19 August 2005

Here's Scott's 1 month picture with an outfit from his papa.

16 August 2005

Mandy, can you give me the www for the sign language info. The one you gave me before is on my work favorites page. thanks

12 August 2005

Ryan & Scott hanging out at Grammy & Papa's house.

10 August 2005

Okay ADX girls (and for anyone else for that matter), yes, we are gong to CA and yeswe are briging Scott. ANd yes Kristin, our trips will overlap! We're flying into Sac the night of Alisha's wedding (the 3rd). Katie's wedding is the 10th, and I have to be back in the Sac area Friday morning the 9th for wedding stuff. So, in between there, we (our "family") will be roaming around the ghetto-Fresno area. For you ADX girls, I'd like to try to get together with a bunch of you at one since we won't be around too long and have lots of family and other friends that wants to meet and see Scott. So, email me or leave a comment with a day that will work for you and I'll try to figure something out.

The last of our comapny left this morning. I really enjoyed all our visitors but I'm looking forward to a quiet night with just the three of us (and hopefully no x-box). Scott will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and he's already growing in so many ways. He's been smiling a lot this last week and he definitely is recognizing voices. He's such a culddle-bug and I love it. Okay, enough for now. I want to go home and clean in his nursery...

08 August 2005

Okay, I finally added a few pictures. I've not been on the computer for a while since we've had 3 weeks of company and still have company. This picture is of Scott's first trip to the conservation center in our county. It was more of a trip for my niece, Ryann, as you can tell.

We're all doing well and are really enjoying the time with our family members who have all come to visit Scott. He's been quite the popular boy. The college kids at church practically have to take a number since so many of them want to hold him. Its really sweet. Okay, I'm at mom's to check rental car prices for our CA trip. I better get at it and get back home so Mark and Eunice (G&G B) can love on their grandson!!!