my teeth cleaned (yes Merrit, you missed part of the story. My father in law is a dentist and just moved to the area) followed by an appointment with the optometrist. I would have to leave work by 1145 to get home, pick up my hubby and get to my appointment on time. Considering all the options (100 mile drive for my mother in law, 50 mile drive for me for less than 4 hours of work), I chose to stay home again. I guess I had a choicec on that one.

So, today, is day #3 of my weekend and I have 2 to go. Not by choice.


Fantastagirl said...

I would have stayed put too - when you live in where you do - it's more than wise to not risk it!

CORI said...

5 day weekend! I am jealous!!

Ashley said...

You know if you had driven to work you would have gotten stuck. It is always ironic that way,