16 April 2009

Scott's Poop Drama

Well, how much do I share here. I have two kids that both have issues going #2. Scott from very early on has required help via laxatives. Yes, we've talked to the doctors, we're giving him adequate liquids, etc. Now that he's a big boy, he purposefully holds it in. Why would you do such a thing? He does. Eventually he's gets constipated and we are forced to put him back on laxatives and mineral oil. He continues to hold it. At some point he can't hold it anymore (this time 3-4 days later) and it becomes a mess. My poor mom! For several days straight, he pooped in his undies numerous times. Mom ran out of clothes and put him in a swimmie pull up from last year. It didn't fit. She didn't have a choice. Finally on the 3rd day (which happened to be a Cubbies night which means I had something to bribe/threatened him with), he got it under control and only pooped in the toilet. It stinks, quite literally, for everyone involved.

I don't know what to do with this child and his problem. I understand from Ryan's mom that its a genetic problem. I have told Scott that only big boys get to go to school. We'll see how he does come fall. As it was last night, he thought he was going to school today because he'd pooped on the big boy potty.

This is when I'm thankful that Bethany is still in diapers. You remove stench, wipe her down, and put on a fresh diaper. She's thrilled with that process... maybe a little too much!

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Ashley said...

Poor little guy - and poor you! Who knew poop could cause so much drama?