15 April 2009

Mexico City Update

$70 down and $1136 to go.

Last Thursday my coworker needed a bridal shower gift. I had a smelly soaps and lotions from Victoria's so I volunteered for her to use my stash. She paid me for them and I thought it would be a perfect start to my Mexico City fundraising. I was excited, the $20 she gave me on Friday was exactly what I needed to give the church on Sunday for the start of my payments.

Saturday the mail came and we had something in there besides bills and junk mail. A very generous family member who reads my blog and wants to support us in our adoption, also decided to give towards the Mexico City missions trip. He sent $50. How perfect!

This Sunday I have to have $80 in towards my trip and I'm $50 closer than I was a week ago. How else will God provide in the next few days? Will it be a gift? Will I find something to sell? I'm excited even though I'm a long way from the total!

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Ashley said...

How is the fund raising going?