27 December 2005

Happy reindeer

Scott-R just finished eating and was one happy little reindeer. As he patiently waited to open his stocking, I was prepared for the spit-up with his puppy bib and blanket to cover his outfit. He loves the camera, can you tell?

Dedicating Scott

On Christmas Day, we had Scott dedicated at church. We stood in front of the church and committed to bringing Scott up according to the Word of God. And because we know that we'll fail in areas, we had our church committ to assisting us in raising our child to love and fear God.

Scott did great. He didn't cry, make random noises or puke on anything. He was mesmerized by the people and the lights. When Pastor Lee talked to Scott, our little guy looked right at him as if to be listening intently. When Pastor held him (his hands were shaking), Scott was perfect and just looked around. It was a proud parent day for us and it will be an ongoing challenge to raise him right and set a good example.

Scott just chillin' after church waiting to go home. He wore this cute little shorts outfit (yes, it is winter here). It was the same outfit Ryan got baptized in so it was special for Scott to be able to wear it too.

The In-laws

Eunice and Mark. He's a dentist and she's the assistant. Caring for teeth is so important!

Eric. Like I said before, caring for your teeth is a priority in the Buitenwerf family.

Okay, they really are normal. Ryan found the nasty teeth toys at Walmart and used them as stocking stuffers. Let me find a normal picture...

I must need to download the camera. This was the only normal picture I could find at the moment. Here's Uncle Eric spoiling his little nephew. The two were playing with Scott's new dinosaur toy and Scott was wrapped up in the new blanket his GramB made him.

Christmas at the Elgin B's

Christmas has come and gone and I’m not sure if I really got to enjoy the holidays. We were so busy and it happened so fast with so many people.

Here’s how it went, according to my opinion: let me remind you that Friday I realized I forgot to finish up a few gifts. As if I wasn’t already stressed enough, I left the office with a massive headache and plans to go to Living Stone then work on the gifts. I got home an hour before LS was to start. Ryan’s folks wanted to order pizza which meant that Ryan didn’t let them know he wanted to go to LS (or he didn’t tell me that he wanted to stay home). Since I had a major headache and I was hungry AND I had gifts to work on, I agreed to stay home too. Thanks to Eunice, I didn’t have a mess to pick up at home – she was great at cleaning and folding laundry for me. It was probably a good thing.

Saturday was Christmas Eve and Ryan had to work till noon. I picked up around the house, finished my gifts, fed my child and CLEANED Scott’s room. I finished his closet cleaning project that I started the weekend before. Soon after I showered, family began arriving. G&G B came up early after all because of the weather. So we had a house full – my folks, Ryan’s folks, Eric and G&G B. Our plans for the day had to change a bit so we did what we could. Ryan and I fixed supper for everyone. We had salmon, salad and acorn squash. Mom brought a dessert salad. It was good and we were stuffed. We rushed to open presents before church. Ryan and I felt like Hitler trying to hurry everyone along so we could get to church in time. Of course, with 9 people opening gifts, it was never going to happen. So we left for church and I enjoyed a good service once we got there. Scott was so good until the benediction at which time he decided to be extremely vocal. We went back to the house and finished opening gifts. We were done at 11pm and I was so tired (my kid still isn’t sleeping well). I visited for a bit and headed to bed.

Christmas morning came too early and we were awake at 515 with our little guy. I was so excited to have Christmas fall on a Sunday but again I think we rushed through the morning. Ryan and I left the house at 730 to walk dogs at the clinic and do some chores there. We met at mom & ralph’s house for breakfast at 8am. She’s so awesome, she made biscuits and gravy for all of us Buitenwerfs. We opened stockings at her house before heading to church. During church, we had Scott dedicated and he behaved wonderfully. He even watched Pastor Lee intently as Pastor spoke to him. He was so cute in his little outfit, the same outfit Ryan wore when he got baptized as an infant. After church we hoped to take some family pictures but the B’s rushed out and so we did our regular “after church” hang out time and visited with friends as Scott got passed from one person to another. Then we headed home for lunch with the family. Ryan smoked a turkey, Eunice made dressing and mom brought crescent rolls and broccoli salad.

That evening I finally relaxed. Absolutely exhausted from the past few days, I was curled up on the couch. Ryan pulled out his new x-box and started playing some racing game. It was quite the fun. Everyone (m&e, eric, ryan and I) was having a good time (finally the stress was gone, momentarily). We even got Eunice to race against Ryan. It was fun and I was the racing queen!!! Scott took a great nap that afternoon but woke up with a nasty head cold. So he was crying, coughing like a goose, crying some more, had a runny nose and cried some more. Poor little guy, every time he coughed, you could tell that his throat hurt as he winced in pain. You could imagine how our night went. No sleep for us or Scott. A crying baby who was stuffed up and couldn’t nurse well and could sleep and cried and cried and cried.

