27 September 2005

i'm loving these "way back wednesdays" only i'm always a little behind. last week was something about sororities and frats. To take a picture drinking something fun. yes, i was part of a sorority, Alpha Delta Chi, but most of us didn't drink alcohol. so, none of those pictures. and i couldn't find a picture of me drinking anything else with that group so i have two pictures to share: one of me drinking and one of me with my sorority girls.

The first is of Nicole and me at Brooke and Ryan Phelan's wedding reception. I think it was just sparkling cider or something but i don't like it anyway. i doubt that i even had any to drink out of the glass.

The second picture is of Alisha and me at our national convention in LA one year. I couldn't find a picture of me and the girls either. So, i picked one with alisha since she just got married.


Jennifer said...

Your not behind. that's this weeks...so your really early this time!! So glad you are playing too!

Jennifer said...

Hi I played to!

CORI said...

Hehe! I hooe you keep playing! I'm having such a fun time with the themes. Now I just need to get a scanner set up so I can really have fun with the topics ;-)

jerelyn said...

cute pics!! that's the tammy i remember...so are these flashback wednesdays a regular thing...? can anyone play?

CORI said...


Play along with us!!! Go to The Kept Woman's Website (http://pinktangerine2.blogspot.com) to see next Wednesday's theme.

PS - The theme is on the right hand side bar under a pink button square that says "Way Back Wednesday". As of this morning (Thursday) she hasn't updated next weeks theme but she will soon.