16 December 2005

My whine session for the day

The ladies here at the building get together for a Christmas party every year. Well I missed it because I have bible study on Thurs. nights. Then at 630 (when bible study starts) Shane, the guy who leads, called a baled out. He got the flu the night before and didn’t bother to call me until 630. And another friend Amy was going to stay home with her kiddos since she didn't have a baby sitter. So Shane wanted to cancel. We had just spent an hour picking up the house, cooking se-sa-shi's (a dutch food that I obviously can't spell) and lighting candles, etc. So I was short with him and said that we'd do without him and basically hung up. Called Amy and told her to come and bring the kids and we'd just hang out. So very frustrating for me. Shane should have called during the day. And I could have at least cancelled then and gone to my work party! Grrr!! But, Rhett & Amy and kids came over and Kelly came over so we had a good time chatting.

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