09 January 2008

Tina Suggests a Minivan

Tina, did you grow up riding in one of these:

I bet not. I did, only ours was red. If you were in the back, you never got the air or heat it seemed like. You couldn't open windows, it was like a jungle gym getting out, etc. I know they're different today but I still have that old opinion of them. Last night, every where I stopped, there was a new minivan next to me so I began pondering the idea. Now, let me clarify that I'm not getting soft to the idea of one, rather I was entertained thinking about how they've changed in the last 20 years. We had no folding seats, no hiding cargo space, no dvd players, no control of heat or radio, no fancy cup holders, etc. Times are a changin', I do realize. But, today, even with my paid off car and growing family, I am still 100% against them.

I would love to be a cool mom whose kids adore her and who drives an SUV or a truck! I found the perfect picture to summarize my thoughts:


me said...

I hate them too, but yes they have come a long way and are actually starting to look a little less un-cool. I can see how they would be great with kids and hauling all the stuff around.

Meritt said...

They didn't have them when I was younger! LOL. Oh gosh, does that make me 'old' at 37? :)

We got a 'cool' minivan - 1993 and it was a red Pontiac Transport that had a very sloped front end that was 'oh so different' at the time from anything else out there. I felt like I was in an episode of Star Trek the first few times I drove it!

After about 5 years EVERYBODY had minivans. No... really... everybody! And then I really didn't like them anymore. LOL.

I had to drive it until 2003 though before I got my Land Rover. I heart my Land Rover.

Jody said...

We had a big 'ol Ford station wagon. The fold-down seats in the rear faced backwards. Can you say motion sickness?

And although I am not a fan of the mini van we rented one in Texas in 2006. A Saturn. It was quite nice and definately what I would get were I in the market for one. Which I am not. I'm gonna drive the Explorer until it blows up and then I'm gettin' a sweet convertible,

Fantastagirl said...

Look at an blazer or an Explorer -you'll be glad to have the 4x4 - I love my Sporttrack.

and I had a mini-van - it was nice, but I love my sporttrack!

Amy said...

I love my mini-van. I never thought I would. I was even opposed to the idea when we bought it. But if you're going to have 3 or more kids, the van is really nice. It's cheaper than an SUV, uses less gas and just has more room inside. Plus I LOVE the sliding doors, there's so much more room getting in and out of the car. Now I am waiting until we can buy a nicer van. I really want the Toyota Sienna, the passenger door windows go down! So cool!

Tina Kay said...

lol...we had a big car growing up and my brothers picked on me in the back seat like crazy. My parents divorced and we all split up so there was never a need for a minivan.

But I love mine!!! Cheaper than an SUV, less gas and insurance. It's all about the benjamin's baby.

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, SUV or suburban all the way!