19 January 2008

Do I Dare?

Do you ever dare write about your inlaws while one of them is sitting next to you? I guess you can when you have good things to say. With all of yesterday's events, craziness and cold weather, we stayed the night at the inlaws. Thursday night we packed up the kids and ourselves for an over night stay. Fortunately the only thing I forgot was a toothbrush, which is easy to come by when your father in law is a dentist. Following my dentist appointment, Mark was able to fit Ryan in a clean his teeth. A short time later I headed to my optometrist appointment. I was very nervous about not getting my contacts in and having to schedule yet another appointment. I even spent time begging God to help the process go smoothly. Things went amazingly well and I walked out with my new contacts. Praise God, he answers big and little prayers. That night, my new dentist and his wife treated us to pizza at the local joint. We went back to the house and eventually crawled in the guest bed.

That was interesting in and of itself. Scott was in the twin bed, Bethany was in her carseat and Ryan and i were in the guest bed. Let's just say that I didn't get a lot of sleep between the fussing, falling out of bed and sheet sharing.

With all that said, it wasn't the point of my post. My point was my inlaws, right? It has been lovely. Not only did I have a free trip to the dentist, but they mean so much more. They are wonderful and I'm so glad to have them near. No, they aren't my parents; they have their own qualities and quirks but they've been quite the blessing. Its fun to be comfortable staying at their house for a night (or two). Watching them with my children is a true joy. Eating the food my mother in law prepares adds a few calories to my diet but its yum, yum.

Today was a blast. I left for a few hours and met some of the girls in town for a chick flick, or girl porn, as we call it. Upon returning, my father in law polished up my necklace and wedding ring after showing me how to start the '78 toyota land cruiser of his. My mother in law hemmed up my two pairs of $5 slacks. My kiddos have been taken care of, our bellies fed. I'm glad to not only be blessed with a wonderful husband, but also his wonderful parents.


Fantastagirl said...

You are a very lucky gal - to have such wonderful in-laws so close!

Ashley said...

awwww - what a nice post!