03 May 2005

Wow, how time flies when you're having fun. We spent the weekend in Prairie City and Des Moines this weekend. Thought I'd share a few things:
- My feet ached so bad with my regular tennies. Bought some new Ryka's (apparently made by women for women) with inserts and they've been wonderful the past few days.
- I hate sitting at a computer - it kills my back. As if the added weight from being prego isn't a big enough strain, I sit at my computer for 9 hours and then drive the 3+ hrs to DM. Not so comfy!
- We registered at Babies R Us this weekend for some items that we'll eventually need.
- It snowed Sunday night - barely a trace but there was snow! And its May!!!
- I continue to grow in the belly region - whew!


Ashley said...

What did you travel for? For work? Fun?

Carrie said...

Tammy buying shoes? Hmmmmmm, never :) Hope they are nice and comfy.
I remember how you always had nice shoes and kept them really nice. I became like that.