27 May 2005

I have a few new pictures worth sharing: Sarah's kids, Ryann throwing a fit, Kaleb’s fit, Kailee's surprise and a cute cartoon about a Living will.

yup, its been a while since I’ve updated all of you with my thoughts. Its been absolutely wild – in a good way – around here. I’ve been working quite a few hours and the last thing I want to do when I get off of work is sit in front of the computer some more!

Let’s start with the anniversary. No, I won’t share ALL the details. Because I’ve already sat for 9 hours at the office, the last thing I want to do is sit down which meant going out to dinner was out of the question for me. I went to work early so I could sneak out early and get home before Ryan. Got home and picked up a few things quick before starting supper. As I was preparing the almond crusted salmon and doing a few dishes from the deer steak supper the night before, Ryan came home. He was early too, that little sneak. I knew he had to help my parents move a piece of furniture right after work so I thought I knew what time he’d get home. My gift to Ryan was being home early AND having supper on the table for him. Well, that didn’t work out and Ryan ended up helping with supper while I finished the dishes. The dessert (leftover oreo stuff from the night before) that I planned for supper was gone. Ryan had taken the remainder to work and shared and I wasn’t home when he got ready to stop that. So, we didn’t have an extravagant meal but it was nice. We had some broccoli smothered in cheese with our salmon since Ryan only likes veggies as a vector for cheese. The chilled strawberry wine in the fridge never made it out of the fridge since we were full. After supper we watched our wedding and CA reception videos which was quite fun. Instead of browsing through wedding photos and laying in the hammock, we caught the season ending episode of Navy NCIS (it’s a good one) and then played Tetris together on the xbox. Not exactly what I had planned but Ryan didn’t care and what mattered most is that we spent time together!

25 May 2005

Found a cute quote to share, not sure what the source is:
"If evolution really works, why do mothers only have two hands?"

19 May 2005

I NEED ideas for a good/thoughtful anniversary gift for Ryan. Share any ideas you might have, please.

Have I told you lately how wonderful my husband is? Last night I had a ladies salad supper at church at 630pm. At 515 my last client left the counter. I still had a few minutes that I needed to follow up with my boss, shut down my computer etc. At 530, I called Ryan to ask if he'd start making my salad for me (I had a half hour drive home still). He had already started it!!! Yeah, he's a stud! I got home right at 6pm and had enough time to take a potty break, drink a glass of milk, kiss my honey (a few times), grab my salad and head back out the door. What a huge help he was last night.
Then when I got home and was ready to whine big time because of my back ache (I ended up laying in the back of the church and almost falling asleep during the program), he went upstairs for Tylenol and brought me some water to help me feel better. He's so awesome!

17 May 2005

The following is a weekly update that I get about the development of the baby:
This week, your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds and is approximately 17.2 inches long. He's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and her bones are hardening. His skull, however, will stay soft until after birth, to make it easier to squeeze through the birth canal. You may be waddling a bit now, as your baby fills out even more of your belly. It may be harder to sleep comfortably, too.

What else is new at the Buitenwerf house within the past week or so???
I spent Saturday morning at the office instead of at home cleaning. It was so nice to earn some extra hours without all the distractions. I’d like to take 10 weeks off when the baby is born and currently don’t have enough hours so I’m working to earn the 27 additional hours I will need. I’d like to have some extra hours on top of that in case I have to go on maternity leave earlier than expected. That afternoon I stopped at the flower shop in Clermont (nearest town to our house) and ordered some flowers for a new couple in town. While there I picked up some farm animal beanie babies for the nursery for cheap. How many of you can go to the florists and get a free lunch out of it. Well, I did. I happen to go to church with them and Jeanie was done eating and had left over pizza so she gave it to me. Sweet deal! From there I hurried home to hang out with the Ellis girls. They’re in 4th and 6th grade and have a fettish with my pregnant belly. Since their parents would be at an all day track meet, they came over and spent the afternoon with us. After I fixed them lunch, we watched Princess Diaries 2. I fell asleep! After the movie, Ryan entertained the girls with video games and I fell back asleep. I woke in time to make supper and take them to Living Stone, a contemporary church service.
Sunday after church, I had the best lunch with my parents and Ryan. I helped mom make fried catfish, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was so delicious, I love fried catfish and mashed potatoes. Ryan had to meet a client after lunch and he went on his way. I stayed most of the afternoon though. Dug in the freezer for some gingerbread cookies, helped mom print off some pictures of her grandbabies for her bracelet and worked on the wedding quilt for a while. Oh, did I mention, I fell asleep for a few minutes while mom was on the phone with my sister. I left there in time to grab some milk at the grocery store before it closed and head home. Yup, when you live in the “sticks”, IF there is a grocery store in your town, its itty bitty and closes at respectable hours so they too can spend time with family. Anyway, got home with enough time to change clothes, cuddle my honey for a few minutes, water some dying plants and then we headed to Ryan and Renessa’s for supper. Yeah, its rough bouncing around from home to home getting free meals. We had a good time with the Z’s as always and headed back home well after my bed time.
Last night we planted a bunch of lilac bushes down the West end of the house. That was a fun experience and a good thing to get accomplished finally. I made Ryan a quick meal and just as he got done eating he had to go on a call. While he was out working, I was working on quilt block designs. Still haven’t cleaned the house, the kitchen definitely needs some TLC as does our bedroom.

