28 February 2006

More pictures

I have pictures to be loaded. I also have new video but that is still not ready to load yet.

L: my two best buds from college, Katie and Cori, with Scott.
M: Scott smiles while sitting with his Great Gram Wallace
R: Scott and his Abuelo hanging out

L: Scott and his buddy, Ben. Ben was happy to be putting something non-ISU on Ryan's kid.
M: Scott's first cigar. He'll put anything in his mouth and we thought it would make a cute picture since it was wrapped and his dad was heading outside to smoke a cigar with Gary.
R: Thank you Kristine and Andy! Scott loves his Fresno State football jersey that you bought him. The hat no longer fits his big head but he got some good use out of it too.

L: Scott's first experience with rice cereal. We couldn't shovel it in fast enough so he decided to feed himself.
M: Ryan feeding Scott
R: Another pose in his cute Fresno State jersey.

L: Aunt Janie (ie: Aunt Ugly) holding Scott at DJ's wedding.
M: Scott all dressed up in his outfit that Papa bought him for Uncle DJ and Aunt Sarah's wedding.
R: A close up of Scott and his mom

23 February 2006

For those requesting pictures

1. me and scott in front of the stain glass at church. 2. mom and scott at the church. 3. family photo on the loveseat at our house.

4. The 4 generation picture on Christmas Day. 5. Scott and his Uncle Eric play with Scott's new dinosaur toy. 6. Scott having a great time with his Oma Buitenwerf.

7. Scott hanging out with his Abuelo. 8. Auntie Jen showing off her nephew (I forgot to take remove the bib to show off his Cardinals outfit). 9. My Scott-R bugs.

21 February 2006

Another Buitenwerf Baby

There's another addition coming to the Buitenwerf family. Cousin, Tera is 4 months pregnant in this picture. Scott was the first baby born since Tera or Ryan (I can't remember who's older). And now, there's another one coming. I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet the little one. Congrats to Tera and Kevin on the upcoming baby Washpun!

Kaleb working for his next meal

Here's my little nephew, Kaleb, earning his keep at home. Looks like he's not the only one - I think that's my sister in the background scrubbing the tub. Atta boy Kaleb, keep up the good work.

green beans and weight loss

[green beans]
My poor child gets so excited when we eat in front of him. He acts like he needs to eat what we're eating. Last night we were having cake and ice cream and Scott was sitting next to me with his mouth wide open and rocking back in forth making noises. He wanted food. Just this weekend, I bought him some baby food (even though I hope to make my own and save a few pennies). Just to see his reaction, I opened some green beans and put a taste in his mouth. I totally thought he'd spit it out but he didn't. Instead, Scott gave me a curious look and then opened his mouth wide again. Ryan finished feeding him so I could eat my cake. And the kid ate almost the entire thing. AND, he'd just been breast fed. He's a healthy looking kid :) Last night was his first experience with real food (more than that crap they call rice cereal).

[working out]
As I've mentioned before, I've been working out several days a week. Here's the update. Michelle, personal trainer buddy, has us doing strength training 3 days a week and running/walking 3 days a week. I've been on this schedule for about a month now. I don't get the running in very often since I'm too lazy/tired to get up early and too busy at night. But I did run once last week for 20 minutes and my hips hurt so bad afterwards. The point is... you have to take pictures. Michelle hasn't lost weight but she takes pictures once a month and can see the difference. I've only been doing this for a month and I can see the difference. I haven't taken pictures yet but I do have to see myself in the mirror when I pump several days a week. And my post-prego belly is shrinking. It doesn't hang over my low cut jeans anymore. Now, it still isn't stick-thin little me but I'm so encouraged to see the progress. My legs, especially my calves are looking toned again. Oh, its so good to work out. So, for those of you who are trying to be healthier, keep your head up. I'm working out and breastfeeding a kid and eating like a horse (seriously) and I'm still toning up a little. A huge part of being healthier is portion size but another big part is exercise. And with the mild weather this week, even those of us in the midwest can get out and walk!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so I officially feel old! I know, I'm not really old according to my co-workers who are double my age. But, I feel like adult-ish or something. I told my honey and he laughed and told me that I am an adult - married, kid, career. But I still like to have my hair played with and like playing in the snow, etc. And that's okay I guess. My life isn't solely focused on being just one of those things. We still spend time with the "kids" and play xbox with them, cut down trees and fun stuff like that.

[special day]
thanks to those who made my day special. For those who called with warm wishes and for Cori who sang to me. But mostly for my hubby who took the day off to focus on me. Our plans to go ice skating didn't work out since we're all fighting colds and our baby sitter had a snow day to make up at school. But we did have fun. We worked out in the morning as usual but it was nice to ride together and then go back home. We sat at the table and had breakfast together (never happens). And then we piddled around the house, played with Scott, snuggled in bed, played xbox, watched a movie, did a little laundry, played with Scott some more. Then last night, Ryan made me a cake (without frosting by my request) and chinese food.

