26 April 2009

What was it?

A couple of things about the Mexico City trip:
  1. I got a very encouraging email on Saturday. A family member emailed me saying that her dad told her I was looking for donations for my Mexico City trip. She shared that she wanted to donate and mentioned that some of the most important things she did in high school were missions trips! Sweet. Thank you M for sharing with others that I have a need to raise funds. Thank you Lord for providing!!!
  2. I also received a generous donation from another family member this past weekend. Whoo hoo!
  3. I have my interview today to officially be on the team.
  4. I have to send my passport renewal in the mail tomorrow.
  5. It is going to be hot in Southern Mexico in August. I wonder if the team members realize that. I might actually get some color on this very pale skin. Yes, I'm half Mexican. No, you really can't tell. Sorry dad :)

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Ashley said...

Awesome about #1!!