Monday morning Ryan got up with Scott at 730 and went downstairs. He got him to sleep, passed Scott off to m&e and went to the clinic for chores. I went back to sleep and woke up at 1015. I would have gone back to sleep except I knew that it was time for Scott to eat so I got up. Monday was relaxing for the most part even though I wanted to get up and clean my house but opted to visit with m&e instead and tend to my small fry. Went to bed last night; Scott finally calmed down at midnight. Was up several times during the night but not as bad as the nights before.

I over slept this morning and got up in time to booger suck my kid’s nose several times, get dressed, brush my teeth and head for the door. Only Ryan had to leave on a call so I had to take Scott to mom’s (m&e are leaving today). Got to mom’s running a few minutes late and was walking out the door when mom asked about Scott’s feeding schedule. Duh, I wanted to feed him again right before I left, I totally forgot. So I took off my jacket and sat down with my son. Mom went to turn my car off and I called my office to let them know I’d be in late. What a start to the day. Just 2 more days and I’ll be in sunny Califon-i-a.

23 December 2005

Thanks M&E

Thanks to Mark and Eunice, I got 7 hours of much needed sleep last night! Woo hoo! They took the baby monitor and got up with Scott during the night. I need another 10 hours of sleep and maybe I'll feel better. The drama days have continued. Yesterday I left part of my breast pump at home and couldn't deal with Scott's lunch. Seven hours later, I finally pumped and was home a few hours early from work. At the Shanti for supper, my kid exploded through his diaper which was fun to clean in the back of the Shanti (good thing they weren't packed). Today I'm needing some other things I don't have (TMI would give away your gift, Dad) and can't finish what I was working on. I feel like yuck - my head is killing me, my nose is stuffy and I'm either burning up or cold. Tonight is Living Stone and then finishing up some last minute gifts that I forgot about :)

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

21 December 2005

Debate – Do I hate life or does life hate me?

It’s been one of those weeks of feeling overwhelmed, insane and not able to accomplish anything. It started Saturday. I had the bright idea to clean Scott’s closet and store the “stuff” elsewhere. I got most of it dragged out when I had to stop. I got Scott and myself ready and headed for the grocery store. Got back just in time to feed Scott while Ryan put away groceries and head to a friend’s house for supper. Only Ryan was tired and in a BAD mood and laid in the couch. We were already late when we got in the truck and had to run to town to walk dogs at the clinic. While there, Ryan got an emergency call so we went to that and sat in the truck. Unless I was singing to Scott, he was crying. Finally made it to see the Z’s and have supper. That night Scott pee’d through his diaper just as Ryan was walking over to change him. It soaked the thigh of my jeans.

Sunday was another adventure. I had cleaning to finish but wanted to take some pictures and run to Walmart for a few things. The pictures took WAY longer than they should have and headed to Wally world. Got back to town, dropped off my mom and took her tahoe to church for the children’s Christmas program. Went into the church and didn’t have the pacifier! Scott likes to be extremely vocal in the evenings so eventually Ryan had to take him out. Got home and fed Scott. He had a massively explosive diaper, so I spent the next half hour hand washing his outfit. Worked on the computer some and went to bed without cleaning a thing.

Monday, a wild day at work. Ryan’s folks were stuck in Kansas with car trouble, which gave me more time to get a few things picked up. But then that afternoon, I got a message from Ryan saying they’d be at our house that night. I was excited for them to come but expecting them on Tuesday instead. So I rushed home and picked things up around the house when I planned on finishing a cabinet, etc. M&E arrived in decent time and it was good to visit with them (which meant I still didn’t get to my stuff I had to do).

Tuesday was the true day that stole my Christmas cheer. I stayed home a few hours from work to finish up a federal resume which was part of my application due that afternoon by 4:30. Got that done, tossed it all on Ryan’s shoulders to get faxed to the state office and went to work. Things were crazy busy as usual. Because I came in late I didn’t take lunch, had 2 oreos instead. At 330ish, Ryan calls to say the 41 page fax finally went through (I have a great hubby). At about 4pm, Connie from HR in the state office calls. She confirms that they received the fax BUT it was due yesterday. I said no, it was due today, the 19th, to which she replied “today is the 20th, it was due yesterday.” I wanted to crawl in a hole in die. I didn’t know what to say. There are no exceptions to the deadline. I hurried off the phone so I wouldn’t cry. Sitting at my desk processing the whole moment, my eyes got a bit watery so I went back to work to ignore the whole drama.