[chinese food]
I made chinese food with our friends once. Got a semi-recipe. And we made it a few weeks back. It is so good. Chicken cut up and fried in batter, onions and bell peppers. Potatoes, shredded, rinse of the starch and then cooked with vinegar and bell pepper. This is usually over a bed of rice but we don't do the rice. The potatoes may not sound good at all but with the chicken, it's delcious!


I just want to show off a new baby. Eli Allen was born to Lori and Allen Hetteen on February 13th. Eli has twin sisters that are two years old. I haven't talked to Lori yet but from what I know she had a short and bearable labor. But after all the drama with the twins two years ago, Lori deserved to have it easy. The twins had Twin to Twin Deficiency Syndrome and were born at 28 weeks gestation. Meantime while that drama was happening, Allen was serving in the gulf and wasn't able to be there. Thinking of all that, I'm so glad to see a picture with the whole family and several healthy babies! Congrats to the Hetteens!

This is my friend Becky with her man, Greg and their little guy, Ryan. Becky and I go way back. Lots of my childhood memories include her. Things like setting the ranch on fire, driving other people's cars when we were way too young, eating lots of pizza, etc. We lived down the street from each other and were inseperable. People thought we were twins and we were often confused for each other. Later in high school we went our seperate ways. I think I talked to her once during my college years. In those years, Becky really struggled with life. And I spent hours upon hours (but not enough) praying for her. A few years back I was in CA for work and took a few days off to go home. I caught up with Becky and she shared her story. I was home again in Dec/Jan for my brother's wedding and we got together again. Only this time we both had kids. And when we walked into Salazar's to eat, the waitress asked us if we were sisters. It was a blast from the past. Anyway, Becky was a dear friend for much of my growing up years. I do love her like a sister. And I'm so glad she has her life back on track!

15 February 2006

From the man I love

Okay, so it was a rough day yesterday. I left before my Valentine's Gift arrived at the office. But, it made for a great start to my morning. My sweet, loving and incredibly thoughtful husband got me a Vermont Bear. The card says: "What do you get the girl who has everything, especially when you painted the living room for her last year? Why, a cute redneck of course! One to go with the one you have at home. Your redneck, Ryan"

14 February 2006

I am alive

Life is good. Crazy but good. I’ve been swamped at the office which means that I’m mentally and physically exhausted by time I get home. Some people that I deal with at the counter and on the phone distract me from my work to assist them with theirs. I enjoy helping others but sometimes they could answer their own simple questions with a little thought. I’m no genius but they sometimes make me feel that way. Then my farmers at the counter can be such jerks, but entertaining jerks! I always get a good laugh that people get their chones in a bunch when they don’t get the answer they want. They forget that we are a customer service, government regulated, agency. It won’t always go according to their perfect plan. And although they may be receiving thousands of dollars in assistance for “farming”, they don’t seem to appreciate it at all. It’s fun though – seriously I get a good laugh out of their selfish attitudes most the time. So, anyway, by time I leave the office, my head and eyes hurt from straining my eyes on the computer and I’m whipped. Of course I have to stop and pick up my most precious little guy on the way home. I usually stay for a while to chat with mom&Ralph, watch a little news, feed Scott and steal a few cookies before I head home.

[will you be our valentine?]
I invited 11 ladies from church from church to be our valentine. Mom and I are making spaghetti & meatballs, an awesome green salad, french bread and a couple of desserts. Not a fancy meal but I wanted something basic that everyone will eat. I found out yesterday morning that one of the ladies can't have the sauce. Grr. Nine of the ladies are coming - 2 have never married, one is divorced and the rest are widows. I remember very well the year that I was solo after my relationship was over with "road pizza" and how lonely I felt. I don't want these ladies to feel lonely this year. SO, I planned my night for them. Last night, I set up the dining room for the meal. I have the table leaves in and my linen table cloth on. I set out the china, folded my linen napkins all fancy and put crystal candle sticks as centerpieces. The table is so long that I have 3 small groupings. I also put together little goodie bags for the ladies with chocolate, conversation hearts, etc for them to take home. The baggies are sitting on the dinner plates and add some bright color to the china. I’m super excited for tonight although I’m bummed about Julie. Julie is a young widow, her husband had a heart attack and died ~5 years ago. She’s not coming and says she just can handle holidays like this, it just hurts too much. So, be thinking of people like Julie and other lonely singles this Valentine’s Day.

[UPS man]
I’m hoping the UPS man comes to the office super early today. He usually shows up between 330 and 4pm and I’m leaving around 2pm today. Ryan said something is arriving UPS today for me and I so don’t want to miss it.

[weight for a weenie]
So, I’ve been working out for 3 weeks or more. And last Friday was the first day I was able to put weight on the bar during bench press. I feel like such a weenie but Ryan reminds me that I’ve never worked out before. So, I’m finally beyond the 45lb. bar and have added a whole 5 lbs. Yesterday we worked our legs. And I was such a weenie with squats. They really bother my hips. I asked the doc about it and he said that it takes 18-24 months for a woman’s hips to go back into place after having a baby. He encouraged me to go lightly on the squats. I’m frustrated with that though because I’d love to be competitive with Michelle for lifting weights and I can’t even begin to try with squats.

