12 May 2005

I found my long lost cousin, Sarah. Okay, she really wasn't lost but I just haven't talked to her since I got engaged. I wanted to her to Ryan with a few pictures and thought this would be easiest, plus all of you can check them out too:
~ Trailer Trash Rehearsal
~ His adorable smile really is one of his best features
~ My honey and a few important ladies
~ He’s such a stud!
~ Ryan’s whole family
~ Dr. Ryan at work
~ Ryan’s babe and baby


jerelyn said...

Oh my...you guys are so cute. Love the wedding pics! Wish I could have been there. ;-)

Ashley said...

it was fun seeing those pics again!!

Kristin said...

Tammy - agian, you've made me laugh!! Good memories - but where are the pickles??? :)