Too late! Why me, right? Monday night as I was lying in bed I began praying about the situation. Sure, I’d like the job – increase pay without having to move. I already do the work. But I had mixed feelings about all the intricate government related details of the whole thing. I ended my prayer with asking for God’s will in the situation and that I would be content with the outcome. But then yesterday I began to wonder. Is this God’s way of saying that I don’t need that job? I had what I thought to be good motives – I am deserving of the pay and I was hoping for more money to help fund the adoption of a child. Then I wondered if God was trying to point out that I need to pay more attention to those details. Grr, So frustrating.

And the story continues. Had plans to meet the family in PDC for Chinese last night. I went straight from work so I could run to Cabela’s first. I was done and ready to meet them on time but the “shortly after 6:00” turned to 6:30. I was tired, frustrated, had a headache and hungry. Got done in PDC and headed home. At about 10pm we headed upstairs so I could feed Scott. I sat him on the bed sitting against a pillow. In the time that I picked up the laundry basket and set it on the floor, Scott managed to fall 3 feet off the bed and knocked his head on the wood floor. My poor baby! Now even more frustrated, tired, etc. I picked him up and snuggled him as he screamed and screamed. He at pretty well but he would stop every so often and scream for a while. Called the doctor who said to make sure and wake him up every few hours. Scott finished eating and I tried to snuggle him (which he usually loves) and he kicked and screamed. Finally I decided to take him downstairs and try to calm him down so Ryan could sleep. But, my all-star husband took Scott instead so I could try to rest. I was crying, Scott was crying, it was late, I needed sleep. At 12:30 I woke up and went downstairs. Scott was burrito-wrapped and asleep on his daddy’s chest. We took him upstairs and put him in bed with us.

It was the most horrible feeling. This morning I have a happy baby again. Today I’m not hating life but I am in need of and looking forward to a weekend and soon enough a vacation!

16 December 2005

Look what Grammy found sleeping on her couch today

My little Scott-R and Zachary

My whine session for the day

The ladies here at the building get together for a Christmas party every year. Well I missed it because I have bible study on Thurs. nights. Then at 630 (when bible study starts) Shane, the guy who leads, called a baled out. He got the flu the night before and didn’t bother to call me until 630. And another friend Amy was going to stay home with her kiddos since she didn't have a baby sitter. So Shane wanted to cancel. We had just spent an hour picking up the house, cooking se-sa-shi's (a dutch food that I obviously can't spell) and lighting candles, etc. So I was short with him and said that we'd do without him and basically hung up. Called Amy and told her to come and bring the kids and we'd just hang out. So very frustrating for me. Shane should have called during the day. And I could have at least cancelled then and gone to my work party! Grrr!! But, Rhett & Amy and kids came over and Kelly came over so we had a good time chatting.

15 December 2005

My Deer

What Tampons, emails and hoaxes have in Common

I got an email yesterday regarding the use of tampons and some toxic items that are used in them. Scared of the possible reality of the article and unsure of its accuracy, I did a little research. I found in several places that this email is a hoax. So, if you get this email, please don’t send it to anyone else. You can however let it encourage you to become more aware of your choice of menstrual product choices affects on your overall health. The research I found led me to Menstruation.com and the FDA's website by searching for a name quoted in the article and the word tampon. Below is the beginning of the hoax email. If you’d like to read the whole thing, check the links:

If you are a woman and use pads, but especially if you use tampons, read this.

Check the labels of the sanitary pads or tampons that you are going to buy the next time and see whether you spot any of the familiar signs stated in this email. No wonder so many women in the world suffer from cervical cancer and womb tumors. Have you heard that tampon makers include asbestos in tampons?

12 December 2005


I received the following picture with a note attached this morning:

You can call me Spud, I'm a Junior couch potatoe,
I'm just chillen at Grammy's and watching Sesame Street. Can't wait to see you soon, Grammy helps me to pray for travel mercies for Grandma & Grandpa B on there trip out here. Be very careful and will see you soon

09 December 2005

Heat wave

The temperature got into the the teens yesterday (I think it topped out at 16). It was so nice out that I didn't even zip up my coat. It snowed all day yesterday and it was so pretty. Seriously, better than I've ever seen it around here so far. This weekend is supposed to be "warm". The forcaster dude said above freezing all weekend but the numbers he was sharing were in the low 20's. Last I knew, above freezing meant 32 degrees or warmer. Not sure about the philosophy out here - maybe its a midwesterner thing.

Tonight is Ryan's work Christmas party. Off to that. It should be fun. Last night was a super late night (home at 11pm) and an early morning (in the shower at 515am) and I'm tired! It sure would be nice to get a nap in before the party but I'm sure I'll be playing with my cutie-pa-tootie son instead.

07 December 2005


The last few mornings when I've left for work at 7am, it's been 10 below outside. Yesterday afternoon I left work and it had gotten up to 8 degrees outside. But with the windchill, it was still 20 below. A bit chilly outside. I'm super thankful that Ryan has been feeding and watering my goat and watering the dogs.