Happy 7 month birthday to my little guy. Happy Valentine’s too!

[scott redfern]
Last week I mentioned my buddy Scott who died when we were young pups. There is so much to that story that I didn't share. And when I get a chance, I want to write some more down. But for today, I just wanna share pictures that my dad sent me of his memorial plaque at Immanuel High School. They just moved the plaque and dad took the pictures before the glue dried, here they are:
(click for a larger image)

08 February 2006

Mi Vida Loca!

Last night was another entertaining night at the Buitenwerf Home. I got home late, as usual after leaving my office late, stopping to pick up Scott, feeding him before we could leave, figuring out how to use his “big boy” car seat, going back in the house for a pacifier, leaving, turning around to pick up my book that I left on my car and had fallen on the ground and finally getting home. Arriving at home, I carried in my son all covered up (I’m used to carrying in the infant car seat with a blanket over it not a wiggly kid). Went back outside to get the rest of my stuff out of the car, feed my dogs and water the goat in the dark. Came back in and put my “stuff” away. All of this in less than 2 hours. Ryan was sick and stayed home so I offered to make supper so he could rest. I handed off the kid, requested a diaper change and headed for the kitchen. It was an easy meal – chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks and hash browns al in the deep fat fryer (how’s that for healthy?).

[Stinky boy]
Was back in the living room a short while later holding my adorable son while trying to eat off a plate that was kept out of Scott’s reach. My kid was stinky but what’s new, he likes to toot, a lot! I even questioned if Ryan had changed his diaper. He had. A minute later, the smell still lingered. Scott was falling asleep in my arms (he desperately needed a nap) and I decided to wait a few minutes before I disturbed him. He fell asleep and I left the stinky boy alone. A while later when he awoke, I checked the diaper. It was dirty. I pawned him off on Ryan to change again. But before I handed him off, I checked to see if it was a simple diaper change or if we needed a shower.

[To the shower we go]
We tag teamed Scott for the shower. After undressing him and trying to keep the mess from smearing, the shower was warm and I pulled the diaper off and tried to wipe some poop off. It didn’t wipe well and was quite thick. So, we put him in the shower and Ryan is trying to spray his butt off. Only nothing is coming off. So, I wiped to help move the poop. It still didn’t come clean. I was rubbing and it was sticking in place. Finally I had to scrape, yes scrape, the poop off his little butt. It was seriously the consistency, texture and thickness of clay. It was all under my nails and in the shower. Then I had to carefully clean it out of his crack. Of course I didn’t want to stain his cute white wash cloth so I opted to scrub with my hands. It was bad, really yucky. Meanwhile, my child is entertained with the shower head and pulling on the hose like the little Tarzan he thinks he is. Finally the poop was off and I finished bathing him while Ryan got his clothes and diaper ready. It was definitely a memorable experience. Thanks to rice cereal, I think it will be a common occurrence in our house now.

[Scrambled egg with sausage, zucchini and pepper jack cheese burritos]
My mom is so awesome. Lately she’s made us breakfast the mornings we work out. I love it! Scott thinks that he too needs to eat with us. After last night, I think the rice cereal does enough damage that we’ll stay away from zucchini and other veggies for a bit!

06 February 2006

10 years ago

[in memory of Scott Redfern]

It was 10 years ago today that Scott died. The day before he'd been working away (with a smile on his face I'm sure) on a lathe in woodshop class. His tool got stuck, broke apart the table leg and hit him in the face. He was air lifted out of the school where he remained without brain activity until the doctors harvested his organs for use in other people.

I can still remember it like yesterday. And 10 years later, it still brings tears to my eyes. He was such a wonderful person. Scott shared with me what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ. His influence in my life didn't end when he died. It's amazing how that works - how the death of a friend can be so devastating yet so encouraging. I miss my buddy and my heart aches for his parents and his sister.

10 years, my how time passes.

01 February 2006


I've taken a vacation from responsibilities at home the last few nights. Monday night was my night to snuggle on the couch with my child and a blanket. Last night was much of the same. I was so tired and relaxed that I fell asleep while watching our President address the state of our union. I saw the beginning and the end but missed the middle - the stuff I wanted to hear him talk about. Made it through about 5 minutes of the treadmill last night before my legs hurt really bad. I'm still sore from working out Monday. I jumped off the treadmill and stretched before parking my butt on the couch. Tonight is crunch time. I have to get my house picked up, dishes done, etc before bible study on tomorrow night. No time tomorrow to get that done since I have to leave the office by 7am for a meeting about an hour away and won't be back till after 5pm. It's crunch time and I better get to it!

Did I mention how wonderful my husband is and how cute my kid is? They're awesome!