29 April 2009

Who Needs Sleep Anyway

Why is it that when I am tired and need to hit the bed sheets early, it happens to be the night that one of our kids has a rough night. Last night was such a night with Bethany. It started off by Scott yelling for us and saying that "Bethany is stinky". Ryan changed her stinky diaper and put her back in bed. She wailed with a mad cry. I couldn't help and wasn't about to stick around too long since I was cold and tired. She ended up in bed with us and we both fell asleep. About 10pm Ryan tried to put her back in her bed. That apparently didn't work. For much of the night the three of us tossed and turned. No fun!
I was hoping to visit a lady in our church tonight. With Bethany's cold and the fact that I will be tired tonight, I'll be surprised if we get to visit with our friend.

28 April 2009

Yes, I'm still planning to go to Mexico City

In fact, we just bought our airline tickets tonight for about 1/2 the price we expected to pay. I'm well aware of the Flu issues going on there right now. Be assured that I will be buying the insurance on my airline ticket. If things don't calm down there, we won't be going. Please join me in praying for the people of Mexico City as they endure this nasty flu.

Things left to do this week:
  1. Send of my passport for an update since I got married. The small print of the paperwork said that snapshots are unacceptable. I did the snap shot to save a few bucks so opted not to send it in when I read the small print. I plan to call and ask today if I can use my snapshot taken appropriately or if I have to spend the extra money.
  2. Get my support letter out. I will try to post my support letter tomorrow. I sent it out in an email yesterday but I'm not sure if it went through correctly.
  3. Pay for the rest of my airline ticket.
  4. Buy insurance on my airline ticket.
  5. Get the information to the paper, they're interested in writing an article.

26 April 2009

What was it?

A couple of things about the Mexico City trip:
  1. I got a very encouraging email on Saturday. A family member emailed me saying that her dad told her I was looking for donations for my Mexico City trip. She shared that she wanted to donate and mentioned that some of the most important things she did in high school were missions trips! Sweet. Thank you M for sharing with others that I have a need to raise funds. Thank you Lord for providing!!!
  2. I also received a generous donation from another family member this past weekend. Whoo hoo!
  3. I have my interview today to officially be on the team.
  4. I have to send my passport renewal in the mail tomorrow.
  5. It is going to be hot in Southern Mexico in August. I wonder if the team members realize that. I might actually get some color on this very pale skin. Yes, I'm half Mexican. No, you really can't tell. Sorry dad :)

21 April 2009

Quilt Show

Did you know that I can quilt? Well sorta. I pieced and quilted a blanket for Bethany when she was born (and for the next 12 months). I entered the quilt, and all of its flaws, in the West Union Quilt Show that will happen this weekend. I should take a picture of it while its there, only I won't be there myself to see it... too much going on this weekend.


I should have mentioned earlier that my cute but defiant son has pre-school registration on Thursday. I'm really hoping that we can get a 1-room school house up and running before he would be in kindergarten. I don't think Scott needs to go to preschool because he really is smart for his age. But he does need to learn socialization skills... and maybe they can help me teach him not to be so whiny!

Cute but Defiant

Last night was night #4 that Bethany slept in her big girl bed which is in Scott's room. It wasn't near as dramatic as a few other nights. At 10pm when I went in to check on them, the room was quiet but Scott wasn't in bed. I found him a few feet away wide awake and snuggled up to his sleeping sister. He was so excited to be sleeping with her. I acknowledged him and walked out. Those two! I appreciate that they love each other and hope it continues moreso than the fighting. This morning when I left at 5:45am, Scott was in his own bed. Who knows if he slept with Bethany all night or if he just snuggled her for a few minutes.

20 April 2009

Late Night at the Office

I'm still at my office. I'm not working though. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet while I work on my prayer/support letter for Mexico City. I'm trying to keep it to one page but that looks so boring to me. I'd much rather it be fun looking! We'll see what I come up with by Sunday.

19 April 2009

Great Idea!

Okay so I'm a little tired today (more on that later, maybe) and I knew if I hung out at home, I'd be asleep. So, I brought Britney down to the church with me to hang out, watch a movie on the big screen (yes, I've never seen High Musical with my high school girls) and play on the internet. Well about 20 minutes through the movie, media player decided to stop working. But we're having fun on the computers - gotta love the wireless connection here and the use of the laptop from the vet clinic...

I should be working on my passport update and my support letter for Mexico, neither of which I've done since I've been here in town... better hop to it.

For those who have me on facebook, I just added a few pics. Some of the last day my niece and nephew were here and some of my precious daughter.

And, oh by the way, Granpa Mark, the sand box finally has sand in it. Yes, the frame of the sand box has been there for 10 months and we just put sand in it yesterday. Our neighbor had some from the quarry in the back of his dump truck and dumped it in our box for free. Did a favor for both of us. Bethany LOVED it.

16 April 2009

Our New Cat

His name is Jinx. He's not really a new cat. He was the cat that mom wanted so badly; or at least he is the cat she settled for. He's a big cat, I should weigh him. He's well taken care of at mom's house and he loves my step-dad. But he's an unappreciative cat. I think he might even be bi-polar. Ryan can you medicate a cat for that? He's a cat that will be learning that life's bigger than he knew it to be 3 days ago.

