29 September 2005

So here’s the dirt about my neighbor who mailed me a letter. It came Saturday which was drama enough but anyway. It starts out nicely: “hope you’re enjoying Scott…” and stuff like that. The next paragraph is when the stuff hits the fan. He basically tells us that our septic system is on his property and he would like it moved. That it has come to the surface and splashes on him when he mows the lawn. Let’s just pause there… [if human yuckies are splashing on you, QUIT MOWING!] He also claimed that it was contaminating the stream down below, pause again… [you jack@ss, try to give me a guilt trip since I work for conservation of our natural resources. IF it is occurring as he stated, there’s 600’ feet of lawn and pasture before it heats the stream which would treat the concern by both state and federal standards.] It also tells us that Jan 1st gives us 3.5 months to get something done. Pause again… [who died and made him God. AND, the ground freezes well before Jan 1st which then doesn’t give that amount of time]. He didn’t know it was on his property, pause again… [neither did we, umm, its buried underground]. And it was cc’d to some female name at the bottom.

Here’s my thoughts (in addition to the ones above). Since he lives farther down the driveway and passes our house multiples times a day, why not stop and say “hey ryan, something is wrong with your septic tank, explain the details and ask us to fix it. Duh, we’ve always gotten along well with them. We both help each other out with different things. What did he do, cc it to his lawyer? I had so many other negative and mean thoughts that I won’t put on paper since they weren’t appropriate, just hateful.

After some further investigation. The letter was sent to the county sanitarian who I called but didn’t get a hold of. Received a letter from her last night though basically saying that we do have to replace our whole system, a minimum of $3k. And if we hit bedrock or clay like I’m assuming will happen, its an easy $7k. Also found out that the outlet pipe to the stream (what I thought might be his complaint for polluting the stream) doesn’t outlet to the stream. It’s about 120’ up in the fenceline along the pasture. Again, plenty of room to be “cleaned up” before it hits the stream.

Ryan and I doing some searching to get things in order to replace the system. It’s a state law that they have to be up to code when the property is sold. Unfortunately in the county I live in, there’s no one who checks and makes sure of that. And a first time home buyer doesn’t know to ask either. Stupid county! Because my previous landowner was not fully truthful, we’ll be paying the price, literally. That guy is a whole separate post though!
Thoughts for this morning:
~ It was just above freezing this morning when I left for work and its still September. I bet people at home in the ghetto-Fresno area are still hot. I wore a jacket the last two mornings to work!
~ Are my friends "black" or "African-American"? My buddy Shelly in college said that she was black. She's not African-American because he wasn't born in Africa. But Nebyou argued that his skin isn't "black" therefore he's African-American. Interesting thought. It came to mind as I was reading some stuff on diversity.
~ Why are people so stupid? My neighbor mailed me a letter. He's my neighbor, he could have stopped and chatted with me about his concern or even dropped off a note at my house. Mailing a letter to your neighbor... another interesting thought. More on that later!

27 September 2005

i'm loving these "way back wednesdays" only i'm always a little behind. last week was something about sororities and frats. To take a picture drinking something fun. yes, i was part of a sorority, Alpha Delta Chi, but most of us didn't drink alcohol. so, none of those pictures. and i couldn't find a picture of me drinking anything else with that group so i have two pictures to share: one of me drinking and one of me with my sorority girls.

The first is of Nicole and me at Brooke and Ryan Phelan's wedding reception. I think it was just sparkling cider or something but i don't like it anyway. i doubt that i even had any to drink out of the glass.

The second picture is of Alisha and me at our national convention in LA one year. I couldn't find a picture of me and the girls either. So, i picked one with alisha since she just got married.
Pot Calling the Kettle Black
Each day I look forward to an update from my buddy, Cori. And yesterday I checked several times without ever seeing an update. So, finally I emailed her harassing about posting and she reminded me that I hadn’t posted either. Her comment was “people in glasses houses…” I so felt like the pot calling the kettle black so here’s my update – more than a few pictures.

