03 July 2012

 Normal randomness here:
  • I really, really need a hair cut.
  • I also really, really wish I was hanging with adoption friends.
  • Ryan's amazing coffee meat rub is so much better when he prepares the meat and I chill out.
  • We got an early out from work.  I didn't leave so early.
  • We're re-arranging our office.  It's a bit of a disaster.
  • High 90's for weather for a few weeks straight is not normal here.  
  • When are we going to be an air conditioning unit for this old house???
  • Stopped by a friend's today to drop off cilantro.  She was gone and her mom was there with the kids.  I love being greeted by her 1 year old, I enjoy her mom, and I don't stay near as long when she's gone. 
  • I want to eat constantly and it's not even that time of the month.
  • I really need to fix supper but I'm totally procrastinating.
  • Scott went from not being able to write his name to a self portrait in about twenty minutes:

  • Limbo with a water hose and the kids was quite entertaining.  I'd share pics but it was also really hot and we were at the grandparents sans bathing suits so the kids played in their undies.
  • They also spent time with Great Grandma reading books on the ipad 

  • Bethany celebrated her 5th birthday in style with a party thrown by her Grammy and Papa.  It was warm but fun.  

  • I have a tomato on the vine turning red.  They're also getting blight.  So, I've been reading up on natural remedies but I'm about as motivated to do that as I am to prepare supper.
  • Intentional parenting is frustrating but has it's rewards.  I asked Ryan the other day "why do I even try if they're just going to act like that?"  Ryan turned the question on me when he asked "and do you think God is asking the same question about you?"  Ouch.
That's it for now.  Tomorrow we'll lay low and try to keep cool.