A while back my mom asked us if we would take Jinx. Ryan and I agreed that we would take him but he would join the ranks of Rum and Wicket and be an outside cat. Mom wanted to wait till it warmed up so he wouldn't freeze outside. Tuesday when I stopped at mom's, Jinx jumped in the van. Perfect opportunity for a trip to the Brick House.

Tuesday night I learned that he has a break-away collar. They're designed to come apart so the cat can break away should it get caught on something. He broke away all right. Fortunately, I was able to catch him again after he hid under the pine trees for a bit.

Wednesday morning I tied him out while I showered and learned that he can break away easily. Fortunately he gets fed twice a day and was hungry so I caught him while I carried around a cup of food. He stayed the rest of the day in his kennel on the front porch. After work I had supper at mom's and then Bethany and I visited some friends before going home. It was a long day in the kennel. How's that for country living?

Wednesday night I let him loose and there was minimal hissing between Jinx and the other cats. He even rolled around in the dirt near where Bethany played. He eventually came near again for food.

This morning he was left loose when we headed to work. When I talked to Ryan around 4pm, Jinx was near the kids play area. He seems to be adjusting just fine. I wonder how that will change when he has to share a food dish with Rum and Wicket...

Scott's Poop Drama

Well, how much do I share here. I have two kids that both have issues going #2. Scott from very early on has required help via laxatives. Yes, we've talked to the doctors, we're giving him adequate liquids, etc. Now that he's a big boy, he purposefully holds it in. Why would you do such a thing? He does. Eventually he's gets constipated and we are forced to put him back on laxatives and mineral oil. He continues to hold it. At some point he can't hold it anymore (this time 3-4 days later) and it becomes a mess. My poor mom! For several days straight, he pooped in his undies numerous times. Mom ran out of clothes and put him in a swimmie pull up from last year. It didn't fit. She didn't have a choice. Finally on the 3rd day (which happened to be a Cubbies night which means I had something to bribe/threatened him with), he got it under control and only pooped in the toilet. It stinks, quite literally, for everyone involved.

I don't know what to do with this child and his problem. I understand from Ryan's mom that its a genetic problem. I have told Scott that only big boys get to go to school. We'll see how he does come fall. As it was last night, he thought he was going to school today because he'd pooped on the big boy potty.

This is when I'm thankful that Bethany is still in diapers. You remove stench, wipe her down, and put on a fresh diaper. She's thrilled with that process... maybe a little too much!

He amazes me!

Yesterday Ryan asked me if I still listen to my ipod and then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to put a book on it for me to listen to. This morning my neglected ipod was sitting by the front door. I threw it in my purse, went to work and forgot about it.

During a quick break to read my email this morning I read a blog post from a person reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I immediately emailed my friend Michelle asking if she was reading the book and listening to podcasts by Francis Chan or just listening to podcasts. She replied that she was doing both. I've been very curious about this book and wondered if the library had it or if another friend would have it so I could borrow it. Shortly after I thought about that, I went back to my work day.

Now at the end of my day when the office is quiet but I'm still here working to clean off my desk, I noticed my speakers and thought about my neglected ipod. I dug it out of my messy purse and plugged it in when I remembered that Ryan put a book on it for me. As I scrolled through to the book and clicked on it, I thought I caught a glimpse of the title. So, I clicked again to get the title to show up and was quite amazed at what I saw. Sure enough, it was the book that I've been wanting to read, a book that I've not told Ryan I've wanted to read.

He amazes me! Ryan amazes me with his thoughtfulness and the way he takes care of my needs and wants even when I fail to notice. But more so, my God amazes. It amazes me that he cares enough to be involved in the small details of my everyday life!

15 April 2009

Mexico City Update

$70 down and $1136 to go.

Last Thursday my coworker needed a bridal shower gift. I had a smelly soaps and lotions from Victoria's so I volunteered for her to use my stash. She paid me for them and I thought it would be a perfect start to my Mexico City fundraising. I was excited, the $20 she gave me on Friday was exactly what I needed to give the church on Sunday for the start of my payments.

Saturday the mail came and we had something in there besides bills and junk mail. A very generous family member who reads my blog and wants to support us in our adoption, also decided to give towards the Mexico City missions trip. He sent $50. How perfect!

This Sunday I have to have $80 in towards my trip and I'm $50 closer than I was a week ago. How else will God provide in the next few days? Will it be a gift? Will I find something to sell? I'm excited even though I'm a long way from the total!

Didn't Happen

I was hoping to have time tonight for a detailed update about the last few weeks. Now its after 5pm and I better get to the kiddos so I can nag Scott to eat his supper so he can go to Cubbies. Look for updates to come in the next few days about the following:
  • Scott's poop drama
  • Our new cat
  • My family that came from California to the boonies
  • Easter pictures

10 April 2009

For 3 Days!

