08 January 2008

Letter to the Car

Car, I don't like you. I've not liked you from the beginning. You will never compare to the Saturn. Yes, it was dumb to think buying you was a good idea. I was young, newly married, and thought I had money. You've been a waste of money. Why did I ever get rid of the paid for Saturn and begin paying for a new car? You're getting old now and have joined the 100,000 mile club. I still don't like you. You get decent gas mileage but you're tiny. You can be serviced locally but you don't like snow and ice. You have been safe and protected me but you show wear.

Dearest car, today is the first time I think I'm truly thankful for you. Today you are paid for. Now more draining my bank account for you. That payment will likely now go to repairs but at least I'm not making a payment and paying for repairs. As much as I like you today, I wouldn't expect a bond of friendship. You are not acceptable for weekend trips as you can't carry all the crap that I need to pack and the additional crap that I buy while gone. So my dear car, today, I will begin saving for a replacement. Keep up the good work in the mean time and you will remain on my good list.

Happy owner

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Ashley said...

Did the car write back?:-)