One highlight of my week so far is a guy who came into my office yesterday. This Mr. Thiese guy, in his 60’s, came to the office to work on some of his program stuff. When I got to the counter he said that he felt like he knew me. Usually that would be weird except I thought that maybe it was the Thiese I’ve heard Ryan talk about. In the few minutes we worked out the counter, I learned that he has a brand new grandson, the first Thiese boy in 30 years. I shared that Ryan and I had the same thing going – the first Buitenwerf in almost 30 years. It was so sweet when he shared that he already knew that and told me that I’m all Ryan talks about. Ahhh, how sweet!

12 May 2005

I found my long lost cousin, Sarah. Okay, she really wasn't lost but I just haven't talked to her since I got engaged. I wanted to her to Ryan with a few pictures and thought this would be easiest, plus all of you can check them out too:
~ Trailer Trash Rehearsal
~ His adorable smile really is one of his best features
~ My honey and a few important ladies
~ He’s such a stud!
~ Ryan’s whole family
~ Dr. Ryan at work
~ Ryan’s babe and baby

10 May 2005

Just a few things:
- I still think I have the worlds best husband even if he was a bit sassy this morning.
- My childhood friend Jake has made it to the majors. My first summer after graduation, Jake played for Cedar Rapids. Now, he's sitting in the bullpen for the California Angels. Check him out here. I'm so proud of him! I told Ryan that I'd have to be an Angels fan when Jake went to the majors... GO ANGELS
- Katie's wedding is just 123 days away. I'm so excited to see my girls and then go back to K-town and visit (with a baby and my honey).
- And for those who inquired, Dirk is the name that Ryan wants for our little B. I want Scott or Jake and we don't agree but both refer to him now by the names we like. Poor confused kid, we'll decide on something eventually.

09 May 2005

Received the sweetest Mother’s Day card yesterday and want to share what was written in it:
Mommy, I couldn’t let you go through your first Mother’s Day without getting something. Daddy helped me, a little. I’ll try and be nice to you today but its cramped in here! Love, b” Then in scribble (Ryan wrote with his left hand) “p.s. I like Dirk!”

It was the sweetest thing! He also got me a willow tree doll to add to my collection. It’s of a pregnant woman. I have such a wonderful and thoughtful husband!

05 May 2005

Have I mentioned lately that I have an awesome and studly husband? Last night I needed to finish making my enchilada casserole for my Cinco De Mayo party at work. But, I got home and had a nasty headache and yucky tummy. So, I cuddled up on the couch and went to sleep. This morning when my alarm went off at 5am, my husband asked if I wanted help. He ended up following my downstairs and was a huge help getting the casserole finished and making guacamole. What a stud he is!

Last night was awards night for Awana. Yay, its finished for the summer and I'll have an extra night a week to be lazy, I mean, get things done around the house. I'll miss my JV kids and hope to have them over for video games, etc. It was so cool to hear each of them share what they've learned over the year. One kid learned that it was fun to learn about God. How wonderful! He could've never been interested in experiencing God until now. Yay for him.

Less than 9 weeks left. I didn't get a picture this week but my belly is 16" larger than pre-pregnancy and continues to grow! I go back to the doc on Monday and see what he thinks, if anything changes.

Okay, time to go home and eat left over enchilada casserole :)

03 May 2005

Wow, how time flies when you're having fun. We spent the weekend in Prairie City and Des Moines this weekend. Thought I'd share a few things:
- My feet ached so bad with my regular tennies. Bought some new Ryka's (apparently made by women for women) with inserts and they've been wonderful the past few days.
- I hate sitting at a computer - it kills my back. As if the added weight from being prego isn't a big enough strain, I sit at my computer for 9 hours and then drive the 3+ hrs to DM. Not so comfy!
- We registered at Babies R Us this weekend for some items that we'll eventually need.
- It snowed Sunday night - barely a trace but there was snow! And its May!!!
- I continue to grow in the belly region - whew!
The Church Gossip
Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the
church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several members did not approve of her extra curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence.She made a mistake, however, when she accused George, a new member, of being an alcoholic after she saw his old pickup parked in front of the town's only bar one afternoon.

She emphatically told George and several others that everyone seeing it there would know what he was doing.George, a man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away. He didn't explain, defend, or deny. He said nothing.Later that evening, George quietly parked his pickkup in front of Mildred's house - and left it there ALL NIGHT