I have a lot to post about but here's one cute story:

Last night was a rough night for dealing with Scott. He did not want to obey and we were frustrated. It was time for bed and when I went in to tuck him in, I snuggled up next to him for a few minutes of down time when he didn't have to share me with anyone else. I asked about his day and he told me of a few cartoons he watched and that he played outside with his daddy. Scott then proceeded to tell me the Easter story. It was amazing to hear from a 3 year old's little mind. He started by asking me what something was only I couldn't follow what he was asking about. With a little more information, I realized he was asking about the cross. He told me that Jesus was dead for 3 days! He told me that they killed Jesus because they thought He was bad, but He wasn't bad. That he died on a cross with nails in His hands and feet. That He died for my sins. That there were 3 crosses. He asked me why the other guys had to die too. He told me that "that" girl came and the stone was rolled away. That He was alive and the angels came.

We talked for a few minutes about the story. About why Jesus died for our sins. About the terminology that he knew but didn't understand (crucified, nails, sacrifice). And as I lay there next to my only son, I was so incredibly thankful. I'm thankful that I took the time with Scott even though I was frustrated with him. I'm thankful that he seemed to maybe understand the events in the story. I'm thankful for his Cubbies leaders that take their time to teach my child that story. I'm thankful that Scott wants to read that story in the bible, a must-do for tonight. But mostly, I'm thankful that Jesus did die on the cross for my sins. Today friends is the day that we, as Christians, remember that Jesus carried the cross and died for you and me.

08 April 2009

Yes, I am Crazy!

Short Story:
I'm going to Mexico City for a missions trip August 1-9.
I'm looking for people who'd be willing to donate towards my expenses totalling ~$1206.
Will you partner with me?

Longer Story (you know I'm detailed and like to write):
I'm going on a missions trip. That's no surprise to most who know me. The crazy part is that I said I wouldn't commit to anything more than I've already committed to this year because I wanted to focus my time and finances on an adoption. Here's why: I've been at my church for over 6 years now and have always dreamed of our church having a group missions trip. Sure, there are individuals who've gone different places, but not where the church as a larger family supports something like this. I know, I know, this is not the best time... I wanted to focus on adoption. Be sure, that I still am focusing on the adoption process. But at the same time, I felt like I couldn't not apply to be on the team. Here are a few reasons why I feel like I should be part of the team:
  • I have wanted to do a church trip like this for 6 years.
  • I have experience doing the types of activities we're tentatively planning (albeit, I did those 8-12 years ago)
  • I am half Mexican and might be of some help translating :P
  • Lately, I've been trying to focus more on having a real relationship with God and not just reading a chapter a day to keep the devil away. So, God has been prompting me to step out of my comfort zone and little and reach out to people to share about Him. Up until last week, I thought that just meant reaching out to people in my community... go figure it could be more than that.
  • God's Word says "How beautiful are the hands and feet that bring the good news."

So here's the deal, we have a short time frame before the trip happens. August 1st will be here before we know it. In the next 3.5 months, I have lots to do to prepare for the trip:

  • Ask for time off of work!!!
  • Passport updated since it's still in my maiden name, which I need to do anyway for adoption paperwork.
  • Interview to be part of the team - I'm feeling pretty confident about that... in a humble sorta way
  • Come up with $1206 for the trip (more on that in a bit... keep reading)
  • Secure airline tickets with the team
  • Attend 8 training sessions

Here's how you can help, and believe I'll need your help:

  • Pray for me. If you're willing to do this, I can email you specific things to pray about.
  • Donate towards my expenses. I figure if I can get 60 friends and family to each give $20, it would pay for my trip. (I'm not sure if I have that many friends so maybe a few of you strangers would also be interested...). If you're interested in donating, I can email you the details about where to send it for a tax deductible donation.

And a little side note about the crazy part: I have a real issue with asking people for money. Maybe it's the humility in it and maybe it's that I had a lot of people that financially helped me out when I was in highschool and didn't have the financial means to go to summer camps and on missions trips. Because of that, I feel like I shouldn't ask people for help any more since I'm not a needy child any more. But the reality is (and I know this personally) that some of us would be blessed by giving the $20 that they would have otherwise spent on eating out, starbucks coffee or that new shirt. Another reason, I hate to ask is that we're in the process of adopting and unless God chooses to put a large sum of money in our laps in the near future, we'll be asking our friends and family to donate to that cause. I feel like I don't want to ask people to do both. But maybe that's the devil filling my mind with doubt. So, here you have it... just me, the average person wanting to serve and being humble enough to ask for a little help from you. Feel free to leave me comments or questions or if you'd like to email me, you may do so at tam4buit at hotmail dot com and put Mexico City in the subject line please.

(taken on a missions trip to Mexicali in highschool or college)

07 April 2009

02 April 2009

He Loves Me

Today when I headed out to the field, I passed Ryan on the corner at the highway.  I thought that was a little odd and would have called him but I didn't have my cell phone.  Several hours later I returned to my office to a bouquet of spring flowers and a bagel for me (I'm trying to eat healthy) plus doughnuts for the staff.
He loves me and I love him!

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