12 December 2005


I received the following picture with a note attached this morning:

You can call me Spud, I'm a Junior couch potatoe,
I'm just chillen at Grammy's and watching Sesame Street. Can't wait to see you soon, Grammy helps me to pray for travel mercies for Grandma & Grandpa B on there trip out here. Be very careful and will see you soon


CORI said...

AWWW!! That's so cute and sweet!

Renae said...

How cute! What a great Grammy!

jerelyn said...

So adorable!! How cute is THAT??

momma of 2 said...

That is soo cute! How lucky he is to have such a nice Grammy!

Jennifer said...

This picture of "spud" is so very great!

Julie said...

Whenever I need a little laugh, I know I can come and look at this! It is too cute! And so clever! Spud! LOL! How funny!