10 April 2009

For 3 Days!

I have a lot to post about but here's one cute story:

Last night was a rough night for dealing with Scott. He did not want to obey and we were frustrated. It was time for bed and when I went in to tuck him in, I snuggled up next to him for a few minutes of down time when he didn't have to share me with anyone else. I asked about his day and he told me of a few cartoons he watched and that he played outside with his daddy. Scott then proceeded to tell me the Easter story. It was amazing to hear from a 3 year old's little mind. He started by asking me what something was only I couldn't follow what he was asking about. With a little more information, I realized he was asking about the cross. He told me that Jesus was dead for 3 days! He told me that they killed Jesus because they thought He was bad, but He wasn't bad. That he died on a cross with nails in His hands and feet. That He died for my sins. That there were 3 crosses. He asked me why the other guys had to die too. He told me that "that" girl came and the stone was rolled away. That He was alive and the angels came.

We talked for a few minutes about the story. About why Jesus died for our sins. About the terminology that he knew but didn't understand (crucified, nails, sacrifice). And as I lay there next to my only son, I was so incredibly thankful. I'm thankful that I took the time with Scott even though I was frustrated with him. I'm thankful that he seemed to maybe understand the events in the story. I'm thankful for his Cubbies leaders that take their time to teach my child that story. I'm thankful that Scott wants to read that story in the bible, a must-do for tonight. But mostly, I'm thankful that Jesus did die on the cross for my sins. Today friends is the day that we, as Christians, remember that Jesus carried the cross and died for you and me.


Wedehase Family Blog said...

So priceless! Thanks for sharing such a precious story. He gets it!

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Tammy and Ryan, for creating a home where children are going to be ready to recognize the Savior's voice when He calls their name.

Happy Easter, friend! We are basking in the hope it brings of that blessed reunion with another Scott who knew His voice.

Michelle said...

I love that story. Scott is growing up fast, last time I saw you I think he only said a few words. But to tell that story is amazing. My blog is private now so if you want me to add you so you can read it email me at jmwoods49@aol.com Love your blog!

jerelyn said...

Wow, that is amazing Tammy. It's neat to hear how curious your little 3-year old is. He has been taught well by his Cubbie leaders and his wonderful parents. I'm certain this is only the beginning!

Ashley said...

Very, very cool. I'm sure you will never forget those moments with your son!