10 May 2005

Just a few things:
- I still think I have the worlds best husband even if he was a bit sassy this morning.
- My childhood friend Jake has made it to the majors. My first summer after graduation, Jake played for Cedar Rapids. Now, he's sitting in the bullpen for the California Angels. Check him out here. I'm so proud of him! I told Ryan that I'd have to be an Angels fan when Jake went to the majors... GO ANGELS
- Katie's wedding is just 123 days away. I'm so excited to see my girls and then go back to K-town and visit (with a baby and my honey).
- And for those who inquired, Dirk is the name that Ryan wants for our little B. I want Scott or Jake and we don't agree but both refer to him now by the names we like. Poor confused kid, we'll decide on something eventually.


Carrie said...

he he that is fuuny. Don't confuse the kid too early :)

Jennifer said...

How aobut Jake Dirk? or Dirk Scott?

jerelyn said...

lol...that is funny. You could call him something that neither of you really like...like Bob.

And yay for your (cute) friend Jake who made it to the majors! Is he in the starting rotation? Is he a closer? Oh...I guess I could read it, eh? hehe.