As you know, Scott is now the focus of our lives. It’s a lot of fun. For a week, my nanny and Ugly (aka Aunt Janie) were out visiting. Now that I’m back to work, I didn’t get to spend the time I wanted to spend with them. But, I did have fun in the evenings and they had a great time with Scott and the folks during the day. Every night last week except one, I hung out with them. Tuesday we made supper at our house. Wednesday I hung out at mom’s with the old ladies and Scott while Ryan did AWANA JV. Thursday as soon as bible study ended, I headed to mom’s house. They’ve been sewing, sewing and sewing. Friday night we skipped the football game, ordered some pizza and went to mom’s right after work. I visited with the girls and the guys watched the ISU game. Saturday morning I went to mom’s where Nanny made my chocolate gravy and toast. Stayed for a few hours and then went home to clean. Good times.

Saturday night my friend, Laura, who works in our state office came up with her 3 kids and stayed the night. It was fun to sit and visit with her, eat some good grub and play with the kids. Sunday morning they joined us for church and then played with William the goat for a few minutes before they headed back home.

I was excited for an afternoon home with my honey and putting Scott down for a nap J He was eager to watch the Cardinals game on TV (the first game he’s seen for quite a while). So, instead of Scott taking a nap while I played with Ryan, I took a nap while Scott hung out with his dad. That night we had care&share group which is a small group from church who gets together.

Story of the week: while at our group, I decided to breastfeed Scott. I usually am prepared with a bottle for such outings. Scott, as usual, was making his sucking nose while he ate. As if that isn’t distracting enough, in between sucking noises, he was making a spitting noise too. I was super full and Scott was getting too much milk so he was spitting it out the side of his mouth. It was too funny (and kind of embarrassing). The kicker of the story is that all this was happening during prayer requests and prayer. So, here’s these people pouring their hearts out about cancer, etc and I’m sitting in the corner TRYING so hard not to laugh but not succeeding. Then Tracy, sitting right next to me, was also giggling and neither of us could stop. In the middle of prayer – I felt like such a heathen! It was too funny though and another new experience for us and our little guy.
New post idea for those who want to participate (Cori, Jen, ADX girls). How 'bout sharing a fun picture or two from college. Here's mine:

Big teeth. It was a fun shot taken when I was supposed to be in a conference in KY. I thought it was a great picture especially after getting married and having a father-in-law who is a dentist.

Cori and I were hard at work this day. We were recruiting at a job fair at our own university for summer interns. We had these stupid glasses to give away (like college students want that) and thought it was a fun photo op. We even got our associate dean to join in on the fun and take a picture wearing the stylish glasses with us.

My first kiss. Okay maybe not. Here, I snuck into the petting zoo super early one morning after taking care of my dairy cows to play with the animals. This llama was super curious and wanted to play too.

the last one for now. Here I was at the national ag ambassadors conference. The lead of the Cal Poly team (our rivals) was a buddy of mine from high school. So he pretended to propose to me at the banquet night. Everyone was watching and we both played it off. We had several people taking pictures for us so we could remember the moment. What fun!

23 September 2005

Was and is and is to come...

Joining in on the girls' fun, here's a few photos of me:

These first two are the WAS. The top is me as a baby and the bottom one is of me, Mike Hamilton and Kristine (Tebbe) Johnston my senior year (i think) of college.

This picture above goes into the IS category (I don't have many recent pictures, especially not any of me looking hot).

And here's the IS TO COME. I'll be working on the flab areas , the tan and the arms. They say it takes 9 months to put it on so I have 9 months to get it off. But, I didn't gain any weight till I was 5 months along, so I'm giving myself 4 months to get back in shape.

