06 September 2013

A New Name????

I think I should re-name my blog... something like "It's been a long time" because I feel like that's how I start every post lately.  Here's a random, quick update in pictures:
Our friend, Ignacio, let me tag along on a quick flight around the area.  It was really neat to see our home, our nearby town, and all the cropland in the area.  Thanks to my honey for giving up his chance to fly so that I could fly.

The youngest members of our family headed back to school.  We now have a third, first, and kindgergartner in our family.  They are enjoying school!

Speaking of family, we added a 4-legged friend.  We adopted this special needs beauty and Ryan quickly took care of her.  Two weeks later, she's cone free and cute as could be.

Sometimes our days revolve around animals.  Especially for the veterinarian in our home.  We chose a night to focus on Scott but Ryan got called out to deliver 11 bassett hound puppies.  Ryan called in reinforcement to help stimulate the pups and get them breathing while he continued delivering pups via c-section.  It was a lot of fun.

Some say we live in the Hawkeye State.  When heading out for supper recently, we wanted there to be no doubt in your mind that we're a Cyclone family (when we're not sporting bulldog tshirts).