07 August 2013

Kids in Training

We headed to Grammy's for a visit today.  Sitting on the back porch, Grammy mentioned that she was going to make a dessert but didn't have cream cheese.  Dessert.  That word is enough to turn my kids' heads.  Bethany volunteered to get cream cheese from Grammy and Judah was slobbering along with her.  Like any good mom, I suggested they go get it.  In town, several blocks from the grocery store, I suggested my 5 and 6 year old walk to the grocery store to buy cream cheese for their Grammy.

Would they really try it?

These two are a little more adventurous than their brother.  The jumped at the chance as they hopped off the porch and headed towards town.  Great Gram was watching for the little to get out of her line of sight.  It didn't take long.  Glad my children were on this little adventure, I couldn't let them head downtown solo.  Remember, I live in a small rural town so it's easy to navigate.  Irregardless, they weren't going solo.  While I desire to train my kids to do things for themselves, to be adventurous, and to make decisions, I don't trust their decision making skill for crossing multiple busy roads.

When I rounded the corner to the main road, they were on the run - little miss leading her barefoot brother along.  Like any good stalker, I stayed a good distance back.  On the next block, they looked back and saw me.  Allowing them to continue, they rushed down the road.  I intervened once.  We cross the main road often and they tend to freeze if a care is 1/4 down the road.  I didn't want them to be scared.  They continued along crossing two more roads with momma close behind them encouraging them to make the decision to cross.

Oh Lord, may this be a good and valuable lesson to them.

Eventually they made it into the grocery store.  I peaked in and they'd gone straight to the dairy products and were looking at the butter.  While an employee was re-stocking yogurt, and offerred to help them, I peaked my head in and gave the cashier a heads up: my two kids are going to buy something.  They're young.  Back outside I watched as they made it to the front register.
Without all the confidence in the world, my sweet girl bought cream cheese and put it on my charge account.  Yes, we're still small town awesome that way.  I popped my head in long enough for a picture and grabbed this shot of her signing her charge receipt.

Proud of their journey to the store and their recent purchase, we chatted for a bit outside.  I was proud of them.  Scared that my daughter knew how to charge on my account, but proud of them.  I couldn't help but walk back in and buy my little runners a juice.  Back out the door, I encouraged them to finish their little journey and head back to Grammy's.  Bethany requested that I carry the cream cheese.  Nope.  You bought it.  You carry it.  We headed  back to Grammy's with the two littles on foot.

They asked for confirmation about when to cross the street.  A little less nervous this time, I encouraged them to continue to make wise and safe decisions and not to keep looking back for me.  They managed just fine.  In fact, when they got to Grammy's, they were quite proud of their accomplishments.  I was proud of them too.

When I mentioned to Bethany that they moved quickly down the side walk when they left, she shared that she was afraid I would change my mind and say no and come get her.  Smart girl.  We sat on the back porch for another hour while the cream cheese softened and my proud little girl anticipated making a dessert with Grammy.

Father, they grow so quickly.  I know that you've entrusted them to us to raise.  I feel like we have so many failures with attitudes, impatience, selfishness, and lying.  It's hard being a parent who desires to raise kids that will bring you glory.  But nights like tonight, I thank you Father for this small victory where team work occurred, kind words were spoken, and two little kids learned how to accomplish a task all on their own.