16 April 2009

He amazes me!

Yesterday Ryan asked me if I still listen to my ipod and then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to put a book on it for me to listen to. This morning my neglected ipod was sitting by the front door. I threw it in my purse, went to work and forgot about it.

During a quick break to read my email this morning I read a blog post from a person reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I immediately emailed my friend Michelle asking if she was reading the book and listening to podcasts by Francis Chan or just listening to podcasts. She replied that she was doing both. I've been very curious about this book and wondered if the library had it or if another friend would have it so I could borrow it. Shortly after I thought about that, I went back to my work day.

Now at the end of my day when the office is quiet but I'm still here working to clean off my desk, I noticed my speakers and thought about my neglected ipod. I dug it out of my messy purse and plugged it in when I remembered that Ryan put a book on it for me. As I scrolled through to the book and clicked on it, I thought I caught a glimpse of the title. So, I clicked again to get the title to show up and was quite amazed at what I saw. Sure enough, it was the book that I've been wanting to read, a book that I've not told Ryan I've wanted to read.

He amazes me! Ryan amazes me with his thoughtfulness and the way he takes care of my needs and wants even when I fail to notice. But more so, my God amazes. It amazes me that he cares enough to be involved in the small details of my everyday life!


Kristine said...

So cool!! Yeah for Ryan! Is it the audiobook or the podcast? Are the podcasts on iTunes? I've wanted to read it too!

Michelle said...

sweet. start listening..but be ready for what it could bring!

Anonymous said...

Podcasts are on itunes and the book was <$6 on itunes as well.


Ashley said...

Awesome!!! How did you like it?