05 May 2005

Have I mentioned lately that I have an awesome and studly husband? Last night I needed to finish making my enchilada casserole for my Cinco De Mayo party at work. But, I got home and had a nasty headache and yucky tummy. So, I cuddled up on the couch and went to sleep. This morning when my alarm went off at 5am, my husband asked if I wanted help. He ended up following my downstairs and was a huge help getting the casserole finished and making guacamole. What a stud he is!

Last night was awards night for Awana. Yay, its finished for the summer and I'll have an extra night a week to be lazy, I mean, get things done around the house. I'll miss my JV kids and hope to have them over for video games, etc. It was so cool to hear each of them share what they've learned over the year. One kid learned that it was fun to learn about God. How wonderful! He could've never been interested in experiencing God until now. Yay for him.

Less than 9 weeks left. I didn't get a picture this week but my belly is 16" larger than pre-pregnancy and continues to grow! I go back to the doc on Monday and see what he thinks, if anything changes.

Okay, time to go home and eat left over enchilada casserole :)


Ashley said...

Oh how I LOVE Mexican food and miss it soooo much!! They have tons of Italian food around here, but hardly any Mexican. I'm sure your casserole was wonderful!! Enjoy your weekend!

CORI said...

Less then 9 weeks! WOW!

Carrie said...

For some on reason no one really knew what Cinco De Mayo is here. I should have had a party, but I wasn't feeling well enought to do it.
Hope you have a very enjoyable weekend and yeah for such a great husband that you have.

Kristin said...

Holy moly - that's a big belly! I wish I had a more exciting Cinco De Mayo - I went to a seminar for work all day and then got horrible service at at a furniture store - no fun!