21 September 2005

Dad's Family

From L to R:
Sarah, DJ, Rain (Sarah's) & Scott (my cutie pa-tootie), Kaleb (jen's), Jeremiah (Sarah's), Jen, Ryann (Jen's), Nikko (Sarah's), me and my hot husband, Ryan

20 September 2005

DJ's family

DJ (my brother for those who don't know) and his family from L to R:
Nikko - he's 3 I think and an absolute doll (and my favorite so far)
DJ - he's DJ :)
Rain - I think she's in 2nd grade
Jeremiah - he's a doll too but I don't know how old he is
Sarah - this is DJ's fiance. She's a sweetie

Nikko, me and Rain
We spent one evening of our trip to CA at DJ and Sarah's house. Nikko and Rain are two of Sarah's kids. Both were glued to me which was a lot of fun. Nikko loves to steal DJ's ball cap and wear it. That night he decided I needed to wear it and we had to take some pictures. We had a blast there, ate some awesome enchiladas and hung out with the family.

19 September 2005

Thoughts of the day (things I have yet to share)…
- How many people can say their kid has crapped in their hand? I can. Yup, Scott was sick, doc said to give him a suppository. He crapped all over so Ryan washed him in the kitchen sink. Sitting back on the couch, we tried again and he started going again so I caught it. Some did manage to gather on my shorts. What a special moment!
- Is it possible to have a cold and not pass it on to your child whom you’re breastfeeding?
- Put Scott to bed at 10 or 1030, he falls asleep around 11, Pump at 3am to relieve pressure, breastfeed at 530ish, leave for work around 715ish. Pump at 10am, 2pm and head home to feed Scott again at 530pm. It’s a fun cycle. More sleep than most new parents get. It makes sense when you put it on paper why I can’t get anything done around my house. And since I have a cold right now, I get to add to that schedule: up at 2am, coughing for a few hours before I decide to get up and shower since I can’t get any sleep.
- AWANA, this is my first year not helping with the JV kids in AWANA. Its such a bummer to me since its held at our house and I miss the kids. Ryan is doing a good job of letting me be a mom on Wednesday nights but I want to do both and I get frustrated that he doesn’t include me since I still think I’m part of the group.
- We got 2.5” of rain last night with golf ball sized hail. That was great on crops, vehicles and gravel roads.

15 September 2005

I can't believe its been 2 1/2 months since I've been at work. Holy cow, time flies when you're having fun! Lots has happened in that time and what a joy and blessing its been to be home to experience it all. I've loved almost every minute of it. Even the poopy diapers, the lots and lots of spitting up, getting pee'd on and pooped on (that's a story in itself) and so much more. Scott is has added a whole new dimension to our lives and we love it. I'm sure Ryan would like a little more of my attention - especially since 6 weeks has passed. Scott is so much fun - way better than that new puppy I wanted so badly (and got).

He's 2 months old now and absolutely adorable. His constant smiles and attentive big blue eyes are so fun. His cute little noises while he eats constantly crack me up as if they're the first time I've heard them. And the kid sleeps - gotta love that. We put him to bed at 10:30, he's asleep by 11 and usually sleeps till 6 the next morning. And I have a loving and wonderful husband who has fed him and put him back in bed so that I could sleep the past few days. One morning, Scott went back to sleep until 930 - halelujah!!!

As mentioned above, he's absolutely wonderful! He did make a snide comment to me yesterday when he wanted me to get something at the store for his JV kids. So, I did my new mommy duty and reminded him of how much time I spend feeding Scott and pumping. I think he was just being a smarty-pants but I'm sure there was some seriousness there. He's awesome though - loves Scott and does great caring for him even though I nag him about it occassionally.

Just enjoying each day - even if that means going back to work. I do have a cold or allergies or whatever it is. Started while we were in CA and I just can't seem to kick it. This morning I had bright green snot when I blew my nose so that was a new one. The dry itchy throat causes me to cough which irritates the throat more, etc. I'm glad to be back at work though too. I really do enjoy my job and atmosphere at the office.

More to come later. I have lots to share about Scott, our trip to CA and things like that.