02 December 2005

TGIF for sure!

I woke up this morning and said "Lovey, is it Friday?" And when he answered yes, I was so happy! I have a splitting headache and really want to stay home but have lots to get done at the office today so I better get there.

Monday I bought the stuff to make Ryan's favorite salad. It's now Friday and I still haven't gotten to it. Tuesday night we went to a friend's house in Calmar. I forgot the diaper bag so we ended up in Decorah to buy diapers, wipes and bibs. I forget a lot but not the diaper bag but just as we were walking out the door, kid in hand, our neighbors delivered us 2 dozen eggs (I think it was their peace offerring from the septic drama). So we visited with them for a few minutes and left WITHOUT the necessary items to care for Scott. It was a good night though hanging out with the Crosslands, eating Chinese and shopping at Walmart.

Wednesday nights I usually hang out with the folks but I had other things I needed to get done this week. I was eager to get home and start laundry, make Ryan's salad, etc. Of course, they talked me into staying when she mentioned she was fixing shrimp for supper. I'm a sucker for seafood. This was right after Ralph told me that a pediatrician was on the news listing things nursing moms shouldn't eat. Some of those things include shell fish, milk, peanuts. That night I had two of those: shrimp and an ice cream sandwich. I did get home early enough to put my kid down for a nap that he never took and began putting the Christmas tree up.

Thursday night is bible study night. But, I missed my bible study buddies last night for a work meeting that I had. I planned it and it was quite the success so I'm thankful for that this morning.

TGIF. Tonight Ryan and I plan to watch a movie and hopefully get the rest of our bargain tree up. It might be a quieter night than I plan if I don't get rid of this headache ASAP. Tomorrow morning I'm setting up for the Tabitha Ladies supper for church that I've been co-planning.


Kristine said...

You are one busy lady! I hope you have a restful Friday and weekend! Love to you!

momma of 2 said...

go to statcounter.com and follow their directions - it's pretty easy.

if you run into probs let me know.

Wow - you had one busy week - here's to a nice slow weekend! - bargain trees are the best!

jerelyn said...

Hey, don't forget that Fresno State is playing LA Tech tonight! Oh, I doubt it's televised nationally. Oh well!

By the way...how far are you from Chicago??

Ashley said...

hey tammy! hope you enjoyed your weekend and felt better. had a dream about you last night!