We have this little kitty hanging out at our house. Having the neighbors cats living in our garage and pasture is nothing new. But this little female kitty is new. She's cute. A mutt for sure, her top is shorter hair and the rest of her is long haired. Her coloring is grays and black. Her tail isn't the normal length, but not a bob either. Ryan says she's at least 6 months old, I'm guessing she was one of the kittens that I saw at the neighbors just before Scott was born. I offerred her to mom. Maybe shouldn't be giving cats away that aren't mine but maybe they shouldn't be living at my house either! I brought inside the other night. She was super hungry and super thirsty and shivering. She slept in the kennel. This morning I let her share a little food from Wicket and Rum's bowl (I gave them extra on purpose) :)

05 December 2005

already monday...

What an awesome weekend. Not at all my typical cleaning weekend once again. Just a good weekend with my honey hanging out. After a long week of running around, Friday night we stayed home and ate chicken salad for supper and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. What a waste of a movie but fun to be home snuggled up in the chair. Scott didn't want to nap or go to sleep that night but eventually we put him to bed. It snowed some and looked pretty cool outside.
Saturday morning I spent a few hours at the church with my awesome mom decorating for the Tabitha supper. Got home and had a few hours to feed Scott, decorate some and clean up before going back to the church. It had been snowing all day when I left. The snow covered everything, including the roads. It was a gorgeous view but since it was still snowing the plows hadn't been on the road yet. Ryan came an hour later and scolded me for driving to church on such bad roads but I didn't have much of a choice. He didn't offer to take me and by time I got out to the highway, I really didn't want to go back down our lane to the house. So I drove 20-25mph the whole way to town and survived. Everything thing else around except our Tabitha supper was cancelled because of the winter weather advisory. But it wasn't that bad. In fact, we had a good time and a great meal.
Sunday after church, we met the Royer's in Postville at Sabor Latino. Shopped at the Wishing well with them and then headed to Montauk's for their winter open house. Montauk's was the home of Governor Larabee, the first Governor in Iowa (if I remember correctly). It's a beautiful old mansion that overlooks the valley area of Clermont. That was fun. The little guys (Scott and Daniel) had fun being carried around and stared at the different things. The rest of the afternoon we piddled around until Ryan had to go on emergency vet calls (his favorite, a horse). I had to go with him so I could get my car that I left at mom's on Saturday night. So, Scott and I hung out with the old folks for a little while. I left there in the middle of my new favorite show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, to head home and prepare Ryan a hot meal. He had ended up with several more calls - when it rains it pours. My honey came home to a warm house (I stoked the fire, which I hate doing) and fixed him frozen pizza. Not a grand meal but I didn't have the time or motivation to thaw something and prepare it.
Got up this morning and was tempted to stay home and spend some time cleaning the house. But there's work to do, lots of it. I have guys to pay, program determinations to make, people to help with computer problems and a meeting to deal with. maybe another day but before I can blink, I think Christmas will be here.

02 December 2005

TGIF for sure!

I woke up this morning and said "Lovey, is it Friday?" And when he answered yes, I was so happy! I have a splitting headache and really want to stay home but have lots to get done at the office today so I better get there.

Monday I bought the stuff to make Ryan's favorite salad. It's now Friday and I still haven't gotten to it. Tuesday night we went to a friend's house in Calmar. I forgot the diaper bag so we ended up in Decorah to buy diapers, wipes and bibs. I forget a lot but not the diaper bag but just as we were walking out the door, kid in hand, our neighbors delivered us 2 dozen eggs (I think it was their peace offerring from the septic drama). So we visited with them for a few minutes and left WITHOUT the necessary items to care for Scott. It was a good night though hanging out with the Crosslands, eating Chinese and shopping at Walmart.

Wednesday nights I usually hang out with the folks but I had other things I needed to get done this week. I was eager to get home and start laundry, make Ryan's salad, etc. Of course, they talked me into staying when she mentioned she was fixing shrimp for supper. I'm a sucker for seafood. This was right after Ralph told me that a pediatrician was on the news listing things nursing moms shouldn't eat. Some of those things include shell fish, milk, peanuts. That night I had two of those: shrimp and an ice cream sandwich. I did get home early enough to put my kid down for a nap that he never took and began putting the Christmas tree up.

Thursday night is bible study night. But, I missed my bible study buddies last night for a work meeting that I had. I planned it and it was quite the success so I'm thankful for that this morning.

TGIF. Tonight Ryan and I plan to watch a movie and hopefully get the rest of our bargain tree up. It might be a quieter night than I plan if I don't get rid of this headache ASAP. Tomorrow morning I'm setting up for the Tabitha Ladies supper for church that I've been co-planning.