16 April 2009

Our New Cat

His name is Jinx. He's not really a new cat. He was the cat that mom wanted so badly; or at least he is the cat she settled for. He's a big cat, I should weigh him. He's well taken care of at mom's house and he loves my step-dad. But he's an unappreciative cat. I think he might even be bi-polar. Ryan can you medicate a cat for that? He's a cat that will be learning that life's bigger than he knew it to be 3 days ago.

A while back my mom asked us if we would take Jinx. Ryan and I agreed that we would take him but he would join the ranks of Rum and Wicket and be an outside cat. Mom wanted to wait till it warmed up so he wouldn't freeze outside. Tuesday when I stopped at mom's, Jinx jumped in the van. Perfect opportunity for a trip to the Brick House.

Tuesday night I learned that he has a break-away collar. They're designed to come apart so the cat can break away should it get caught on something. He broke away all right. Fortunately, I was able to catch him again after he hid under the pine trees for a bit.

Wednesday morning I tied him out while I showered and learned that he can break away easily. Fortunately he gets fed twice a day and was hungry so I caught him while I carried around a cup of food. He stayed the rest of the day in his kennel on the front porch. After work I had supper at mom's and then Bethany and I visited some friends before going home. It was a long day in the kennel. How's that for country living?

Wednesday night I let him loose and there was minimal hissing between Jinx and the other cats. He even rolled around in the dirt near where Bethany played. He eventually came near again for food.

This morning he was left loose when we headed to work. When I talked to Ryan around 4pm, Jinx was near the kids play area. He seems to be adjusting just fine. I wonder how that will change when he has to share a food dish with Rum and Wicket...

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Ashley said...

How is the "new" kitty doing now?