05 December 2005

already monday...

What an awesome weekend. Not at all my typical cleaning weekend once again. Just a good weekend with my honey hanging out. After a long week of running around, Friday night we stayed home and ate chicken salad for supper and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. What a waste of a movie but fun to be home snuggled up in the chair. Scott didn't want to nap or go to sleep that night but eventually we put him to bed. It snowed some and looked pretty cool outside.
Saturday morning I spent a few hours at the church with my awesome mom decorating for the Tabitha supper. Got home and had a few hours to feed Scott, decorate some and clean up before going back to the church. It had been snowing all day when I left. The snow covered everything, including the roads. It was a gorgeous view but since it was still snowing the plows hadn't been on the road yet. Ryan came an hour later and scolded me for driving to church on such bad roads but I didn't have much of a choice. He didn't offer to take me and by time I got out to the highway, I really didn't want to go back down our lane to the house. So I drove 20-25mph the whole way to town and survived. Everything thing else around except our Tabitha supper was cancelled because of the winter weather advisory. But it wasn't that bad. In fact, we had a good time and a great meal.
Sunday after church, we met the Royer's in Postville at Sabor Latino. Shopped at the Wishing well with them and then headed to Montauk's for their winter open house. Montauk's was the home of Governor Larabee, the first Governor in Iowa (if I remember correctly). It's a beautiful old mansion that overlooks the valley area of Clermont. That was fun. The little guys (Scott and Daniel) had fun being carried around and stared at the different things. The rest of the afternoon we piddled around until Ryan had to go on emergency vet calls (his favorite, a horse). I had to go with him so I could get my car that I left at mom's on Saturday night. So, Scott and I hung out with the old folks for a little while. I left there in the middle of my new favorite show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, to head home and prepare Ryan a hot meal. He had ended up with several more calls - when it rains it pours. My honey came home to a warm house (I stoked the fire, which I hate doing) and fixed him frozen pizza. Not a grand meal but I didn't have the time or motivation to thaw something and prepare it.
Got up this morning and was tempted to stay home and spend some time cleaning the house. But there's work to do, lots of it. I have guys to pay, program determinations to make, people to help with computer problems and a meeting to deal with. maybe another day but before I can blink, I think Christmas will be here.


Kristine said...

I tell ya, just when I think we're pretty social, I read your blog and realize we lead a boring quiet life:) Glad you liked Exxtreme Makeover: Home Edition - it's our favorite way to spend Sunday evening!

jerelyn said...

Date night, on the couch watching a movie and snuggling--fun! Glad you were able to spend a night relaxing together. :-)

Snow sounds exciting...I can't WAIT for Chicago! You'll have to give me some tips for driving in the snow WITHOUT chains. I don't know how those midwesterners do it. haha. They probably think that WE are crazy!

Ashley said...

sounds like a full and fun weekend!

it snowed here too...i think cold weather is here to stay!!