08 April 2009

Yes, I am Crazy!

Short Story:
I'm going to Mexico City for a missions trip August 1-9.
I'm looking for people who'd be willing to donate towards my expenses totalling ~$1206.
Will you partner with me?

Longer Story (you know I'm detailed and like to write):
I'm going on a missions trip. That's no surprise to most who know me. The crazy part is that I said I wouldn't commit to anything more than I've already committed to this year because I wanted to focus my time and finances on an adoption. Here's why: I've been at my church for over 6 years now and have always dreamed of our church having a group missions trip. Sure, there are individuals who've gone different places, but not where the church as a larger family supports something like this. I know, I know, this is not the best time... I wanted to focus on adoption. Be sure, that I still am focusing on the adoption process. But at the same time, I felt like I couldn't not apply to be on the team. Here are a few reasons why I feel like I should be part of the team:
  • I have wanted to do a church trip like this for 6 years.
  • I have experience doing the types of activities we're tentatively planning (albeit, I did those 8-12 years ago)
  • I am half Mexican and might be of some help translating :P
  • Lately, I've been trying to focus more on having a real relationship with God and not just reading a chapter a day to keep the devil away. So, God has been prompting me to step out of my comfort zone and little and reach out to people to share about Him. Up until last week, I thought that just meant reaching out to people in my community... go figure it could be more than that.
  • God's Word says "How beautiful are the hands and feet that bring the good news."

So here's the deal, we have a short time frame before the trip happens. August 1st will be here before we know it. In the next 3.5 months, I have lots to do to prepare for the trip:

  • Ask for time off of work!!!
  • Passport updated since it's still in my maiden name, which I need to do anyway for adoption paperwork.
  • Interview to be part of the team - I'm feeling pretty confident about that... in a humble sorta way
  • Come up with $1206 for the trip (more on that in a bit... keep reading)
  • Secure airline tickets with the team
  • Attend 8 training sessions

Here's how you can help, and believe I'll need your help:

  • Pray for me. If you're willing to do this, I can email you specific things to pray about.
  • Donate towards my expenses. I figure if I can get 60 friends and family to each give $20, it would pay for my trip. (I'm not sure if I have that many friends so maybe a few of you strangers would also be interested...). If you're interested in donating, I can email you the details about where to send it for a tax deductible donation.

And a little side note about the crazy part: I have a real issue with asking people for money. Maybe it's the humility in it and maybe it's that I had a lot of people that financially helped me out when I was in highschool and didn't have the financial means to go to summer camps and on missions trips. Because of that, I feel like I shouldn't ask people for help any more since I'm not a needy child any more. But the reality is (and I know this personally) that some of us would be blessed by giving the $20 that they would have otherwise spent on eating out, starbucks coffee or that new shirt. Another reason, I hate to ask is that we're in the process of adopting and unless God chooses to put a large sum of money in our laps in the near future, we'll be asking our friends and family to donate to that cause. I feel like I don't want to ask people to do both. But maybe that's the devil filling my mind with doubt. So, here you have it... just me, the average person wanting to serve and being humble enough to ask for a little help from you. Feel free to leave me comments or questions or if you'd like to email me, you may do so at tam4buit at hotmail dot com and put Mexico City in the subject line please.

(taken on a missions trip to Mexicali in highschool or college)


Bethany said...

whoo hoo! So glad you're going:)

Ashley said...

Awww...you look so young in that pic! Good times!