19 April 2009

Great Idea!

Okay so I'm a little tired today (more on that later, maybe) and I knew if I hung out at home, I'd be asleep. So, I brought Britney down to the church with me to hang out, watch a movie on the big screen (yes, I've never seen High Musical with my high school girls) and play on the internet. Well about 20 minutes through the movie, media player decided to stop working. But we're having fun on the computers - gotta love the wireless connection here and the use of the laptop from the vet clinic...

I should be working on my passport update and my support letter for Mexico, neither of which I've done since I've been here in town... better hop to it.

For those who have me on facebook, I just added a few pics. Some of the last day my niece and nephew were here and some of my precious daughter.

And, oh by the way, Granpa Mark, the sand box finally has sand in it. Yes, the frame of the sand box has been there for 10 months and we just put sand in it yesterday. Our neighbor had some from the quarry in the back of his dump truck and dumped it in our box for free. Did a favor for both of us. Bethany LOVED it.

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Ashley said...

Seeing sand boxes always take me back to my childhood...soooo fun!